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hello the following book is read by a

text-to-speech program the name of the

book is the road to lebanon as

mindfulness progresses in kindness

loving through desire

conscious calm until the

awakening written by david leigh

johnson copyright copyright 2021 david

johnson all rights reserved

published by billy shia publishing

Spanish translation and proofreading 2021

José Luis Poveda Alfaro and Grisel Salazar

luis other books by david johnson

written in the name of ban te vi malara

msi a guide to practice

introspective wisdom meditation

calm the holy life friend bisacca se

bases in nirvana culminates in nirvana

ends in they were at maximum or fell 44 q

la veda days utah thanks i want

recognize the venerable ban i saw you wrong

they will do if matera from whom I learned this

banteur practice and they will do badly if it is the

drum founder will we do min 6

meditation twin que in spanish

we translate as meditation of

understanding of the

quiet without his skilful guidance this

project would not be possible

descriptions of many of the desires

come from late-night talks offered

by the venerable beat malara msi on

the nape of his ta m n-111 was his arduous

work through years of intense

meditation practice and discussions

with many of the most venerable monks

of the world which led him on a

completely different direction returned

to the early Buddhist teachings

if you are in the canon for read for

practice what he himself had

taught his own disciples to

from this he discovered you and me has

Given this gift of true lady desire

thank the venerable for reviewing

this work and correct the

misunderstandings that may have arisen

i also credit vick woody for his

work the middle link speeches of the

buddha a 36 in of the magi manica already

winston publications somerville ma 1995

the beach audivic unite molly this

book with some exceptions is the basis

of the twin meditation practice

thanks also to brenda

Macri who wrote a summary of a

page based on interviews

students of what they experienced

meditator as iii custom meditators

who were advancing in the process of

meditation on seeing the need for

document the different levels of

practice broaden your summary to reach

to the book that you are now reading also

thanks to tel and paul paul johnson mark and

andrew berger da craft and j del mar

who helped with editing and for

your many helpful suggestions thanks to

s jordan who did the beautiful cover

with its unique design introducing the

The purpose of this book is to help the

serious seeker and advanced meditator to

understand the experiences and

signs on the path of the buddha who has

as objective the destruction of desire and

the removal of ignorance

I want to document these experiences

for the meditation community so that

can be studied and preserved as

a guide for future meditators this

book was also written so that

meditators and meditators without access to

master bars in your area may have

all instructions and can

continue down this path on your own

all instructions on how

meditate on all levels are here

there are no secret techniques withheld and

considered hidden only the words

of the routes and comments of the venerable

I saw you malara mbps and in this book

also in the instruction guide for

beginners a guide to

beginners to meditation

comprehension of quiet wisdom a

beginner's guide to reassured mini

site meditation the band i saw you malar am

yes and myself is all integrated and

provides instructions for the

beginning meditator

if you are familiar with the

start instructions you can go to

the advanced chapters section on

hannah yes when you are starting you

you jam and you just can't feel

this loving kindness to yourself

take a look at the brochure that banteur

and they will do badly if he provides at the end of this

book titled a guide to

forgiveness meditation try this

meditation and find out for yourself if

possible blockages are not loosened

emotions from past traumas of your

bosses or other memories related to

the terrifying forgiveness can be a


perfect to experience the goodness

loving in a warm and flowing way in

I will put some places in the book

meditation instruction to do

notice students who are using

this book as an instructional guide

progressive instructions on how

proceeding with wim practice is a

fancy name for basically the

bram abyara practice starting with

goal or loving-kindness as object

breathing can be used but tends to

make slower progress these

instructions are taken directly from

the meditation methods described in

quotes the first teachings


wim is the practice that will lead us to ni

go to how it is described in the texts

we will see that when we follow the

instructions there are immediate results

as the buddha presented the way

the CNI will elaborate both the objective

such as the practice of meditation

as explained by the buddha its purpose is

follow the progress of the practice

as explained in the routes themselves for

that the clearest map is my magnet and

fell mn number 111 the annotated his is

translated as one by

just as they happened this his is

shows how progress occurs step by step

step until you get to ni go to this is the

map we will use as we go along

in the levels of understanding of this

book the routes of the canon to read it

go back two thousand five hundred and fifty

years ago to the same wood at the

scholars consider them the words of the

buddha as uttered

originally qualifying a little more

previous it is believed that the buddha spoke maga

of that was his native language such and is

a form of that language and later

all routes were documented in

Pali first reciting the and then

putting them in writing by the members of

the Buddhist order itself and the ncaa were

written on palm leaves around the

year 80 before Christ- as

were written the monks who had

memorized the routes reviewed the

written texts in search of words

added or incorrect the utah se

inscribed on stone tablets in

mandalay burma and are still being

memorized and recited by monks

Buddhists in Burmese monasteries this has

continued from the first council of


greater that will make summoned three months

after the death of the buddha visit

this interesting place in burma in

2003 and I saw the white marble stones

with these same inscriptions groups of

monks memorize together the texts of the

sut a monk recites and the rest of the

group reviews and corrects as

advance this method has been so foolproof

like any other to be able to retain

original texts for long

time periods write appointments

may be subject to bad

translator's interpretation of what

words to use to describe the

practice with precision but even with

this method may have been

errors that have slipped in despite what

perfect that was this system really

We cannot know for sure since

we were not there and it was more than 25 years ago


so we use these routes as the guide

direct closest to what actually

taught the buddha there are many schools

Buddhists and many beliefs and practices

different all we can do is

find what meditation practice

matches the words of the buddha

the practice of your new month in the

sense that it has been rediscovered in

the shoot ace is not practiced very

widely still what it seems

quite amazing

in fact the venerable band saw you wrong

they will do yes and their authorized teachers are

the only ones that directly teach

starting from the sutras like this

others refer to routes but

they don't follow them accurately

wim is the real and proper application of the

right effort this is the reason for your

resultant success i will discuss about this

later changes have been made to

other practices for allegedly

improve meditation instructions

of the buddha but wait a minute he was

the buddha is not a bit presumptuous to think

How can the instructions be improved?

