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meet dr. ravi de monica

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ha ha my neezy competence ahmadiyya

today no one to talk to you a little bit

about generosity and what it really


everybody will tell you generosity means

giving money we're giving the food the

generosity is bigger than

the more you give of your happy move to

other people that is the way you want to

practice your generosity you give by

saying kind things to other people

saying things that are nice not hurtful

you give by doing things that help other

people especially your parents and you

think kindly thoughts happy thoughts and

give that to other people that means

that you're practicing your generosity

it doesn't necessarily have to be

material gifts that you're giving the

more you can give of your smiles and

your happiness the more you affect the

world around you in a positive way okay

so you have to practice smile

I smile all the time why because the

corners of your mouth are real important

by the corners of your mouth go down

with them what kind of mental state view

that when the corners of your mouth go

up how do you feel happy your mind is

happened then that means that you're

starting to practice giving your smile

away that's the kind of generosity isn't

so the more times you can have a happy

mind and give that that happy feeling to

everybody else around you the more you

affect the world in a positive way not

quite often I have people that are not

happy with each other and they come and

they talk to me and when they're talking

they're talking to each other and

they're very unhappy in their saying

things that

at the same time in the hallway I don't

try to stop them from fighting I don't

even say anything but in my mind what I

do is I send them loving and kind

thoughts and before long they're not

arguing with each other and they're just

starting to talk with each other a

little bit and before long they become

very friendly again and then they say

thank you very much by date and they go

out and do whatever they're going to do

and I haven't said a word now how do i

set the world around me when i'm sending

loving and kind thoughts to them the

more you can remember to save things

that are very kind to other people that

make them smile the more you can smile

and get other people to smile the more

you bring happiness into the world and

the more happiness in there is in the

world the easier everything becomes so

it's a real important practice to learn

how to send

and kind thoughts to other people this

is what the Buddha called meditation

meditation is a lot different than what

you think when you hear people talk

about meditation they have this idea

that you have to sit very still and

don't move and close your eyes that's

only a small part of what meditation is

meditation means learning how to develop

your mind so that you can be happy all

of the time and that means that while

you're sending loving and kind thoughts

to someone else you have to feel loving

and kind before you can give it away

right if you don't have something how

can you give it away if you don't feel

happy how can you help other able to

feel happy now this is really true with

your parents they come in and they're

tired from work or doing

whatever they knew and they don't look

particularly happy what's your job to

think and send them a lot of loving and

kind thoughts that's how you help them

now one of the things that I want to

teach you today is how to meditate okay

and this is not just city now before you

go to sleep at night when your parents

come in and wish you good night what I

want you to do is tell them that you

want to start practicing some loving and

kind thoughts so you start out by saying

to them mom I really look and I wish you

happiness and then I really love you and

I wish

happiness and then any brothers you or

sisters you wish them happiness I love

you I wish you happiness okay and then

any aunts and uncles and then any

friends that you have you just do this

one time for each person I love you and

I wish you happiness but you have to do

this every night and what happens when

you start developing this habit of

wishing everybody in your family

happiness is that you start thinking

about them in very nice positive ways

and you start feeling that loving kind

feeling growing in your test now when

you can do that for a little

and you have to do it every night but

you do that for a little while few weeks

or a month or six weeks however long

then you'll start noticing that your

mind starts thinking about other people

during the day that you see and in your

mind you don't have to say it out loud

but in your mind you can say I wish you

happiness but the trick is you have to

be smiling when you do it okay so at

night when you say this to your mom your

head and all about all your brothers and

sisters and aunts and uncles and

everybody in your family and your

friends you want to practice having a

smile on your face now when you go and

look at a buddha image you see that he

has a little smile on his face not a big

smile just a little that's good

so the more you can practice smiling and

having that smile in your mind in your

heart now you're learning how to

practice loving kindness and every time

you think very kind thoughts about

someone else and you have that smile in

your heart you're practicing your

generosity why why am I making that

could be thinking about practicing

generosity because if you can't give

your kind thoughts and kind feelings

away then you become very selfish and

you think only of yourself and the more

you think only of yourself the less

happiness comes up in your life Buddha

taught a very plain lesson and that is

the more we help other people the

happier we become so it's a real

important practice to practice thinking

kind and loving thoughts to all of your

friends at school wishing them a happy

