Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


that's what

your habitual tendency is that's what

we've been doing since we're little kids

we got upset in one emotional way or



we try to think it away

and you get into your aversion and your

frustration and your anger

and you keep on punishing yourself

one of the big things that's happening

these days is a feeling




people will break out in the sweat and

you'll get short of breath and you start

really fighting it and you don't want


a panic attack

okay what is a panic attack really

i mean

you look at it as what happened first

what happened after that what happened

after that

it's a feeling that arises

you can be afraid of that feeling

but what happens after that

well then you start fighting with it you

start thinking about it and you want it

to stop and you break out into the sweat

and you're about ready to faint



you can do that

or i had a student that was sitting in

the middle of a crowd

she started to have a panic attack

now she told me before

that whenever she had a panic attack

it took her three days to get over it

three days

and she would go into her room she

didn't want to talk to anybody

she closed all the windows

didn't let any light in at all

and just suffered for three days until

finally her mind just let it go

but now she has a panic attack coming

and she's very familiar with it


no i can't get up and leave because i

have a panic attack

but you know if this monk is really true

if he's telling me the truth about this

all i have to do is allow that feeling

to be there and relax into it

and listen to what he's saying

and she did it

and it took her two minutes to get over

her panic attack that took three days

that was her choice

and she she got really radiant right

after that i'm giving the talk and all

of a sudden i'm looking at this lady


bright and and happy

and i said wow she must really be

absorbing what i'm saying here that

makes me feel good

so after the after the talk she came up

to me and thanked me

very sincerely


i have talked with her since then

and i asked her if she has any panic

attacks she said no i've let those go

like it was nothing

you can do that