of a buddha after all he was from

made the tata gata supremely

awake who had perfected his

wisdom for countless lifetimes

Let's try to put aside all the other

techniques for now and let's focus on

how to practice as described in

the first teachings as close

possible from the actual words of the buddha

most of us

agree that the canon for

read and his routes are the teachings

buddha's real then let's go to them

and only them to find the way

to practice the cnop fairies utah m

n-111 explains the progress of the

meditation through the healthy and the

four fundamentals of mindfulness

at the same time here it will be shown that

you are healthy when you practice how you

teaches in the shoot as they will take us to the

arouse the desire described in it

grouped utah should not be confused with

the states of concentration that

commonly taught elsewhere

ours are the desire for conscience

quiet quiet orphans

they teach in the appointments in which they

maintains awareness of mind and

body its foundation is the recollection

o gathering not concentration something

that we will deal with later are these

conscious desire that they have been re

discovered the key to a new

understanding of the buddha's teachings

the technique to vima the one that is done

reference in this book uses as

Your guide is main the speeches

mid-length of the buddha a

translation of maxim

orbitz woody and big join molly banteur

and malar am if you feel that this is the

closest translation available

although sometimes he prefers expressions

different for example use the word

usual trend instead of

to become or to come we will talk more

about this later we will combine here

explanation of the meaning of the

routes with the real experiences of the

many meditators and meditators who have

practiced and have been successful in addition

We will try to explain some of the

reasons why certain things happen

subtle experiences and phenomena though

only the buddha knows for sure

phenomena such as the most subtle links

of the dependent origin found

deep in thought processes

have been excluded these phenomena are

so that the student and the student

find out for themselves and he doesn't

describing them here will not change the pace

of the student's progress to explain

certain phenomena before the student

be ready to see them you can create

false expectations and misconceptions

and many students later

they are grateful that they are not there

explained where they are in their practice of

the desire only wants to progress and not

think and analyze while practicing

could develop some sense of

pride with thoughts as i am in

this hannah or that hannah can have

some familiarity with the practice of

meditation and some may arise

presumptions and getting stuck

thinking about how advanced they are

when they are just beginners in this

type of practice it is better not to know where

you're in practice and just follow the

instructions especially if you are in

an intensive retreat if you are looking for

an even deeper understanding of how

practice works more descriptions

of perceptions and levels of

emerging understanding and references

from sut a that support this meditation

you can read one of the following books

meditations life life is meditation

which provides information on

depth and detail the book breath

of love and lady in motion volume

Volume 1 also offers a guide apt to

as one goes deeper into the practice

all these books have been written

the venerable band I saw you bad aram if mi

purpose is to write down the steps

to follow until awakening progress

through levels of understanding

until I wake up I have the

hope that this knowledge can

be transmitted be studied in the future and

not to miss this book is based on the

methods and results based on the su

you are who followed the venerable banteur and

malar am si using texts from his

various talks and taking advantage of my

own personal experiences

related to this practice

practices today include influences

brahmanical new age method e

even a new version of Buddhism in

which the Buddha himself begins to

disappearing from the pages this is called

secular Buddhism or simply

mindfulness mindfulness not to mention

to the Buddha the core of the teachings of the

buddha has mixed with psychology

western and even the word

mindfulness is no longer used in the way

that the buddha intended a goal

important part of this book is to show how

the teaching of Buddhism as taught

has currently deviated from the

ideas presented in the sutras

deviated from what the buddha taught

history we are going to explore among others

things what the Buddha taught us in his

own words based on quotes from

awaken both mind and body

the dependent origin the definition of

mindfulness what is meditation

calm wisdom understanding


what are the six r's two types of

win win absorption and win

aware of the progress through the

healthy until they don't go at four

stages of holiness

chapter 1 what is Buddhism a few years ago

the village realized that the

suffering was experienced

universally by all beings

discovered that there was old age disease and

death and was so surprised that he left

back to his wife and newborn son

born his kingdom and all his goods

mundane to go in search of a way

to put an end to this suffering after

of years of searching finally discovered

the path to the end of suffering

nor go to a path not only to achieve

freedom from suffering but

also had immediate effects is

say it didn't take long to have

these benefits and practiced

correctly then passed the following

45 years teaching this path to

the rest

during that time many people

woke up

the mab ax drops utah number 73 in the

magnet sea and shut up mn confirms and gives us

more details about how many thousands of

people woke up in the subway when

one asks if there was any being

that he had succeeded

clearly described the number and

achievements of whom he had instructed that

is suffering the buddha declared his

cause through his four nobles

truths there is suffering and

dissatisfaction in the world and in our

lives the cause and origin of that

Suffering is the longing the cessation of

longing is the cessation of suffering the

noble eightfold path leads to the end

of that suffering defined in a way

succinct this buddhism suffering

the cause of suffering the end of

suffering and the path that leads to the end

of suffering this is the heart of

Buddhism is not about rites and rituals

prayers and incense is not a religion

but a scientific investigation for

overcome pain at all levels of

the mind and the body in the times

modern for

I know that few people really achieve

the awakening some teachers explain

that people in the time of the buddha

they were more developed

spiritually and some say it was

by the same wood to others attribute the

lack of success to the so-called times

darker in which we now live

but the buddha made it clear that if you follow

the instructions the awakening can be

achieve in a single life even in so

only a few days this is so true

today as it was in the time of the buddha

this book could be the proof

people come from different

cultures but our minds and bodies

they work the same way

means that if we follow the true

way of the buddha we can too

experience awakening in a short

period of time the experiences of

our students who have followed the

instructions of the first routes with

precision without adding or removing anything are

proof of this have experienced the

states i will talk about and you too

can a super mundane science be

attributes doctor albert einstein to say

that if you were ever interested

in getting involved in the

and Buddhism would become Buddhist

said it is the closest religion to the

science spoke about a cosmic religion

from which he felt Buddhism was

closer certainly most of the

people think that Buddhism is a

religion but what is a religion

religion is defined in the dictionary

merriam-webster as follows

belief in a god or group of gods

an organized belief system

ceremonies and rules used to

worship a god or group of gods

then buddhism is a religion

many sects of Buddhism seem

treat it as such and certainly the

Most people consider it a

religion but the obvious buddha

completely the concept of god and

that the buddha taught is beyond

any belief system


so buddhism is science maybe

but it may even be beyond

science at least for the level

existing scientific knowledge

current because the concern of the

buddha was the cause and the csd

much of what I teach focused on

the development of the mind through

deep meditative practices

there is currently a trend

growing in the scientific community

explain everything related to the mind in

neuroscience terms and studying

the brain in fact much of the

Neuroscience views the mind as a

product of brain function

but this is a limited understanding of

the mind then on the one hand you have

meditation practitioners who want

find happiness with

teachings and meditation of the

religious leaders and on the other you have

Western scientists who want

find happiness through

study of the physical brain seems to be

that your goal maybe hope is

a word that defines it better is that

when we understand the brain we can

somehow develop a therapy

or pill to achieve happiness

studying the neural system will give us

an idea of ​​how neurons work

and how they can be seen in an MRI

magnetic and other measuring equipment

doctor can also show us what

parts of the brain are used during

certain mental functions but never

will explain the understandings that

experience the mind for our

purposes this study does not provide

understandings about the true

nature of suffering and how

realize these understandings

we can achieve the cni vain there is no way

at least from what we know so far

today to replicate the process of the

wake up through a methodology

purely physical be drugs machines

etc. to achieve awakening

we must understand at a very deep level

as the joint work of the body and the

Mind is an impersonal process without self or

soul the brain is not the mind and the

mind is not the brain the brain is

just a part of the body like an arm

or a finger the mind is something that depends

of the physical body however the mind

It's something we can't measure

directly and that we can only understand

indirectly because because we depend

from the experience reported by a

individual in order to obtain this

information when we study another

person to discover their knowledge

real of something we can only have it

formation that she tells us we cannot

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the

science as systematized knowledge

derived from the observation the study and

experimentation carried out for

determine the nature or

principles of what is being studied

say that Buddhism leans more

towards science than towards beliefs

it's close but not quite yet

right the buddha left us a set

clear of methods and instructions that

they have arrived from the routes that we

allow us to penetrate our mind and

look at things directly

every time the buddha taught the way

towards the cessation of suffering always

told his followers that they had no

to believe what he said but that they should

come and see for yourselves as suggested

in the kala more utah don't take their

teachings on faith alone try it first

and then discard it if it doesn't have a

measurable benefit

the buddha did not claim any belief or

faith these instructions still follow

in force try to practice as

taught the buddha decide for yourself

so the results you are getting

are the same as described and if

are beneficial to you when you see that

work and produce results

reproducible this will give you confidence and

will encourage you to continue on the path if

we only study the brain we can't

pretend to be studying the mind already

that the mind can only be

truly known to the individual

which is being studied

investigator should ask the subject

what happened can't know how the

understanding and wisdom have

internally affected the mind of the

subject this is something that goes beyond

simple science when we say that the

Buddha's teachings go beyond

science is to say that they are supramundane

we are talking about both the methods

real that the buddha taught as of the

results comprehensions achieved with the

practice although both the methods and

results are repeatable and measurable

It is also true that they are experiences

subjective are transformative and

deep but not easily

measurable by external researchers

the buddha was not only trying to

understand the nature and principles

of what is being studied but rather

I was looking for a way to kill him.

personal suffering not only

come to understand it intellectually

Buddhism is beyond any

scientific study because only

observing the mind directly with the

own consciousness we can understand the

mind once the

understanding that mind that is being

observed transforms into indian

call it subjective science I call it

super mundane science that is why

we needed a buddha to show us the

way the answer was not a simple

this or that was a subtle recipe a

complex training to which he gave the

name of the middle path the path

middle between extremes awakening mind

and body traditionally the masters

of India believed that enlightenment

could achieve by controlling desire since

it was believed that desire was the cause of

all kinds of suffering practicing

initially within this tradition

the buddha mastered yogic practices

mind based

absorption concentration at a point

after that he spent long years

mastering austere practices and makes

ethics of logical sadhus based on

the body both efforts had the

intention to control desire and thereby

mode promote awakening on the one hand

meditation masters braman and coss

They believed they could control desire

controlling the mind by forcing the

attention to stay on an object

for longer periods of time

long it was thought that longing or desire

could be controlled but it did not happen that

the longing was overcome but arose

that almighty controller of that

I hope that as you improve your

self discipline and self control

could exercise dominance over desire

keeping it suppressed by preventing it from

protects by repressing it instead of

eliminating the but then we would have

to ask the question who is ours

real me here the one who controls the

mind that wants to control desire or desire

who has the desire or neither

even for there to be an I' there must be

something that is considered not to be the self or

at least not our real selves

in the drama pull his is number one of

say and shut up the buddha describes that there is

62 views of the self there is the self that

he observes himself he not me that

observe the self the self that observes the not self

today successively there is only one you but

which of these is it if an alcoholic says

to stop drinking by exerting his strength

of will who is the real me that

wish is the real you seems like a

fight for control will break out soon

on the other hand if controlling desires

with mental self-control and discipline

worked the ascetics thought that

they could control the desire by controlling the

body the yogis stood on a

leg for prolonged periods or

they ate a very restricted diet

believing that by controlling the body of

this way they would reach enlightenment

the mind would experience a breakthrough

when will master body control

once again self-discipline would allow

someone to take charge and control the

I wish this someone was conceived as the

higher self or the self that ultimately

I would have full control in such a way

that one would no longer be subject to desire

this was the perception about the

goal of meditation practice

it was about eliminating desire but about

control it after practicing both

extensively approaches the future buddha or

body satan or had achieved awakening

when he entered deep states of

absorption concentration found that

these states suppressed their bases

sensory so that I no longer felt

heard or experienced anything that

the mental states came from the body

that he achieved were wonderful and sublime

however he soon realized that

that strictly dominant mind yeah

I could suppress the desire but only

while practicing this was temporary no

eradicated the yearning mind completely

as soon as he stopped practicing the

desire returned with full force from the

same way after six years of

ascetic practices when he was

point of starvation near bodh

Gaya understood that excessive control

of the body through privations only

would lead to death by starvation

to the elimination of desire the cessation of

suffering would never be achieved with these

When did you stop practicing meditation?