mind and if you see two of your friends

are not happy with

each other and you want to help them

then you don't say anything to them you

don't get in the way of their carpooling

you stand beside 10 and just start

wishing both of them happiness and that

will change their mind and before long

they will become friends again

especially now because there are so many

peculiar things happening in the world

there's an awful lot of fear there's a

lot of anxiety there's a lot of

unhappiness and if you want to help

overcome those problems especially in

your own family then it takes practice

and you need to start sending loving and

kind lots to everybody in your family

now this is not only when you're in bed

at night whenever you see one of your

family members that is sad and you want

to help them then you start putting that

little smile on your face and you start

sending them loving and kind thoughts I

wish you happy

now there's a warm kind of glowing

feeling and center of your chest have

you ever had a little animal like a

little puppy or a little kitten and you

pick them up and you hold them and you

really feel you love that little animal

a lot that's the kind of feeling that

loving kindness is it's that warm happy

feeling energetic so you have that

feeling when you're wishing happiness

for someone else

probably one of the biggest well it is

one of the biggest problems is that when

things are difficult the effort and we

want to help but we don't know what to

do so when you start sending happy

thoughts to someone that is unhappy you

start seeing that yeah I can help so you

don't have this feeling of helplessness

there are going to be times in your life

where there is going to be some

suffering that's one of the things that

what is that there's times in your life

when you're not going to feel so happy

when things are painful that's part of

life isn't it but when you can remember

to send loving and kind thoughts to

yourself and wish yourself well instead

of thinking about the problem you just

let that thought be by itself you don't

keep your attention

the problem you relax your mind and then

start wishing yourself happiness when

you do that the problem starts to fade

away but it takes practice and that's

why every night what I want you to do is

wish your mom happiness and wish for

death happiness and wish your brothers

and sisters happiness and whole family

your hands and uncles and cousins anyone

that you can think of and if you have

some friends that you want to send some

loving and kind of thought to use those

that keep them in your mind when you're

sending loading and kind of thoughts as

you practice this every day every day

every day you'll start to notice that

things become easier for you you don't

have the high emotions and get angry so

easily it so quickly what happens is

your mind starts to have more balance

and then but it takes a bit takes

practice to be able to do this and the

more you can practice especially during

the day you see one of your friends is


whatever reason and you want to help

them you wish them happiness in your

mind you don't have to tell them what

you're doing they will feel that and

their mind will start to get a sense of

balance in here's some something else I

would like you to do I want you to stand

in front of a mirror and for one minute

smile and then when you see you're not

smiling smile again and in your mind

which yourself happiness do this every

day for one minute before you go to

school and you'll find out that you feel

good when you get to school you feel

happy when you get to school and school

becomes more interesting and when you

have our interest

when you have more interest in being in

school your grades get better because

you're having fun so this practice of

meditation that I'm showing you right

now is not just about sitting like a

bullet in it it's about watching what

your mind is doing and if it's not happy

then let go of those thoughts and help

someone else to be happy but you have to

remember you can't give something away

unless you have it yourself isn't that

right you can even download away unless

you have a dollar in your pocket right

you can't give happy feelings away

unless you feel happy so the more you

practice being happy the more you can

give away and it's kind of fun to watch

how everything happens after you start

sending loving and kind thoughts to

other people and another advantage of

doing this is other people will start to

like you a lot they feel very

comfortable around you you'll have a lot

of friends

I'm not saying you don't have friends

now I'm sure you all do but you'll have

more when you start sending loving and

kind thoughts to them and even strangers

will feel comfortable around you this is

one of the things that the Buddha talked

one of the advantages of practicing

loving and kind thoughts and animals

like you that's another advantage one

time I was in Malaysia and I went to

visit this monastery and they have a dog

and I like dogs so I saw this little dog

and I reached down to touch it and

scratching and the dog was very shocked

and turned around and started snapping

at me and I thought whoa I thought was

trying to bite me so I radiated loving

kindness to the dog and then I went on

and did my whatever I was going to do

and I walked through this one area where

there was a big rock and this dog ran up

in front of me and dropped up on the

rock and as I walked by the dog licked

my hand now why would that happen

because the dog knew I wasn't afraid of

it and the dog felt that loving and kind

feeling that I

to the doc and they were saying thank

you see the thing is all beings want the

same thing we all want to say that we

all want to be loved so if your love

away that's how you get more whatever

you give you get you give your anger to

someone you get angry they get it your

anger back you give love to someone the

love comes back to you that's the way

caramel ones in it so the more you can

