Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


now I don't recommend you're changing

your meditations okay once you start

with the brahma vihara to stay with the

problem of the artists I'm not real sure

why why it is but there's a real

fascination with the breath meditation

and almost everybody that does a breath

meditation does not follow the

directions of the soup deaths and where

you get say an attend a retreat with a

brahma vihara doing the breath

meditation to get to the same level is

going to take between six and eight

weeks it's a lot different

because it's hard to keep with your

daily activities it's easy to carry

around loving-kindness and radiate that

but if something happens and your mind

gets a little disturbed or you're gonna

say wait a minute I gotta take a couple

breaths well sometimes you can sometimes

you can't

so you you're not as sharp with your

daily activities when you're doing the

breath meditation David and I were just

listening to a guy talking about the

breath meditation and he talked about

the space in-between the breaths like

that was something special and oh it's

infinite space there's just nothing for

a brief moment but if you don't have the

relaxed step on the in breath and

relaxed step on the out-breath you're

not doing it in the correct way

and it just takes longer to do that kind

of meditation

I'm personally I'm hooked on the brahma

vihara z-- because your progress is so

fast and that's one of the advantages

that the Buddha talks about when you're

doing loving-kindness meditation or the

brahma VRS your progress is a fastest

it's faster than any other kind of


it's really kind of interesting the

attachments that people can have to the

breath I did the breath meditation for

20 years

I'm very well knowledged in the breath

meditation when I decided to start doing

loving-kindness meditation after the

first sitting I didn't have the breath

coming up and distracting my mind

because I made the determination now I'm

gonna be doing loving-kindness

meditation but people who get attached

to the idea well this is what the Buddha

taught actually he didn't teach that

near as much as he did the problem of

the artists he taught the brother of the

artists a lot why because your progress

is fast and there is real personality

change with the Brahm of the Aras with

the breath meditation not so much

there's not so much personality

development and it's much slower


if just make up your mind this is a

meditation I'm gonna do then the breath

won't come in and disturb you if it does

come in use the six RS go back the the

object of meditation which is that or


one of the reasons that the Buddha did

the breath meditation was because that

was what was pretty prevalent during his

lifetime everybody was doing the breath

meditation some people were talking

about holding their breath and he did

that a lot and found out that it does

nothing but bring a lot of pain and it

makes a lot of make makes your whole

body ache and it's not doesn't lead to

happiness it doesn't lead to an uplifted

mind and the Buddha was real big about

having an uplifted night it was real big

about learning how to be compassionate

to all beings in all situations