concentration and ace techniques

tics to its absolute limit was given

realized that control was not the

answer that it was a useless practice

that did not drive when waking up use the

yearning to control the yearning in that

moment sat under the boudy tree

and determined that he would sit there until

to find the answer in one day

full moon in may became the

tata gata the buddha the awakened in the

third watch of the night between

three and seven in the morning found

the middle path came to understand the

need to use a method of

meditation that used an approach

totally different method than

included both mind and body

eliminating the controller the buddha had

previously developed vision and

understanding how his mind worked

through careful observation

began to see that mental processes

are a dependent chain of events

that arise and disappear now

we know as the links of the origin

dependent the budah used the term for

you married

that expression for reads for origin

dependent on the morning of his awakening

realized that seeing clearly the

deeper phenomena of the mind is

without a doubt the Hannibal path when seeing how

his own mind worked and observe

close mental processes came to

understand that we all cause our

own suffering saw how the

desire as it leads to suffering and how

cessation of suffering can be achieved

the buddha realized that wishes

they arise because we feed them and

we continually chase we see them as

ours and we identify

personally with them in other

words if you are sitting quietly and

your mind thinks about how nice it is

it would be somewhere else you can stop

that thought you can say is ok

mind this afternoon I would like to sit in

silence and enjoy some peace

desires do not come for this and that

unannounced unsolicited at that

sense are not our desires due to

that we personally identify with

these desires that we experience when

think of them as mine and then to


they these desires inevitably

lead to suffering we do not have

control over how when they arise or how

when desire and desire disappear

suffering occur because we

we identify and personalize these

desires and then we cling to them the

dependent origination is the understanding of

that all things both in the body

as in the mind they are conditioned

are conditioned or caused by

that came before and inevitably

lead to what happens next when seeing

clearly this chain of events we see

that everything is impersonal then where

we are in this process where

I am an important part of the

understanding of dependent origination is

that this thing that we call ego in reality

is not an ego self at all but a

impersonal process that occurs

completely beyond our

control in fact there is no possibility of

control because there is no continuous self

permanent able to be the controller

the buddha saw that there are only processes that

arise and disappear without a self

permanent involved who controls


make the decisions including the decision

itself is another mental process

conditioned that arises based on

prior actions decisions are not

taken by a permanent self that has

control of what is happening are your

I impersonal at that moment the only thing

What we can add is to recognize the

reality of this situation and not take it

as something personal do not get attached to the

result of a given situation this is

the practice of right effort

We call the six R's and we'll discuss

this later this was a truth

unique and profound that the Buddha discovered and

introduced the thinkers of his time

once the buddha was fully conscious

and deeply of what was

discovered he realized that the

desire and suffering ceased and today the

researchers have discovered that

fact there are measurable changes in both

the mind as in the bodies of the

meditators as they are practiced

various types of meditation techniques

there are measurable positive results

the buddha realized that he could not

move towards awakening controlling

separately mind or body

you cannot disconnect the stimuli from the

body suppressing sensory bases

with some kind of deep concentration

on the other hand you can't torture the

body and hope that this leads to

some kind of mind control trying to

control pain the buddha understood that

mind and body work together

but first he tried to control each one

separately to the extent that he could

muster their energy and determination

worked the result was that it stopped

trying to control the mind and body

and went looking for another way to solve

this dilemma hundreds of years later

comments and opinions about

the teachings of the buddha as elvis udi

magician who began to divide the practices

fundamentally dividing practice

comprehension and concentration

vipassana and samata in different

techniques while routes

originals indicated that they were


elvis udi maga was written in 430

the Christian era more than 900 years later

that the buddha lived is a great

volume written by bulldog osa que

tries to present mainly the

main practices

and you go that the Buddha taught is considered

especially a very

important for buddhist school

Theravada as they are not the words of the

buddha is considered a commentary on

their practices in the bis udi maga there

many methods linked to the development of


some use caxinas or colored discs

Many use the breath to create a

mimics or sign to focus more on

Later we will describe the origins of the

book and how it fits with the practice of

meditation then came the practice of

arid understanding dri insight that avoided

deep concentration completely

these teachers even told their

practitioners to stay away

of absorption practices

concentrated because they might become attached to


this method of arid comprehension

developed only the concentration

enough to start researching the

mental process without the benefit of a

strongest type of concentration

teachers of such an approach said that it was

quicker and more direct the question

here is the buddha taught this

is the crucial understanding of what the

buddha taught in the utah it is said that the

samata concentration is linked to

direct knowledge comprehension

vipassana samata and vipassana for the

both should be practiced together this is

what is really taught in dating

and this is what banteur and mal will do if

rediscovered hidden in plain sight and that

he has given the name of meditation

comprehension of calm wisdom or

Conscious Hannah Practice Before

start practicing


let's see how the mind works

examine what the Buddha considered the

most important concept to be

learn origin dependent leaving

back control after years of

practice in the Brahmanical tradition in

the night of his awakening the buddha gave himself

realized why I had not found

relieved the fundamental premise of his

practices was wrong

that idea assumed that one could control

the desire and therefore control the

suffering on the night of his awakening

the buddha directly realized what

that he had already deduced on his own

mental processes

understood that everything contains desire and that

it arises from the actions of the past

because those actions have already

happened no one has control over what

that will arise or how you will react to it

observe the impersonal emergence of

same as the dependent origin and

how it works when you sit down and

calm the mind everything stays

stand still what could happen next

is that a sound arises like the chirping of

a bird the shape of the sound

squeak hits the base of the ear

organ the physical ear and the

awareness of the ear these three things the

sound the basis of hearing and consciousness

of the ear are the link of contact in

the twelve links of dependent origination

contact passes are the three elements

who come together to make the audition happen

in the same way when lighting a match

you have the head of the match

flammable chemicals and

matchbox flint when

you strike the match on the flint this is

call contact

in heat and light resulting in a

Call if any of these three are missing

things audition doesn't happen once you

you hear the sound a feeling arises in me

dan has associated with that sound then

the perception arises that it is pleasant

unpleasant or good neither pleasant nor

unpleasant neutral feeling and

perception are followed by longing

tana that comes up with the formula I like it or

I don't like it or I don't care here it is

where you begin to identify with what

what is happening and to take it as

head this tension or contraction is

how do you recognize desire

You must see and let go of this longing in the

head this desire is what will take you

right away to think clinging and then

will lead to the birth of action and

will result in sorrow lamentation

pain and despair after longing

clinging or padana or thought arises

the story of why you like it or not

like this is based on your experience

passed on what happened when that


at some point in the past the memory

comes from a time when you were

watching the birds if you heard a

unique type of bird pansies

emerge and begins a story about the

sound then arises an impulse or a

need to act associated with what

you could do when you hear that sound

this is the usual emotional trend

or the behavior drool for example if

you are a bird watcher when

you listen to a bird your tendency

usual is to look for your camera or your

binoculars an emotional trend

habitual is something you always tend to

do in a given situation

habitual reaction may be in response

to a feeling that you have someone

walks into the room and complains about

something you always react the same

way not liking you and reacting

emotionally towards the person

your husband or wife complains call to

tell you that he will be home late after

from work you may get this kind

of frequent calls and reactions

the same way every time

a negative reaction can be a

trial such as

can you be trusted or could be a

attack reaction because you think not

is telling you the truth is a

habitual emotional tendency tends to

appear when this situation occurs

when this habitual reaction arises there

is where the strong tendency to

try to control your feelings with

your thoughts notice that the mind is

disturbed and react with frustration

trying to control thoughts

altered this is when you start to

take something personally you become

emotional the mind contains many

factors or states of consciousness there is a

greedy mind and there is a joyful mind

in the animated utah the buddha says that

even the mental factor of the decision

is conditioned by previous actions

of the past this decision process is

something we could name

will or intention but we have to

be careful to use those words already

which could be misunderstood

that there is a me making a decision

decision process is only a small

factor however is the most

important when arriving to take a


as indicated above the

phenomena arise and pass like singing

of a bird and depend on that sound

for its existence when your mind is

very quiet you can see the rise

decision factor as well as push

that accompanies you to make the decision

it is very interesting when you can

observe your mind operating at this level

and see how really you mean I don't

I am in charge of the decision for example

a desire arises for a cup of tea

then you continue thinking about what you

you could know well if you are very attentive

you can see the exact moment when

you decide what to take there is a moment in

the one that arises your decision

if you back carefully just

allowing everything to arise observing it

very carefully this is your factor

mental investigation you will see that the factor

mental decision arises by itself

and then this also happens

call to action that arises through

of the longing associated with it this longing is

the urge you feel to enter

action there really is free will

there are

a soul or entity deep within

making decisions more or less without

however at the deepest level only

there is the mind that decides what arises and

disappears then you have the decision

but it is a conditioned decision

phrase volitional formations used in

the texts of the sutras is inadequate

abolition is not exactly correct

indicates that someone is deciding but

there is no one to decide there are only causes

and conditions there is no you to take the

decision only the moment of decision making

decision the only real power we have

is to allow and observe

freeing ourselves and relaxing us in that

decision watching her disappear

continuing after the link

usual trend at origin

dependent comes the link from

true birth of action and to you

when you get up to go look for your

camera the impulse to action translates

in carrying out the action this can

be in the form of a bodily action

movement a verbal action speak

or a mental action thought

unfortunately when you come back

with your camera the bird is gone

due to the result of your action to

get the camera can arise

dissatisfaction because now the bird is

gone do you think your actions always

they will take you to what you want but never

you can be really sure of the

results of an action the best

plans of mice and men then

that follows the link of the birth of the

action is the last link sadness

lamentation sorrow and despair if there is

some happy moments here and there

but they are fleeting even if you reached

take the picture of the bird you wish that

he would have stayed longer or what

you would have recorded his singing etc.

