Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.



please get in a comfortable position


please don't move for the sitting be

perfectly still

take a deep breath


let it out

relax the whole body

relax from the top of the head

all the way down through the chest

through the abdomen



and down to the floor

take another breath and relax


we have 30 minutes to do nothing but to

take a vacation from our life

now there is nothing to do but just to

sit and watch

and be happy

put aside all those things that you want

to do

they all can be done later think about

anything later


now you're just sitting peacefully

you feel very content

you're breathing well not moving at all

hands folded


sitting straight up

just noticing what's going on

there may be sounds

you feel your body

you may notice that you're thinking


just let everything go

any sensation or thought that arises

relax come back to the present

content to just sit

do absolutely nothing at all because

there's no need to do anything

just quiet

now bring up a smile


a little smile on your face

up turn your lips

smile from your heart

smile from your eyes


smile from your mind


remember a time when you were happy

maybe you were petting the dog


you were looking into the eyes of a baby

that you were holding

the baby was looking back at you and you

felt this



this loving kindness feeling

it's a warm glowing feeling in the

center of your heart

you don't try to make it happen you just

do it

you just let it be there just like

looking at

the baby you don't try to feel you just

feel love for the baby


and smile continue to smile


feel that loving kindness in your smile


just stay with that feeling


make a wish for your own happiness

may i be happy

feel the smile from the baby for


hold yourself in your arms

look into your eyes

may i be happy may i be free from



may i be healthy

hold yourself with this feeling of

loving kindness

who deserves it more than you

when you have loving kindness you can

have it for others

put yourself inside a bubble of loving


of happiness

and relax into that feeling

sink into that feeling

become loving kindness


if your mind wanders a little bit

you get a little restless

just recognize that that happened

don't push it away don't try to change


just release

what's there that's pulling you

if you want to get up then just release

that thought you can sit

for a half hour with no need to get up

and be happy in that

relax the tension and tightness that

makes you want to move

don't move


keep smiling a smile uplifts your mind

it's very powerful

it lets you know when your mind is down

even if you don't feel like it it's okay

just allow a little bit of kindness

right now


so if a distraction comes recognize it's


release it relax

any tension or tightness that pulls you

back to it

just take it a few moments relax

no need to get back to your object

quickly just relax

interesting observe it maybe it's anger

maybe it's

wanting planning

anything that pulls

and release it and relax

relax the pool and now

as it ebbs away we smile


bring back that feeling return

to radiating loving kindness

to yourself

now think of somebody that you know same


they're alive somebody you like

somebody you can send some loving

loving-kindness to

maybe it's a teacher counselor a monk

the dalai lama


mother teresa


just pick somebody out and i want you to

picture them

it doesn't have you just know they're

there you don't have to see them in

living color just know that

this person is there

and wish them happiness may he or she

be happy

see them smiling looking back at you


wishing you happiness




picture them and radiate loving-kindness

to them and take them and put them in

your heart

and hold them like a baby

now put both of you in a bubble of

loving kindness

and just be in that feeling


you're not sending the feeling out but

just simply

being with the person

and feeling this happiness

see them smiling and happy may they be


may they be free from suffering

now let them go and take a family member

a part of your family

wish them happiness


take them in your heart and see them


and happy


may your mother and father be happy

may all of your relatives be happy

see them smiling and happy wish them

loving kindness

now wish any neutral people happiness

the cashier

of your local starbucks or

you're the bus driver just

anybody that you kind of know it's a

neutral person

may they be smiling and happy

may they be content



keep smiling now any troublesome people

any people you might not like

may they be happy everybody's got good


don't focus on the negative see the


think of anybody that you might not like

and wish them happiness put them in your


and wish them happiness anyway






come back to happiness for yourself

and feel this loving kindness glowing


from you

wish all beings in front of you

loving kindness


may they be well and happy


you don't have to see them just know

that all beings

in the next city and the next town in

the next state or

province in the next

country may all these beings in front of

you be happy


may all beings in front of all of the

land in front of you be happy

and now out into space and on

out to the edge of the universe

all beings in front of you be happy


there's six directions the front and now


wish all beings

to the back happiness


see them smiling and happiness

see your loving kindness just going out

like beams of light

golden beams of light

radiating out from your head


touching every being that

it comes upon


surrounding them all with happiness and

loving kindness



and to the left all beings


may they be happy and content


and to the right may all beings

be happy and content

may they be healthy prosperous

and kindly and generous

know that they're happy and smiling with



you can notice your feeling as it goes


just make it a sincere feeling

don't focus too much on it but

make it sincere and really know that

you care about these people

you wish for their own welfare

and now all beings below you

all beings in the earth


small large

all living beings all

insects all animals


any sort of being deva beans

hold the whole earth in your heart


and wish them loving kindness


and now above into the heavens above

out as far as the mind can even imagine

beams of loving kindness

extending out

and out infinitely touching


with a feeling of happiness

with a feeling of kindness


may they be well and happy

now in all six directions that you've


all beings everywhere all around

all directions

from the animal world

to the human world to the spirit world

to the heavenly worlds

may all beings everywhere

in this bubble of loving kindness

be happy


see your love just going outward

touching everything and everybody

continue to smile

let go of any distractions and come back

to the feeling of loving kindness moving





continue to feel this bubble of loving

kindness growing ever



expanding out

you're in the middle


you are floating in this ocean

of loving kindness

there is nothing below you and nothing

above you


you're smiling into this vast

ocean of kindness



may all beings in the universe be happy

may they have love in their heart and no



for this period of time there is no


no aversion only


you have become love


just sink into it