Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.



sonna no say no koto no kokoro no rido


Luciano donor condoisseur a condoisseur

cambogia normal channel

ding whoa hey

you all boys I know over to your eye a

beanie show tendon Geno's hola

Algy Your Majesty please

His Majesty will be speaking in Mel and

the English translation is in the

program and artisanship of a beauty that

brings joy and peace to our minds they

are indeed a unique contribution to

humanity I have never in my life and

pavilions His Holiness achievements have

touched many people bought in Japan

Kaju automata sushi whatever you know


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tomorrow who go you don't look old

O'Hara Jenny second good they're trying

to find the two seconds - no triangle

changing - well

most whether they go whenever your

Majesties to other events connected with

Buddhism in Japan namely the opening of

the net put you between temple in narita


- hiko I chose him I have much pleasure

to be part of this story opening of the

goodies and the members

excellencies distinguished guests ladies

I have to apologize for the fact that we

didn't have any congratulatory messages

I pay homage to the salmon samples there

and that one place at one the only one

the south enlightened one

first of all I want to thank everybody

or my sister BCG Chum even in the most

venerable dr. QT senior president of the

Buddhism eat your body muscles your most


excellencies distinguished guests

friends to the dominant

just enjoy my Patsy illidan entire

company Langella when I'm with Hanson

when Detective admission to read aloud

his message

because it is through so well first of

all I would like to pay homage to the

photon venerable Tsonga distinguished

dear friends of the Dharma difference a

great way it's very much regarding to be

the last speaker this afternoon provide


potater on iraq Cassata big time to me

get away you must be nervous

Vanuatu stream Buddhist leaders of the

world first I'd like to extend my

greetings to all the credible Damascus -

the man's life followers assembled his

fifth world to put his seminar before I

get started when I was invited to take

part in conference

your holiness Buddhist leader most

terrible and very bored

yo modesty he is the Holiness the most

variable you see as president of Moody


but kudos England ah look you know

Dominion same kind of inclusions of the

capital Castle Rock never Sally iturra

she kisses you Itachi Kisame not so lean

not on the sole in your circle she said

cube Tecna then I say goodbye

autonomous are all the most abandoned

books and leaders of Boris organisations

finished image again only heard of the

navigation of the government of the

social Republic

my name is Martin Ricci and I'm from the

star the leading newspaper

you know

okay heart stops

pretty ironic a rotten person a Kyushu

district of named shoe buddhist sect of

Z mineral kini Vita sorry Master Okita

Kano are no Honda's