the twelve links of dependent origination

We have just covered the last part of the

process the most verifiable part and

observable these are the last seven

links contact feeling longing

clinging habitual tendency

birth of action and sadness

lamentation sorrow and despair

are the ones you can see without having to

going too deep into meditation

touch feel longing grasping

habitual tendency birth of the

action sadness lamentation sorrow and

despair the first five

links of the full twelve links

of the dependent origin appear before

those mentioned above and can

be understood as potentials can only

be observed as subtle movements in

the mind with the exception of the

ignorance that is your understanding more

Go ahead when your meditation is more

deep you will see the emergence of the

first five ignorance formations

consciousness mentality materiality and the

base of the six senses

the buddha said that everything begins with

ignorance of how things work

noble truths which makes clear

that the allele directs the entire development process

suffering is this to ignore the four

noble truths which leads us to

act in a harmful way creating a

endless suffering on the page

Below is a graph showing the

circle of dependent origin

in the eec it depends on the previous link

as nutrient as food in each

link there is also a small amount

extra anne what makes it all

the process continues to progress in a

endless chain of events the sun

yuta nica already has a lot of

information about what is the origin of

pending here are the concepts

basic sn 12.1 monks I will teach you the

slope origin listen I'm here

pay close attention I'm going to talk yes

venerable sir answered these

monks the blessed said this and what monks

is the dependent origin with the

ignorance as a condition originate

formations with formations like

condition consciousness with consciousness

as condition name and named form

and forms as a condition the six bases of

the senses with the six bases

sensory as a condition contact with

contact as a condition of feeling with the

feel like condition longing with longing

as a clinging condition with

clinging as a condition exists

with existence as a condition

birth with birth as

condition aging and death

the sadness the regret the pain the

disgust and despair become

Such reality is the origin of all this

mass of suffering this monks is called

the dependent origin but with the

Endless fading and cessation of

ignorance comes the cessation of

formations with the cessation of

formations the cessation of consciousness with

the cessation of consciousness the cessation of

name and form with the cessation of the name

and the form the cessation of the six bases

sensory with the sensation of six

sensory bases the sensation of

contact with the sensation of contact

the sensation of feeling with the cessation of

feel the cessation of longing with the cessation

of longing the cessation of clinging with

the cessation of clinging the cessation of

existence with the cessation of existence

the cessation of birth with the cessation of

birth aging and death

the sadness the regret the pain the

disgust and despair cease such

the cessation of all this mass

and suffering the highest goal of

tui mes see how each link depends o

it is conditioned by the above link

when one understands this process from a

deep way the unconditioned state

nirvana arises for the first time this

first moment is the knowledge of the

way one realizes that there is no

I personal ego just a process

impersonal that depends on the

conditions of this understanding comes a

great relief because as the famous

zen saying

if there is no ego there is no problem

no one there so no one to whom

control is as if we see a figure

dark walking towards us fear

can arise because our mind throws

this concept of a villain of our

past but when we get closer we see

who is our friend and that image

fearful is replaced by another image


in the same way we thought there was a

me there and now we see that it was a

illusion we can follow the links of the

dependent origin on our own

behavior in the same way

we see a city

created in its last 100 years the

first buildings gave way to others


then they deteriorated and were

replaced by different buildings and

so on this emergence and

disappearance of conditions is like

the rise and fall of a

big booming city in decay and

constantly changing finally

disappears due to innumerable causes

that depend on each other there is no

controller who makes decisions and makes

measures there in that city only

produce conditioned changes

that happened in the past in the same way

you do not possess a personal being or a soul that

monitor your progress in life there is only

changes that occur due to causes and

conditions that arise and disappear

this is what we mistakenly call

our I nor my my myself my I is a

impersonal process a chain

endless list of causes and conditions

flow like a river a river that

we mistakenly identify it with

ourselves the dependent origin is

in fact the most important principle of

Buddhism together with the four noble

truth is to understand that the source of

Suffering is the longing as well as the

same operation of the origin

dependent leads to the elimination of

that longing to understand that the noble

eightfold path is the way to this

goal is the heart of meditation

buddhist eightfold path perspective

harmonious vision right understanding

harmonious thoughts thought

correct communication harmonious speech

correct harmonious movement action

correct harmonious lifestyle mode

subsistence correct practice

harmonious effort right observation

harmonious correct mindfulness

harmonious recollection concentration


chapter 2 mindfulness redefined what it is

mindfulness just that

means mindfulness there was a

article in a Buddhist magazine where

posed this question to four teachers

meditation at the end of the discussion

no response yet

mindfulness seems to be in vogue

in these days and has gone from his

strict Buddhist origins to a

more general acceptance used in

many areas used since the

psychologists even in the education of

children and even has uses

military even has its own

mind full magazine mindfulness se

used to be aware of our

thoughts and the general state of

our being and is used to calm down and

relax all these are good uses

but it is what the Buddha taught is the

current mindfulness protocol

process that he intended I have a

theory and you will not find it anywhere

other side so please have

patience with me the word to read

for mindfulness it is you when

translated the Pali texts

translators came across this

word zatti and they had to choose one

appropriate English word for

translate it the problem is that some of

the things that buddha taught were ideas

completely new and never had

been exposed to European culture

there were never words in english that

will represent these oriental concepts

Buddhism had never reached

the West therefore had not been

developed a vocabulary

corresponding in English then what

could be done

choose the word closest to you had

to do with observation and knowing what

what was happening for what i know

selected the expression be aware

or pay attention mind full had

sense but he really had it

problem is that mindfulness was already

a solid concept in the English language

pay attention when you open and don't

head bang that kind of definition

asad was applied and therefore be

aware or being attentive meant

remember to look where you are

directed and carefully observe the

process to get there what happened

here is the English word exercised

a powerful undue influence on

the term for lee now was almost like

if the term for read had been

created to represent the word in

English and not the reverse term for lee

they were meditators they could only guess

really means bassat and that would be

well if that was how it is defined and

used the term sad and in the shoots

ace but it may not be so now

you will get a new definition of the

word mindfulness mindfulness that

is quite different in your application

when tested with the texts

of the shoot as you will see that it works better

the definition of mindfulness is remembering

observe how the attention of the mind is

moves from one thing to another looking more than

near this definition the first part

It's just remembering what sounds easy but

it is not

once you pay attention you will find

that your mind is constantly wandering

of self-observation because of

thoughts you don't have

control you are aware of the mind

a thought arises and you are drawn

towards that thought until

remember you're supposed to

pay attention to movement

attention of the mind you carry your

observation back to mind and such

time a few seconds or minutes later

another thought diverts your attention

it is important to remember what is supposed

what should you be doing observe

the attention process of the mind and its

movements as part of a process

impersonal which brings us to the second

part during the retreat you will meditate

walking when you start your practice and

you walk slowly along the path your mind

lazy the first thing you should do is

remember to be fully attentive and

then do it then the second

part of mindfulness means

become aware of how the care of

the mind moves from one thing to another

budah intended the meditator to be

aware of what arises in the

present whatever it was and that he saw

specifically how it arises not

It didn't matter what the feelings were or

the sensations or if we were

looking closely or not just to know

that had arisen was not intended

that the meditator chose parts

specific to the four fundamentals of

mindfulness or the five aggregates

of mind and body to simply

watching them that would have been a practice

of concentration to focus on those

individual parts rather wanted than

you look is the activity of the attention of

the mind and you will observe

as it arises and disappears without any

control on your part and 2 how do you take this

mental movement personally as

yours the mind sticks to a way of

feel and then identifies it as my

feel even though you didn't request that

arose or disappeared you never had

no control over it

it just arose when the

conditions were propitious

identification with feeling gives rise to

a false belief in a personal self

concept of I' when you see how the

concept of I' you can release it no

holding attention on relaxing

tension or oppression caused by that

disturbance smile and return to

object of meditation it is clear that

there was never a me at all there is only a

endless stream of activity like no

you have control over what comes up

you begin to see how this process of

identification longing is the root of

suffering longing manifests as

that desire to control what happens and

when even that can't be achieved

suffering arises and we don't like it

leads to frustration and a desire still

greater than control then again

what is the definition of mindfulness

mindfulness is remembering to observe

as the attention of the mind moves from

one thing to another as things

they arise without asking without being requested

and then disappear completely when

have run their course mindfulness

