Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.

where [Music] welcome [Music] this is a guided loving kindness or meta meditation first find a position you feel comfortable in you can sit on a cushion on the floor or in a chair there is no magic

in the relaxed floor it doesn't matter which position you adopt the one that seems most comfortable to you it may take a few sessions before you find the position that suits you best don't worry too much for now you can readjust gently to the

need take a deep breath 1 is exhaled [Music] take a moment to just be this meditation is meant to simply observe without forcing simply to be is accepted notice that you are breathing notice the sensations that are present in your body notice the feeling of

sitting down what is your state of mind is it tired where is it awake energetic do you feel restless or quiet re

lax and slow down and actually sit in the chair on the cushion relaxed your whole body whatever pops up in your awareness just release it and then come back into the present not paying any particular attention to anything [Music] we notice how

your mind becomes this unaware you can notice the whole room and everything going on around it relax and stay there there is no worry everything is under control feel grateful for being able to sit still [Music]

you are just grateful to have time for yourself let's start with the soul and our loving kindness meditation or what we call in the bunkers at the practice of slabs avira the divine givers when we start practicing the meditation of

loving kindness we begin by developing kind and loving thoughts of ourselves remember a moment

where you were happy and when that feeling of happiness bud smile it's a warm feeling radiating from the center of your chest the same feeling we can feel when we hold a newborn baby and look into their eyes you feel that caring love

radiate in your heart or maybe it's a little puppy or a kitten whoever brings you that feeling of warm goodness it's only that feeling be you don't need to just strive to let it

go introduce that feeling of happiness now a technique that can help just smile bring a slight smile to the corner of your mouth only a small smile a buddha smile smile from your heart and smile from your mind smile can take you out of your negative and bad

thoughts so smile during all your meditation always came back to that feeling of happiness with a smile now pr

take this feeling of happiness and radish there yourself you can help him with certain sentences such as can i be happy can i be happy and then i soaked do not repeat his sentences such as we recite mantras you

must feel these words and only use them to remind yourself of this beautiful feeling the sentences are not the object of meditation a friend are only useful to induce this feeling of bliss of loving-kindness sit with your back reasonably straight center where

you try as much as possible to remain still I did not move any part of your body not to spoil your Waldensian toes not to rub or scratch yourself not to change your posture remained still like a Buddha statue and remember

you on all the statues the buddha smiles a slight smile a smile of quinces dignity of happiness standing still it's a bit like us comparing ourselves to de locon to this

pretty you can watch the water you can't force it to play by pushing it or in the mud people you have to let it and so on its own it will manage relax any tension any trader that make you want to move relax and

smile you have that time to yourself be content leave everything else aside it's up to your mind to think about those things that only come up later don't worry it comes up round if they're really needed can i be happy

may i be content then i will smile soaked may i have gratitude for everything i have as soon as that warm feeling of loving kindness resurfaces make a wish for your own happiness may i be free from discontent since

my spirit lifted since my spirit be calmed in father may my spirit be reopened accepted may I have happiness may I be joyful smile at you [Music] bring a slight smile to your lips

lips is recent and radiating it inside your entire body may i be content where whatever wish you make to yourself recent such you know what it is to feel at peace and serene wore this

wish in your heart irradiated this feeling towards yourself do you wish to be happy no matter what is verbalized made there with a smile recent and this wish you can repeat it as much as you wish provided that its meaning is deep and sincere

you can load sight occasionally may i be happy may my whole body be completely relaxed now when you tell me and your mind will start thinking of other things and it will wander as soon as you notice the mind is distracted just let its thoughts drop

even if you're in the middle of a sentence or an idea the only ones to fall and then relax smile and come back to that feeling of loving kindness again

released any tension to the rigidities inside your head posed by his thoughts spending is wanting to spend on the future depends it's on the past spending on things you'd like to do in the present I want I don't want I I I relax and

smile release your thoughts return to that feeling of loving kindness and make a wish for your own happiness with another smile it doesn't matter if your mind wanders 50 times during the meditation period and fifty times you realize it and you

release it you relax you come back with another smile to your object of meditation this is a good meditation a bad meditation would be if you stop smiling when you start thinking about something else and keep thinking about it you don't drop this

is to have no attention no attentive awareness when you tell me and sensations may arise in your body you may all desire

ssaint where you scratch or heat or a vibration where there is an unpleasant feeling whatever the feeling as soon as it surfaces your mind will wander then you will probably start thinking about that feeling gold i love it so much that it goes away i

really don't like this feeling when it comes i wish it would go away every thought towards this feeling only makes it grow accept it and relax with it [Music] if

