Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.

if the feeling doesn't come up

that means you have some old


wrapped around your heart

and you need to do

forgiveness meditation

meditation the feeling doesn't come up

even with forgiveness

i don't care so you have an

old attachment so what it's only an

attachment it's something that happened

in the past that you keep

wrapped around your heart and it takes a

little while

before you're able to let it go so you

have to continue on

with forgiving continuously

let go of any other kind of meditation

even the six


when you forgive you say to yourself i

forgive myself for not understanding

now your mind is going to have

resistance to that

so as soon as your mind goes away

from that statement then forgive that

that distraction for

disturbing you and relax

and then come back and stay that


again and you keep doing that over and

over again

what will happen is at some point

there will be some memory

where somebody did you wrong or you did

somebody else wrong

then you stay with that person and

forgive them for not

understanding and relax

into that and come back and say it again

and again and again


you will be able to let go of

that person and what they did and you

let go

of the pain caused by that

and you will feel relief and you'll feel

your heart

open up

then you come back to yourself i forgive

myself for making a mistake

i forgive myself for not being perfect

and keep repeating that and then any

kind of thought that pulls your

attention away from the forgiving

then you forgive that thought for

distracting you

relax and then come back and

forgive yourself for making the mistake

stay with that until you feel relief

okay do you understand what i'm saying

yes one thing okay

that will open up a lot of possibilities


your practicing of purifying the mind

it really does work very well

and we do have instructions in the

and you can read those instructions