It is not concentrating excessively on a

object a way of feeling or the

breathing or anything else just

knows or knows what is happening in

this process of observing movement

of the attention of the mind is where you see

obstacles arise and how they

drag your attention there are 5 obstacles

one greed or sensual desires 2

hate or dislike 3 so for laziness bar

sleepiness and apathy boredom 4 restlessness

worry or anxiety

of yourself from the master of the practice or

of the buddha is when you remain with your

object of meditation that you will find at

allele raising his head faith to your

goal is to fully understand

how desire arises and by understanding the

process you let go of this desire and

you remain with the object of

meditation and you don't do it by squeezing the

teeth and rejecting what you want

is to make the obstacles your


they are your teachers show you where

you are attached when you understand them

completely you will not need more

instructions to graduate as in the

wake up you will see the four fundamentals

of mindfulness with a power of

pure and clear observation you will see them

free of longing and free of yourself

assuming them personally it will be a

relief to relinquish control of those

things that are uncontrollable all four

fundamentals of mindfulness

As we further investigate the

twin meditation is important to understand

the four foundations of mindfulness

fully and how they are correctly applied in

the practice of meditation

10 the sat and patanas utah tells us that

Let's look at the 4 fundamentals of

mindfulness his is says observe

the four fundamentals and stop

longing and clinging stop assuming the

fundamentals personally all four

fundamentals are body feel mind and

mental objects are also known

as the five aggregates body feel

perception formations and consciousness

when the four fundamentals are used in

place of the five aggregates perception

and feel the four fundamentals unite

and the five aggregates are different

ways to say the same but it depends

whether you are talking about meditation or the

impersonal process of existence

the mind and the body want to see that

there is before creating confusion to the

identify with what we are

observing and taking it as our self

we want to see the body only as a

body noticing feeling just like feeling

consciousness only as consciousness and

so on we need to observe

oana impersonality is for us


elvis udi maga explains that the

sat methodology and patanas utah is


4 fundamentals and practice them for

separated if you want to observe the body

just watch the breath for a part

of the body if you want to observe the feeling

then just observe the feeling and so

successively the vipassana practice of

insight meditation divides the

four fundamentals as

described above see if you

you focus on just one of them for

separated for the most part you observe how

the breath goes in and out but some

teachers will try to explain to you that

you must observe the ways of feeling or

mental objects separately and

repeatedly during practice

As you focus on the feel for

example only sometimes feel and not the rest

of the aggregates that accompany it

you're really fully aware already

What this really means is

see how your attention moves from one

thing to another is not just looking at objects

in themselves in a concentrated way but

the relationship between the object of

meditation and the other objects that are

move around that explanation not

fundamentals you cannot observe all the

fundamentals because they all occur together

all the foundations exist in each


otherwise you yourself would not exist if

your body cannot arise without you

mental body or feel fundamentals

arise and are observed linked to each other

with others are not separate things

we have a mind and a body

dependent on each other

clearly observable even in the

early stages of meditation

you can observe the body without the

consciousness or perception know what

what is there or without the presence of the

feel that allows you to recognize what kind of

feeling is present in the body

nice unpleasant or neutral is how

disassemble a car to its parts

and Alaves observe it working I don't know

can observe in operation without

all its assembled parts and

working together the feeling is not what

same as feelings let's stop

here for a minute and let's talk about the

foundation of feeling to be clear


speaking of feeling not of

feelings in the shoots as the aggregate

from feeling they give me a does not have the s is

just a feeling with a feel tone

associated just pure sensation that's all

the most important part of this feeling

is that it is either pleasant or painful or neither

pleasant nor painful feelings

on the other hand are generally understood

as emotional states what

it means that there are mixed desires if

you look at someone you meet

attractive and a way of feeling arises

that is nice is likely to arise

lust a nice feeling with

lust like is what we call

emotions habitual trend baba that

emotion could be classified as a

feel or pleasant desire that is taken

personally this feeling accompanied by

customization is commonly known

like feelings with an s at the end

for example love when it appears with

romantic connotations is not kindness

loving this kind of love of a

couple relationship is much more

related to a state of affection or


to longing loving kindness is a state

pure non-personal an authentic desire to

someone be happy

loving kindness can become

compassion when directed towards someone

that suffers does not become hate or

sadness is never taken personally

these are not feelings they are just

feeling the buddha considered feeling

was whatever it felt like

other words considered to feel

was any mental experience or

physical that he felt he classified the

feel like pleasant unpleasant or neither

neither pleasant nor unpleasant neutral did not use

the word sensation here does not

It didn't matter if it was a feeling of warmth

or a feeling of hardness or the taste of

a mango or a banana flavor only

I wanted you to consider if it was nice

unpleasant or neutral is not necessary

dive deeper because it's

This distinction is important because the

feeling leads to desire the states of

I wish I like it or I don't like it depends

of feeling and will arise in the mind

enter nothing if it is not released

quickly mind I like can


think about why you like something when

you last had it and when

you will have it again with this process

your mind begins to drift away from your

meditation object

This is the harmful mind in which

you are seeing the five aggregates arise

turns cloudy with the longing that

leads to thought and stories

How do we set aside this process of

longing and that is a clear mind free from

longing in the next chapter we will see

what is this liberated state and how does it arise

we will consider the stages of progress in

the meditation that the buddha and the mojana

we will examine what they are using

exclusively what appears the routes

and how with the passage of time the

original meaning of this word

turned confusing chapter 3 which is a

hannah more of a hannah type yeah

have you ever met the

word hannah then chances are

be a state you want to experience

desires are described as levels of

concentration can contain happiness

and deep satisfaction something that

and of course everyone wants is

important to understand because the utah

they explain that you go through them in your

road to nirvana are the road an ivana

there are actually two types of hannah today

Nowadays there are many methods that are

teach in the practice of meditation

which one is correct how can we

discover what the buddha really

I teach in the say and shut up this same

dilemma was addressed by the buddha say

nica jazz utah 21 takes out i ask the

sir sir all the teachers and

Brahmins teach the same lady

practice the same discipline they want the same

same and pursue the same objective

ruler of the gods they do not and for

why isn't this world made up of

many and diverse elements and the

people adhere to one or the other of

these elements and stick tenaciously to

them saying this is only true everything

the rest is false therefore all

teachers and brahmins do not teach the same

lady do not practice the same discipline no

want the same or pursue the same


in this book we will try to remain

faithful to the material of the sultan while

We explain the differences in the

wide variety of techniques available in

the Buddhist universe if there are two types of

desire and two main types of

meditation practice to achieve

those two types of hannah exist the

concentration absorption practice

at one point and the practice of meditation

of comprehension of calm wisdom

wim later the first guy practice

of concentration at one point will be divided

in a direct practice of concentration

absorption 2 comprehension practice with

concentration absorption and 3 practice of

arid comprehension the word for distant

not used in reference to meditation

before the buddha the buddha used it to

describe your own experiences

during meditation practice

although the word for distant often

translates as a state of

concentration this is not correct since

the point of view of twin the experts

of pali as the very venerable score of

malaysia they say hannah just means

level if you check a dictionary to read

you will also see that it is defined as

I have not been meditative the very

venerable puna he also offers a

alternate definition of the word

samadhi related to the previous one

is often considered and used to

define a state of concentration

absorption the word for lizama

means equal or calm stable and

means status in this usage

then the most venerable wrestles and

translates samadhi as a state of

stable calm balance the word

samadhi implies a reunited state and

unified but not deep absorption

that removes obstacles is a state

more open and conscious the venerable

banteur and malar am if you define the word

hannah as a level of understanding each

Rolling Hannah is one level up

deep understanding of

dependent origin operation and

of mental processes

dante vinalar am if you use recollection or

collection to translate the word

concentration with greater precision in addition

van has discovered that in pali the

word dy can also be translated as

wisdom in terms of levels of

understanding therefore we gather

haydee resulting in wisdom

calm in the description of the buddha of

heal them as you go deeper into the

practice each hannah's achievement reflects

a deeper level of understanding

what it means to stop craving raisins

through the healthy ones as you

progresses from gross longing to a

finer mental balance

until finally after the state

of my perception nor non-perception the

highest jana you attain the cessation of

longing this is the gateway to the

attainment of nirvana at that time occurs

the cessation of desire I look at you love for you

this is the state in which it does not arise in

absolutely no feeling perception or

consciousness the mind simply

stops and arise and go to again the

meaning of hanna never supposed

absorption hannah means a state of

recollection or a level of understanding

