Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


it's really kind of interesting the

different ideas that people have about

what Buddhism is some people think that

Buddhism is a religion where there's a

lot of rites and rituals and that you

pray to Buddha for things to happen but

Buddhism isn't that the Buddha was a

meditation practice ER and he was so

successful at practicing the meditation

that he became completely awake a lot of

times there's he's described as fully

enlightened but enlightenment is kind of

a tricky word because if I tell you

something you don't know then you're

enlightened but that's not the same

thing as what happened with the Buddha

so I prefer to use the word awakened he

became fully awake people are walking

around in a dream state and mind is very

clouded with different kinds of

hindrances mine becomes very clouded

when there's lust or greed becomes very

clouded when there's anger or hatred or

aversion mine becomes very clouded when

their sleepiness and dullness mine

becomes clouded when there's

restlessness and anxiety

mine becomes clouded when there's doubt

now these five things psychologists like

to break down further and further and

further and give it all kinds of

different names but basically every

emotional state that we have is one of

these five hindrances or two of them you

say well where's fear in that fear has a

version in it and it has anxiety in it