practice being happy the more you can

practice having that little smile on

your face no matter what you're doing

then your mind is uplifted and you start

to feel joy coming through and it's

really a nice happy feeling it's a

feeling that will make you smile

sometimes it can last all day that it

takes practice to keep it there so you

don't forget when you go to bed at night

you get your mom or dad to help you and

remind you of all the different people

that you need to say I wish you

happiness and you do this every night

then your mind will naturally begin to

be happy all the time and when you see

there is stress or anger or anxiety

doesn't matter where it is you can send

loving and kind thoughts to those people

that are having so much pain and you're

helping you're not helpless you're

helping them more than you ever suspect

so it's a real important thing to learn

what meditation is meditation these

developing your mind so that you can be

happy all the time the poly word bhavana

means mental development it doesn't mean

sitting in one place and being lack of

reimage it means being able to watch

what your mind is doing and try to help

other people be happy okay you're going

to do this morning try it tonight

the more you can give your happiness to

the world the happier the world will

become sometimes I go into a store and

there's a little baby that's crying so

what I do is I help the mother by just

standing by the baby and wishing that

baby happiness and before long they stop

crying and they start smiling so I help

the mother but I didn't I didn't touch

anybody except with my mind that's most

wrong your mind can become but it does

take practice we need to do it every

night and if your mom or dad says well I

don't have time you say no no no no no

no no you have to have time for this I

need your help okay so you get your

parents to help you so that you can

develop this skill of being happy and

being able to help other people so

they'll become happy that's the whole of

the Buddha's teaching he wanted people

to want recognize when you're

happy let go of the unhappiness bring up

happy feelings and keep those happy

feelings going this is part of the full

path this is called right effort so the

more you practice it the better you

become one of the things that the Buddha

said was what you think and ponder on

that's the inclination of your mind now

what does that mean you hold a certain

kind of thought in your mind and you

keep coming back to that thought over

and over again then your mind will

naturally start to have that thought

rice and what we want to do is we want

to let go of our old habits of being

unhappy of getting angry we want to let

go of those kind of habits and we want

to develop good habits the kind of

habits that naturally

I feel good so it's real important to do

this every night so you can start

changing your old habits that are bad

into good habits that are fun okay now

I've been talking for a while I don't

know how long I was supposed to talk

what then

so what I want you to do right now is

just gently close your eyes for a moment

and in their minds I see your mom and

think about science when your mom was

really really nice and which heard that

happy feeling now do that for your dad

now you have to have a little smile on

your face see how I make sure my field


so the more you can do something like

this you wish your mom and dad happiness

the happier they will be done with you

and that means you're going to have a

lot more fun okay you can open your eyes


that think you might feel good thing

it's a real important thing that you do

this often now in one of the suit does

it says that it doesn't matter when

somebody comes at you and they tell you

something that's not true it doesn't

matter it doesn't matter if they come at

you if they're angry that doesn't matter

what you're supposed to do is you see

that other person and you wish them

happiness and then you wish all beings

in the world happiness that's what it

says in a suit up

it doesn't matter what somebody else

says to you or about you that's just

someone else's opinion you know what the

truth is you know that you're a good

person even though somebody says you're

not you don't have to pay attention to

them you see that other person suffer

then you wish them happiness so they're

suffering will become less well what

they said was alive so doesn't matter

what they say the more you practice this

kind of meditation the less that will

happen the less people will come into

saying things that aren't true or saying

things with anger you start to develop

this feeling around you for people feel

comfortable and they feel like smiling

but you have to remember to give that

feeling away often as much as you can

remember to do it okay that means

everybody in school oh I don't like that

that person they're nasty to me so what

are they suffering are they unhappy so

you give them your loving and

thoughts so that they can let go of

their unhappiness okay does anybody have

any questions

so I gave you do things to do now one is

everything you have to stand in front of

a mirror for one minute and smile and

every time you see you're not smiling

that smile again and while you're doing

that wish yourself happiness one of the

things that the Buddha said was anybody

that truly loves themselves will never

harm another person or another be so you

have to practice liking yourself wishing

yourself happiness and that way you can

give it all the way okay so the first

thing is to stand in front of the mirror

and smile and the second thing is when

you go to bed at night you have your mom

or dad back and you have them help you

with everybody in her family happiness

okay easy

don't let a night go by without doing

that I'm sure the parents are loving

saying this but all of the parents will

benefit from this too you'll see okay

nobody has any questions you all

understand what I'm talking about okay