in mental development however to

As the emphasis shifted away from the

actual teachings of the buddha as

described in the shoot as and focused on

comments like the be sub ddi maga la

word hannah was more commonly used

to describe the state of


in the and good will make and silence the book of

the five number 27 have this quote

have 5 27 a knowledge arises that is

personally yours this concentration is

peaceful and sublime obtained by the

complete calming down and coming to

achieve unification is not withheld and

controlled by forcefully suppressing the

Clearly obscures this quote

indicates an open and conscious state and

not a state of absorption that suppresses

so there are two types of hannah or two

different ways of understanding the term

a style is made up of the desire to

single point absorption that can be

achieved through various methods of

concentration that include observing the

breathing focus on a disk of

casin color or absorbed in the flame of

a candle these desires are the states

achieved by teachers and logicians and

They were learned by whoever later

would become the Buddha when he began to

walk the path the desire to

absorption concentration have been

taken by many of the monks

Buddhists today and are supported

of comments like elvis udi maga

ben van i saw you badly aram if you explain the encore

udi maga was written by the venerable

wood i do zakariya in the 5th century

years after the death of the buddha his

teacher asked him abounds enjoy that it was

to the king lanka and translate the comments

written in no welsh to language for read

To obtain a readable translation the

venerable buddha enjoys also had the

task of bringing together four schools

different from Buddhism so that all

schools to stop arguing was a

very good student of the language to read

a true scholar but did not study the

routes he himself did not practice meditation

before becoming a Buddhist monk

was a Sanskrit scholar who had

memorized all the ancient vedas

Brahmin texts unfortunately

because the author was not a

meditation practitioner relied on

largely on what was in other

comments for information

on how to do meditation divided

erroneously and separated the teaching from the

buddha in two separate types of practice

Osama concentration is and comprehension or

vipassana your are for another

they always say that vipassana kills

they are united however today the be sub

ddi maga more than shoot ace is

considered as the encyclopedia of

meditation for Buddhism and has been

turned into basic instructions

for the whole system of Buddhism

theravada is the bible and the book of

text on how to practice one of the

masters of the venerable banteur and malar

am if he told you to be a monk

Theravada must be accepted all that

appears in the bis udi maga banteur

He reflected for a moment and said I think

that I am not a Theravada monk I am a

buddhist monk even though i use

some of the advice of the beat sud and

magician couldn't accept it due to the

many contradictions and discrepancies

with the su you are in mn 36 more to kaka su

is the buddha says he tried the

practice of concentration and absorption and

rejected it for not being the way to

wake up that's why we that

we are following the routes we cannot

say we are truly Theravada

we call ourselves his cover

we only follow the texts of his is or

simply buddhists

the second type of hannah is the jana

aware that it is the jana described in

the shoot as banteur and malar and see la

rediscovered when studying the texts

written by practicing from the

texts of the shoot as dante found

a gradual decrease in desire

while progressing through the

calm conscious desire as

describes in the sute mn 111 the annotated

utah it is helpful to understand that the factors

hannah ie healthy states

that arise when one is in hannah in

a calm and conscious healthy or in a

absorption concentration gains are

very similar in nature the difference

is that in a healthy calm and

aware the obstacles are released

smoothly and in the state of

concentration obstacles are removed

and the states move aside

resultants that arise are similar

but of course they are not the same

main feature of the first

wins is joy the second wins

deeper joy and confidence

the third wins happiness and satisfaction

and the fourth hannah balance very

deep and equanimity

what is confusing is that both the desire

absorption concentration such as

calm conscious desire they have

these same qualities however

manifest differently in each

one of the two types of hannah in the

type of absorption are more pronounced and

very intense in the conscious hana are

more balanced with more equanimity and

they are not so extreme the fourth hannah se

Divide the base of the base into four bases

infinite space that entails the

sensation of expansion the base of the

infinite consciousness in which the

consciousness is seen in its arising and

infinite dissolution the base of nothing

in which there is a feeling that there is no

there is nothing and the basis of my perception nor

non-perception in which the mind barely

It shows later we will investigate everything

this more thoroughly the fact that they arise

similar but different states

in the absorption as in the desire

conscious talks about the confusion about

of the two types of desire how can

there be two different types of hannah that

have similar features but

obtained with different techniques

no wonder that after more than

2500 years of things

have become cloudy before looking at the

utah texts about frogs

Let's take a closer look at how they are taught.

usually both guys will start

wanting absorption in a healthy point

absorption concentration absorption

of hannah is achieved through the

powerful concentration of the mind in a

single object ignoring and preventing

any distraction that takes away the

mindfulness jana's

concentration at one point is called

logical state where one reaches a level

of absorption in which you lose track

of the outside world you do not hear or feel

nothing and you are only aware of the mind

the absorption states of

concentration are deep and can

take years of practice and discipline

achieve them the meditator is reminded

constantly take your mind off

return to your object of meditation if it

wanders may pull her and sometimes

end up pushing so hard that

you get to hit him a strong tug to

that return to the object there is not really

an attitude of letting go and allowing be it with

softly or forcefully it ends up forcing

the mind to stay with the object

with the desire to absorb elvis udi

maga explains that the preliminary state of

concentration is called opacará or

access concentration you are still

conscious and you are not yet fully

absorbed note that this term

or idea does not appear in your are in

this concentration of access no

obstacle will grab your mind

also if you try to bring something to the

mind as a thought of anger or

lust will not stay and your mind will be

clear your mind does not wander but

just reject any

distraction and takes her away from her object of

meditation by practicing this form of

exclusion the mind learns to return to

home automatically i.e. to your

custom main meditation object

that progresses you will enter the absorption

total or in the concentration to corduroy in the

that the consciousness of the outside world

will disappear completely

obtained the first level of

jana concentration

then you work to go through the rest of

the 8 you win using the power of the

deep concentration to suppress

any obstacles that arise

process really works you experience

of concentration they have

characteristics similar to healthy

aware twin but they are not the same and

have subtle differences

most simply dismiss as no

important but they are a kind of

concentration still leaves yearning in the

mind but the same does not happen with the

another to develop this type of practice

from hannah it can take you more than one

decade following thai tradition

the milans that are said to be better and

they can take you to the first win in

less than 10 years of practice others say

which takes much less but requires

an incredible effort they will tell you one

story about a monk who was

asked to enter a hannah's

absorption which made the monks who

were with him they took his arm and

raised above his head

it hung there hanging in the air then

they asked the monk if he knew they had

done this and he said no

the meditating monk was unaware

completely his body at that moment and

he was only conscious of his object of

meditation when one is absorbed

can hear sounds does not feel anything in

the body

and neither in the five physical senses

so that the desire on a physical level is

delete because the body is not there

also because one is very

concentrated on his object of meditation

desire is also suppressed at the level

mental in the 4th absorption hannah and


it is said that the meditator even stops

breathe through the mouth and nose and

breathe through the ears this is not the case

in the conscious calm jana in the

that one is aware of the outside world

and continue breathing normally the jana

conscious calm in mn 26 the

noble quest and mn 36 the great speech

to sacaca the buddha describes his path

towards awakening as mentioned in

the previous section

initially believed that the question of

reaching enlightenment had to do

with control control the mind with the

objective of being able to control the desire and

so end the suffering you result

continue to describe with certain

detail as buddha first attempted

time meditation as the main form

to end suffering sought and

Studied with Indian Logic Masters

more skillful

the time learning everything they had

who teach initially trained with

the desire for absorption just as he did

most yogis at that time

when gautama reached the seventh hannah

absorbing the state of nothingness its

master fuss lama honored him by saying

that he had learned everything he had

that teach invited him to stay and

teach his side Gautama declined because

beyond even this sublime level

of meditation the suffering still

there was the longing had not yet been

extinguished then he asked lara

Calama if there could be a state even more

alto lara calama told gautama that

I knew someone who taught the state

higher than it is possible to reach told him

to study with a daca rama putt a

who taught him to reach the eighth

hannah laden absorption and perception and

non-perception he mastered this state in

a short time and then the same thing happened

this teacher also invited him to

stay and teach

way and they were going to given that still

I experienced a subtle desire after

get out of these elevated states once

more left after they had

Said he had nothing more to teach

the highest state had mastered him

logical of those that were taught in that

Couldn't find anyone else

Could I teach you another technique?

superior to be able to control his mind

the venerable big cucaña nan anda declares

in his little book neither go to the mind

stiller volume 2 on the sermon 6 page

127 these more subtle layers of

mental creations thoughts

formations also have ignorance

hidden longing within them for that

even fuss lahm help ka rama [ __ ]

