Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.




there was no more opinion and nervous

relief this is what happens every time

you let go of a hindrance there's relief

how do you let go of the hindrance well

you see the distraction wow the

distraction to be there relax you smile

you come back to your object to

meditation stay with your object of

meditation as long as you can we call

that the six hours recognize when your

mind is distracted release

relax we smile return

six hours are absolutely brilliant I

didn't think I'm up somebody else could

but I use them why is it brilliant

because then tells you how you can

handle every situation the lighter your

mind is the less serious you are the

more balanced and more clarity you have

with what is happening in the present


and that's where happiness is being

completely in the present moment there's

no pain

there's no stress there's no suffering

it's when you get pulled out of the

present moment because you're starting

to take something personally and try to

control the feelings with your thoughts

doesn't work guaranteed

did that help

top like the one that's being put in now

and then we stand on the bottom on the

porch on the inside we take out one of

the walls and leave one of the loss for

sleeping so you have very high ceiling

inside and has three windows in it that

our double-pane glass and really nice

and then we could even know insulation

is Noah rolls

insulated on there before and insulated

in the ceiling it's then afterwards

sleeping loft is arranged up top with a

carpet on the floor and then on the

bottom there's no carpeting that you

walk on or there's just like a road that

you put in

there'll be a small heating system

that's put in next year

so these are the little booties that are

being put in place now the this area out

here it was originally cut the shape of

a voting leave and when it was cut out

of the horace and the cooties sit around

a circle sort of around it and the

center part of this field is where we're

going to build the drama hall there are

two clearings that are the building

sites here this is the first one and

then they offer one just above us it has

a little pond at the end of it and

that's where there's pagoda is going to

be out here what we want to do we want

to build a round da Mahal and it will

likely have eight or 12 sides on it

eight sides for the Eightfold Path or 12

sites were the dependent origination

we've talked about raising enough funds

to do a two story building that will

have a very high interior inside high

ceiling and that's the idea for

approximate cost and probably putting up

the doll the size with

and the labor would all be pretty much

done by our contractor that work with

Surya and people

everybody gets to learn how to do park

and green how to do construction it's a

real interesting process

so what's the lesson bring him to me

real simple smile be happy you know this

is one thing that a lot of of Buddhas

never really hear it and I've always

wondered about that the Buddha's said

we're the happy ones and you never hear

that oh you mean we're supposed to be

enlightened and happy wow I never

thought of that but it's the other way

around you're going to be half of the

night because that leads directly to it