you just need it all and just allow yourself to do it and then continue the first thing to do is let go of the thoughts related to his feelings release your attention from his thoughts just stop thinking about them this is the release relax the

attention or rigidity in your mind in your head this is the next step so you release the attention and you stop thinking then relax this desire that pulls you

towards that thought that makes you want to go to the store no matter what it is right now you might notice that there is still a mental rigidity around that feeling because you really don't like it and you wish that time

it leaves the truth is that when a feeling comes back it's there that's the truth you can't change it you can't wish it to be otherwise it's just the way it is so we remain confident that it's alright and that's it

it's okay that this feeling is there it has to be okay because it's there every time you try to fight the truth every time you try to control the truth every time you want to change the truth to make it different

is it already this is the cause of discontent want to change things dezery things to be different from what they are something you should

Do you want to do something better in the future no everything is perfect everything is perfect now grant this feeling the right to exist make its presence acceptable towards the axis was slowly returning to the feeling of happiness and i formulate and another be for your own

well-being and remember this is a smiling meditation remember you want to carry a smile in your mind a smile on your eyes a smile on your lips a slight smile and a smile in your heart shine that smile in your heart [Music]

when you realize that you wouldn't start again gently don't force anything control me anything just let things be as they are you have all the time in the world after about ten minutes we can start sending thoughts of love

and benevolence a spiritual friend only one spiritual friend criteria is your friend and someone of the same sex he or she is not a m

member of your family is he or she is in easy life a spiritual friend someone in whom when you think of them and their good quality you sincerely love them you feel respect for him or her and you sincerely wish him or her

being happy once your friend has chosen doesn't change it and not just staying with this spiritual friend for a while until you are told that now is the time to change this friend can be a friend of yours

he can be your teacher someone you know well and love to respect someone you easily feel that loving kindness towards without having too many interfering thoughts we try to get the mind to dwell with one object

to start later when there are signs of progress in your meditation we will add more people and more technique but not now now make a wish for the happiness of

e your spiritual friend just as you did for yourself may you be happy may you be free from discontent then that your spirit rose then that your spirit be peaceful and quiet smile at your friend held

hold it or hold it in your heart then its spirit be open and welcoming the happier you are or happy just like I am may you be joyful joyful

spiritual friend he put the right in the middle of your which smile and squeeze and hula in your heart give him a big and queens of the heart [Music] wish your friend well-being recent and tonight your heart take a special interest in

your friend and mails or there sincerely you don't need to visualize your friend perfectly all you need to do is just know who is new and present we introduce you just

e have a good time with your enemy [Music] we don't want them with benevolent thoughts [Music] if the feeling escapes you slightly smile a little more and come back to feel this benevolent love towards yourself to build new ones for them

and then back to your friend he resumed with another smile and continue with your spiritual friend surrounded the hula wrapped the east in that loving kindness remember that child or that young dog that kitten feel that same love for your friend

if your wandering mind remember to release it from its thoughts relaxes and the tension that draws you resources is returned there to your object of meditation the feeling of loving kindness for your friend and to start again these are left tight this reminds you what to do when

your mind wanders we don't all of a sudden fire our mind to come back if we do so our mind will only repeat this bad h

atitude over and over again [Music] just observe when the mind slips away accepting the death doing it is relaxed we're not trying to control we're just observing the tension and stiffness saying ok it's okay

no problem and then it fades on its own and then we smile coming back to it this is different from many other methods and this is far more effective since my friend be happy or happy since he or she be free

of a whole child all discontent [Music] may she be happy happy [Music] may he or she get away with this benevolence in my case may he or she be at peace in this present moment may their life be

harmonious the more you are from where she feel gratitude for what they were able to stillwell be free from all anger let their minds and hearts be at peace keep the air your heart serves it is in your heart give them one and

queens of heart surrounded the d

them good hours may we be happy may we be kind benevolent may our minds be a peaceful father plus our minds be relaxed still just my friend receive whatever he or she needs especially contentment and happiness pure style

enjoy good health may he enjoy bright health may he be happy may he be content this is a meditation based on sincere feelings notice this feeling of loving-kindness and remember

you again don't pay close attention is what your friend looks like but well how your feeling it would be simple the feeling can be subtle it can be strong it can be weak it doesn't matter just stay with that feeling

that feeling of luminous warmth throughout your whole body don't cling to it watch it just let there just be and when your mind wanders notice

find out how it happens investigate what happened first what happened next smile again and then come back to your friend may all beings be happy and at peace you can visit damascus website anyway when

there are some things you want to discuss