They thought they could get off this wheel

of existence

samsara calming activities

bodily verbal activities and

mental activities but not

understood that all these are so

faces or mental creations therefore

they faced a certain

activities continued to calm down

bodily at more and more subtle levels

calmed the inhalations and the

exhalations managed to suppress the

thought and reflection through

concentration exercises but without the

proper understanding was just a relief

temporary gautama had not yet awakened

to the true nature of mind

mental absorption and set out to perform

the austere Acetic practices of the

yogic fates by controlling pain in

the physical body through practices

tortuous that produce pain expected

gain control of your mind hopefully

this would lead us to peace and a mind

balanced after six years of

austerities doing practices

indescribably difficult and even

disgusting like drinking your own urine

and worse things see if you are mn 36 and 12

when i was on the brink of death

the bodies tie the future buddha resigned

He also came to dominate that path

control of his body and perfected

any austerity that is asked

but this does not take him to the end of the wish

after spending all this time

mastering the desire to concentrate

logic and yogic austerities the

future buddha sat on the banks of the

ganges near the current winery already

I was almost starving until

to eat only one grain of rice

For days I knew I would die if I continued

so a young woman named sujata came and

offered sweet rice pudding to eat

for the first time in a long time

allowed to consume a reasonable portion

of food immediately felt that his

energy returned vitality began to

run through your body and mind while

I was sitting on the river bank at

woody tree shadow reflected on

his past efforts realizing

that all had been in vain was not

closer to the end of suffering than

when it started i had tried and

mastered all the practices of

concentration and austerities and not

had come closer to waking up

then gautama the future buddha began

to reflect on the difficult situation

of humans

in the sun yutani the book of the

causation give me a vague origin says

vicus before my awakening when still

I was a sad body that wasn't there yet

wide awake it occurred to me

unfortunately this world has fallen into

problems since it is born gets old and dies

led by aging and

death then it occurred to me when I

that exists grows old and death arises

that conditions aging and

death point point point occurred in

me a breakthrough through wisdom

when there is birth aging

and death come true

aging and death have

birth of action as a condition

then continue explaining how the body

sata discovered each of the links

of dependent origin and giving the reason

who explains them saw how each ceased

link and as if that link ceased

then the following link too

ceased after the cessation of the last link

out of ignorance arose

unconditional nirvana then to the body

sata had a memory of when he was

a child had been left alone on a sofa

under a rose apple tree

while his father the king was in the

plowshare festival recalled that

when he got completely quiet

and relaxed

had naturally fallen into a state

very peaceful and energetic where his mind

dropped all obstacles and desires

entered a completely healthy state and

totally happy watching and

conscious a calm state arose

special had stopped trying

that moment and only observed what was

happening he just allowed

everything was as it is and relaxed still

more in that state this was the state to

which buddha would refer to later with the

word for distant when the future

buddha sat under the woody tree and

reflected on this memory of the

childhood realized that this was

a different kind of state while

contemplated this condition of mind entered

in this state again in shape


completely relax the body and

mind without trying to do something or

control just by being there in the

present happy and joyful as there was

been when i was a kid i achieved the same

open and calm state of mind

light what the future buddha had

found was what they go I saw you wrong

they will do if the conscious desire calls

calm down this was different from the

states of concentration that had

practiced with their teachers

above and can be described with

greater precision as a state of

recollection collect is recollection

is defined in English as the state of

calm and composed he is the very picture

of recollection and trust

webster's dictionary then further deepened

more and in the third watch of the night

from 3 to 7 am he became the buddha buddha

is a title for someone completely

awake this is not his name but his

title after all gautama buddha no

was the first buddha nor will he be the last one

I once had the experience of entering a

gain concentration by accident

ironically I was not following the


It is something typical in a retirement to income

band the beat malara mbps and when i came out

there was a very high state of consciousness and

powerful with much happiness was

interesting because i felt this state

as very holy or sacred and distant from

everything very similar to what I imagined that

could feel a holy monk dissipated

in about an hour and

just faded to day

next was completely gone and

It seemed that nothing had been gained

having the experience I felt empty of

done for not having gotten anything out of a

such a powerful experience it was strange that

something so powerful had no effect on me

personality wanted to believe otherwise

but it hadn't really taken place

no positive change this was a

deep understanding for me come back and

check the instructions again and

I discovered that it had not been

conscious enough I had

allowed to be absorbed by the object in another

withdrawal from tui and deliberately made the

breathing meditation using

concentration to focus on

breath in the belly of the way

who had done vipassana

a very different experience when

I forced the mind to hold the

breathing the mind became very

concentrated I saw what looked like an edge

of light is like a window frame

as if looking through the

there was no porthole of a ship

absolutely nothing inside this ring

only emptiness and silence however when

I got out of that state I didn't feel the same

clearly that with the twin method the

deep concentration left a kind

of a state of torpor and it was quite

uncomfortable mind didn't feel bright

and balanced had lost its

flexibility and ability to think

clarity curiously I felt a little

like i was stressed nervous i went

to lady talk and it was a bit

hard to follow the talk gradually

however the mind returned to a state

more balanced with twins meditation

you start by establishing an easy state

open and light this is achieved

using the feeling of goal or

loving-kindness as an object of meditation

and smiling radiate goal outward

holds our attention

and open while smiling is a

healthy movement that prevents us

taking meditation too seriously

creating tension and stiffness or as

they call the routes longing longing we prefer

the object of loving-kindness as

leads to faster progress but the

breathing can also be used if

we use the relax step properly

next we will use the sat and patanas

utah to understand the process of

meditation in terms of breathing

and the relaxing step that is so necessary

the most essential step to experience

we wanted them consciously is the

right practice of right effort

in particular the quiet step how

is defined in the sutace or what

we call the step relax in

pali is pass go the step of the

relaxation is the key to eliminating

obstacles and desire through

true correct effort that allows

let this different kind of hannah emerge

a conscious healthy both in the sut asad

and patana as in its so just to you

it is said when the student inhales he knows

you inhale when you exhale

exhale don't focus only on the

breath but you just know

that you're just breathing

you understand that you are breathing the

word for read for this is to you that

is to observe and know you know it is a

long breath and you know it's a

short breath this just means

observe whatever is there in one

light way without trying to control it

don't you try to make a breath

short be long or than a breath

long be short don't breathe deeply

you don't change anyone's breath

way and you don't focus strongly on the

breathing only you understand what is

happening if someone told you you know

where are you look and have around you and

Would you say if I'm in my garden don't you

under the rocks you just know you are

in the garden the buddha makes this

process is even clearer with the

next step where it says that inhaling

and exhaling experience the whole body

he doesn't say watch your breath he says

that while you breathe is

experiencing the whole body is

aware of what is happening

both inside and out this

softens attention to encompass a

greater field of consciousness but then

comes the most important step in the

instruction of the sat and patanas utah that

other methods and practices omit or pass

overlooked the student reassures the

body formation on inhalation and

calms the bodily formation in the

exhalation italics have been

added by us this is the step

critical that will lead you to deletion

of desire and attainment of nirvana because

this relaxation step is ignored or

it is simply treated as a step

general relaxation of the body other

methods do not appreciate the importance of

this is not seen as an active step in the

practice is only understood as a

general relaxation but not a

active relaxation of tension in the

head a tension that is actually

contained in the very thought of

done is a critically important step

that goes against concentration

deep because focusing hard creates

tension not tranquility

what are you relaxing are you

relaxing tension and contraction

which are signs of longing a longing that

gives rise to thought and all kinds of

habitual emotional tendencies what

makes the mind wander

ramblings and thoughts that's all

these are mental formations

the buddha addresses all this noise of the

distractions and asks us to relax and

let's calm all this here too

there is the date of lana pan asad and her m n

118 this step goes after the

instructions to calm down

body training mn 118 he trains

to inspire by experiencing the

mental training he trains himself

exhale experiencing training

mentally he trains himself to inspire and

reassuring the mental formation he

train yourself to exhale and calming the

mental formation then here we see that

the buddha is asking us to relax

specifically the body and mind

as a global process and specifically

that we relax the thoughts that are

the mental formations that arise

because the thought arises

everything attracts your attention thoughts

feelings sensations etc.

