Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


good evening and welcome to da Medina

Center in Joshua Tree California this

evening is the last day of the joshua

tree retreat in 2011 and wonderful

humanities is going to be giving the

talk this evening mishima nakai number

106 the way to the imperturbable thus

have i heard on one occasion the blessed

one was living in the kuru country where

there was a town of the Carew's named

Thomas Adama there the blessed one

addressed amongst the smocks venerable

sir they replied the blessed one said

this sensual pleasures are impermanent

hollow false deceptive they are a loser

e prattle of fools sensual pleasures

here in now and sensual pleasure in

lives to come sensual perceptions here

in now and sensual perceptions and lives

to come both alike are Mara's realm

Mara's domain Mara's bait Mara's hunting

ground on account of them these evil and

wholesome mental states such as

covetousness ill-will and presumption

arise and they constitute an obstruction

to the noble disciple in training here

here in monks a noble disciple considers

thus sensual pleasures here and now and

sensual pleasures and lives to come

constitute an obstruction to a noble

disciple in training here suppose I were

to buy abide with a mind abundant

exalted having transcended the world and

made a firm determination with mind

every time you hear abundant and exalted

we're talking about the brahma vihara

when i do so there will be no more evil

unwholesome states such as covetousness

ill will and presumption in me and with

the abandoning of them my mind will be

unlimited immeasurable well developed

when he practices in this way and

frequently abides thus his mind acquires

confidence in this base once there's

full confidence he either attains to the

imperturbable now or else he resolves

upon it with wisdom the imperturbable

means at least the 4th jhana hostage

they not say at least as i should say

the 4th jhana and the four different

aspects of the 4th jhana which is the

immaterial drums and when he results

upon it with wisdom that means he's

seeing how the links of dependent

origination work on the dissolution of

the body after death it is possible that

the evolving consciousness may pass on

to rebirth in the imperturbable these

are they brahma lucas the brahma lokas

last a long time

there's two measurements of time that

the Buddha talks about an awesome kya

and asain kya is just when the the earth

or the the universe starts expanding

until it stops that's one oo st. kya

I've seen in commentaries where they

tried to give that in years and of

course it is a commentary so who knows

how accurate it really is but they say

that it's in the number of earth years

it's 10 to the hundred and sixty a--the

tower in other words 160 0n that's how

many years at last now the the other

measurement is Maha cappas and that is

for Assange Caius there's the expansion

of the universe that's one on st. kya

now when the universe is expanding

that's when life occurs ok that's when

all living beings come into being when

the universe is expanding and then it

stops for one aucend kya and then the

universe contracts for 10 st. kya and

then it stops for one ah sang kya these

for us and Kaiser called a Maha kapa now

if you get to the 4th jhana and don't

ever go any higher than that in this

lifetime when you die you will be reborn

in a brahmaloka that last for

500 majas coppice so and you have to

remember that the the Brahma lokas are

what you would call a heavenly realm now

a person that that never does any mental

development but they live a good life

they can be reborn in a heavenly

heavenly realm called a diva loca

there's six different day below cos that

lasts for progressively longer periods

of time but they don't even come close

to the Maha kapa so it's a it's a real

good thing to develop your mind if you

never get any higher you will still be

in a realm that the only nourishment you

need to keep your body going is joy okay

so you have some joy every day in your

body keeps going and it lasts for a long

period of time anyone that can get into

the immaterial realms the number of Maha

copies you are living you die die from

this realm and go to those realms it's

considerably longer that you would be in

those realms

infinite space is if you don't ever go

any higher you would be reborn into

brahmaloka and it would last 20