Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.

let's get started

find a comfortable position

and we will start our loving kindness


take a deep breath

let it out

get some oxygen into the system

and relax

you have nothing to do nowhere to go

just for this 30 minutes we'll be


with ourselves happily

cuddling ourselves

so let's just start with a little scan

from the top of the head down to the

bottom of the body let's just put our

attention at the top of the head

it's kind of a way to get you out of

your mind

just for a minute or two

and notice the feeling at the top of

your head

this vibrating


might be some tension so relax that

your attention moves around

and let it go down to

your neck

maybe notice your face

and just relax

and let it travel down into your chest

just notice what you're feeling

notice that you're breathing

notice the feelings on your back

now you notice the lower part of your


where your seat is

hitting the chair or the floor

things are vibrating

notice the feeling in your arms

your hands

your upper legs

your lower legs

and your feet

bottoms of your feet

now just see any tension or tightness

just moving through your whole body down

into the floor

now notice your whole body


i don't want you to concentrate on any

part of your body but just be with

the vibration

now let's bring up some loving kindness

first of all put a little smile on your


it doesn't have to be big but just a

little smile and feel that smile in your


feel that smile in your head

and feel that smile in your whole body

now think of that cat that's

sitting on your chest

you feel the warmth of the cat

stroking it a little bit

or maybe instead it's a baby

you're holding a baby in your arms

you're just looking down into

its eyes and wishing happiness for that

baby and just feeling happiness

maybe may may this little baby be happy

and the baby is smiling back at you

maybe the baby's laughing


moving around

rattling its rattle

now feel that warmth

that glowing feeling

this feeling of loving kindness

keep your smile going

and let that feeling of loving kindness

come into your whole body

don't move your body don't itch

if there's feelings that are unpleasant

just notice them release them


come back to your smile

and feel that loving kindness from the

cat from the baby from petting the dog

anything that makes you smile

and now just feel that loving kindness

for yourself

you've done many good things in your


you deserve some loving kindness

you're working on yourself right now

which is a lot more than most people so

you deserve

to feel happy

dwell on the good things that you've


forget the bad

you're always going toward the light

you can let go of anything in the past

forgive yourself for having done

anything that really wasn't right

forgive yourself for not understanding


you did those things

they are gone

it's in the past whatever action has

been done has been done

and so now you can just replace that

with a pure

loving kindness

for yourself

i want you to hold yourself in your


take your whole self and just put it

into your heart

and when there's a feeling of loving

kindness notice that feeling

more than visualizing yourself you can

have yourself in the background

but if there's a feeling there notice

the feeling and kind of go along with

that feeling

the feeling will be in your heart

it'll be vibrating

be warm

and let that go into your whole body

now you are glowing with loving kindness

now let's pick out somebody

that's a spiritual friend for you

somebody that you like a friend


somebody you respect somebody that you

sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee

and just have a good time talking with


and i want you to see them across the

table smiling and happy

and wish them

this loving kindness

may they be happy

may their life be perfect

you can come up with your own phrases

just don't make it a mantra

these are just little reminders

to keep the feeling going

now take your spiritual friend

and put them in your heart

and let that feeling of loving kindness

go around them

your mind might wander off

and that's okay

but just release

where it's wandered off to

and relax

you may have a reaction oh there goes my

mind i don't like it

my mind is always going off

rela relax that reaction

that's just craving

and we're eliminating craving

and we smile again

and return to your spiritual friend in

your heart

your spiritual friend is typically of

the same sex

somebody that doesn't cause any sensual

desire of course

and they're alive

somebody you can make a personal


and that person will feel what what is

happening right now

and you are truly sending loving

kindness to that person

and they can feel it

even if it's slight

may my friend be happy

may they be full of joy

may this joy turn into tranquility

and peace

now think of another spiritual friend

another friend

and wish them happiness

just a friend anybody you like

and pick another one

see them smiling and happy

and even pick another one

now take all your friends and put them

in your heart

and hold them

now let's add some neutral people

the person at the coffee shop making the



somebody you saw on the street just

pick out a few people

and wish them happiness and add them to

your friends

now let's put a few family members in


mother father

brothers sisters

sons daughters

may all of us be happy

now let's add some people that we don't

really like but see they're good aspects

everyone has good aspects

they've all done good things

just see them smiling and happy

so now we've gone through all of the

classes of beings

from our most friendly to the enemies

and there's no reason not to wish

everyone happiness because we do not

want anger in our mind

anger is painful

all beings want happiness

so we want happiness for all beings

now let's

go to the directions

all beings in front of us

be happy and smiling

may all beings in front of us

in the next city

in the next state

or province

all beings in the next country

be happy

may they be free from suffering

may all beings behind us

be happy

may all beings including the animals

the insects

the fish

anything that's alive

be happy behind us

may they get food

and they find shelter

they have no enemies

may all beings to the left of us

may they be free from suffering

see them smiling and happy

and really sincerely wish

them to be happy

may all beings to the right of us be


the male beans

below us

have no enemies

be in perfect health

and male beings above us

be happy

may they be angels

abiding in their celestial mansions

may they have so much fun

it's okay to have fun

now notice this feeling of loving

kindness moving out in all directions

you are just nothing more than a candle

generating heat

candle doesn't push heat it radiates



and you are simply radiating

loving-kindness to all directions

because this is what's happening to you

loving kindness is spreading out

into the universe

this kindness is starting in your house

filling up all the areas in your house

your car wherever you

are now it's moving out beyond your

house into the neighborhoods

into the cities

it's moving across the countries

through the earth and up into the sky

into the whole earth

and to the solar system

and now your loving kindness envelops

the entire galaxy

and this loving kindness

moves out even further

into other galaxies and stars

wishing all beings

everywhere to be happy and peaceful

now your loving kindness moves into all

of the other realms the heaven realms

the lower realms

the brahmalokas

there is nowhere that your loving

kindness does not permeate

and now there is nothing but


that's the only thing that exists

you're sitting inside of it

just noticing it

just observing

nothing else