pleasant feelings beckon you

for you to come and try them and

unpleasant feelings prick you

so you don't like them because they are

other without restriction

little by little you come to realize

how this really is suffering

notice distractions or obstacles that

arise and ignore them or push them away or follow

the advice to clench your teeth and

put the tongue against the palate

remove and destroy them is not the way

to let go of distractions because

because you have not put aside the cause of

that distraction that is desire

attraction of the mind to

Thought add a step to be able

actively release tension and

oppression in the head that makes your

mind wandering is what the buddha gave himself

account that continually reduces the

energy from those distractions

distraction will fade naturally

by itself because it relaxes the

tension and oppression that feed it

the more attention

something greater is our attention and more

thoughts are generated free your

Attention reduces thoughts and

tension we want to actively release

our attention from distractions

we do not want to reject them since that only

makes them stronger

the buddha called this right effort

sambava calls in twin is called six

erres this is the way it is

obstacles are removed and desire is

remove little by little we will discuss this

process later as

let's move on the instructions in my

magnet and fell to mn number 36 the most to kaka

his is clearly states that after

that the buddha tried to control his

mind through gritting teeth and

so on he discovered that his

efforts instead of controlling your mind

exhausted him or caused restlessness

I crushed the mind with the mind and the

sweat ran from my armpits but even though

a tireless energy awoke in me

and full attention was established

incessant my body was on

excited and not calm because he was

exhausted by the painful effort this

effort did not work try to control

the obstacles in this extreme way is

just use dislike to push away

what you don't want in this there is no

true letting go but only a rejecting

we have created another obstacle how many

times have you heard some

meditators say damn I can't

make my mind do what i want

what to do is really driving me

crazy you can't use an obstacle to

remove another obstacle in other

words the control will not work the

right path must be something else there

an article on the internet in which a

meditation teacher hannah wrote

about his self retirement practicing

concentration meditation said that

made a nine-month retreat and that the

I spend the first four months fighting

with his mind to stay in the


fighting how can produce that

peace of mind there is no faster way

to progress if there is

wait you just said four months to

focus the practice of

concentration tries to control the

mind and separate thoughts and

distracting sensations tries to

focus on the object and move away from the

Mind that the Buddha is distracted in the

texts tell us not to suppress what

that he calls the impurities in the and

good will and shut up in the sama enjoy

in various places this appears with

pretty clear at 5.27 4 a

knowledge arises that is personally

yours this concentration is peaceful and

sublime obtained through a complete

tranquility and that arrives at the

unification is not pressured or

controls by removing impurities with

strength look at the previous word

concentration in Pali is actually

samadhi that the venerable struggle that has already

translated as state of wisdom

calm or a state of recollection

above paragraph is from the sama enjoy and

It is called and translated as

concentration and that is not correct

you are beginning to see that the

concentration methodology that the buddha

I had already rejected keep trying

return to the teachings as what

you're trying to achieve is to remove the

I wish you should see it and understand it

push it away absorption just leaves

set aside on a shelf in such a way that

when you exit absorption gain the

obstacles become even stronger as

a mad dog you open the door and

then he attacks you with full force in

instead of turning away from distraction

just relax and accept that it is

there the buddha discovered that relaxing the

tension and rigidity of things that

are gradually pulling your mind

will reduce the energy of those

distractions finally after

release enough tension and

stiffness distraction will fade

by itself because it is because you are not

feeding you are not reacting to it

this is what it means to reassure

relax any tension or stiffness that

are quickly causing you

make you think

when you react to your wandering mind with

dislike i don't like this

the reaction itself is the desire that you are

trying to remove you need

calm down this reaction relax

smooth you into her let her be stop

hit yourself

as it happens in your you're reassuring

is an action verb implies to remove

deliberately softening and relaxing

any stiffness and tension in the mind

or the body is not just a relaxation

overall body mood

you see a beautiful woman walking down the street

street your mind has a feeling

nice and a craving arises I like it

you can feel your mind getting rigid

around the shape of the woman then

thoughts about her come wow

I haven't seen her before she asked me about

where did it come then yes when we are

sitting and using the meditation of

concentration we begin to think about

this lovely lady experience

we must pull or even shake

our mind to return to our

meditation object

we try to keep her there trying to

set aside studies tracks

but because we don't allow that

distracted mind that arose to be there

by itself and do not actively relax

the tension and stiffness around you

sensual desire arose even more

thoughts we keep thinking more

thoughts because the longing embedded

in those thoughts it continues to generate

more thought then we started to

get angry because our thoughts

are out of control and we get frustrated

and we thought what it would be like to have

constantly passionate thoughts

constantly thinking and powerless

be still then we think about it even more

and we completely miss a dream

could turn into a nightmare

The answer to this problem lies in the

moment in which the image arose and arose

the pleasant sensation that you wish

begin to relax immediately in that

perception what you do is release your

attention to that topic to relax the tension

about it then the rest of the

thoughts do not arise either

frustrated because you have really let go and

you have not repressed the word at all

reassure in modern usage often

refers to stress relief

one could use a tranquilizing drug

to take the stress out of it

way we are reassuring the

obstacle and removing its tension and

stiffness returning to the history of

awakening of the buddha sat down again

meditate but this time he relaxed and let go

the clenched mental fist on which

I had wrapped those thoughts that

they took his mind out of the present he relaxed

and calmed the attention that arose in

his mind in his head at first

night watch

the buddha followed this method reached the 4th

hannah conscious and calm when one

add relaxation step progress

in hannah's practice it's really

fast the buddha called progress

immediately effective to cali co imphal

and from there the triple arose

knowledge remembered their past lives

experienced other realms and realized

how karma worked finally

seeing with wisdom understanding the

dependent origin reached or go to that

same morning the awakening process

of the Buddha was what is called the three

knowledge of bihar

but the process of going through the urge

is the same we will talk about this more

late however what I teach the most as

in the year pda's utah that we will study to

continuation is the road that crosses

the four material desires and the four

immaterial states until reaching aníbal

again these are the desire

conscious calm not the desire to

absorption of yoga or other methods in the

magma ni shut up the buddha teaches desire in

50 routes out of 152 clearly the Buddha

recommends the hannah trail for the

wake up alone you have to be the type

hannah's right besides the fact that

that the calm conscious desire

twin will take you to ni go to one

significant win advantage

conscious is that they develop in a

fraction of time less than it takes

to achieve the desire for absorption

considers that the buddha taught many

uneducated farmers as well as

princes had to have a system

simple meditation that was

immediately effective to cali co these

farmers had no time or interest

in a practice that took them a long time

time understand and master relax the

tension and stiffness gradually eliminates

the obstacles with the practice of

concentration on one point all that

you are doing is deleting the

obstacles for a short period of time


they keep coming back after

that your power of

concentration so you must set aside

these obstacles every time you sit down

to meditate with the desire to absorb

meditators do not like

disturb your meditation for example

a loud sound arises and the

aversion for the most part the reaction to

an obstacle is aversion or

restlessness you try to overcome that obstacle

in twins you are treating the disease to


eliminating stress and stiffness from the

obstacle for him to lose his power

comparing conscious hannah to hannah

of concentration while we are

sitting meditating on the desire

conscious we can still hear sounds

and if the bar the teacher calls us what

we listen immediately and can

reply immediately someone could

touch us on the shoulder and say something

we will feel and we can choose to respond

at the same time when a motorcycle

noisy is outside the room

meditation mental balance is

present we hear but not

pay attention the mind use the step

to relax to observe accept and

release the obstacle that keeps us away

attention when you enter the desire

higher you experience a kind of

distance from the body because in the

immaterial desire arup to where there is only

mind is being worked on a higher level

subtle the senses have remained in the

background only when there is contact

you notice the outside world

the word contact here means that

something happens that catches your attention something

unexpected like the teacher's call or

the ringing of the telephone some teachers

they can advise you to stay

away from the desire to concentrate

because you could get attached or even

get addicted to them actually this

may be true for absorption is

say the desire to concentrate on a

point since they can become really

intense you may get caught because

some are very happy and you could

stand still there

I have read comments in spaces of

online discussion where people

they experience a desire for absorption and

they think they are enlightened they talk about

how wonderful it is however only

they have reached the first hannah yet

there is much more to learn but because

the buddha would give you a practice that

have potential difficulties such as

this and it would not be natural for a

student did not want to go ahead and

see what comes next if we base ourselves on

the texts of the routes the buddha does not

gave the desire for absorption already had

rejected in the first part of his


mn 36 you have nothing to worry about

relationship to stick to desire

aware is like saying that you are

attached to the third level and never

you want to advance to the fourth because no longer

Do you want to learn anything new with

conscious desire we are always

Looking to progress to see what's next

the his you are many times it is said that the

meditator can easily experience

this or that state of conscious hannah

but that he knows that this is not the

final experience is to say that there is more

to do

then the meditator continues the

progress does not stop at mn 105 is a

cata his is says that the meditator al

reach the kingdom of nothingness now

awaits the realm of neither perception nor no

perception wants nothing to do

with the previous state and indeed

even considers it repulsive 14 is

possible is a tasting that someone

here you may be interested in the base

of my perception and non-perception when

a person has an interest in the basis of

my perception and non-perception only

interested in talking about it and its

thought and reflection are online

with that and is associated with that kind of

people and find satisfaction in it

but when talking about the base of the

nothing will not listen to him or will not lend him

attention or he will not strain his mind to

understanding it is not associated with that type

of person and does not find satisfaction

in that 15 suppose that a person has

eaten a delicious meal and has

vomited what do you think is a tasting could

that man have some desire to eat

that food again

venerable sir why is that because

that food is considered repulsive is

unlikely that the experiences that

have when you practice a hannah

consciously repeat themselves in the same way

are stages of progress for example

when one has an understanding can

bring a little joy but no

wait for that again now you have acquired

that understanding and there is no more

learn from this that understanding has already

gone down in history progress is

incredibly fast when using the

step to relax on the sat and patanas utah

the buddha says that awakening can

occur in a single lifetime in seven years

six years five years or even as little

in seven days when you follow the

instructions accurately progress

can be very fast on a twin withdrawal

typical 10 to 14 days most

students will reach the 4th hannah and

many of them will reach the bases or

Shapeless grouped upper gray hairs

some might even succeed

first awakening experience

occurs in all retreats but some

people are just ready to

they understand and follow the

instructions perfectly and have a

successful retirement in all senses of

the word when we release the tension and

the rigidity of an obstacle

gradually disappears when that

happen you will have joy for the first time

you have freed yourself from desire until

another obstacle appears this experience

is the basis of the first conscious gray hair

and quiet a deep state of mind

full of energy balanced and sublime

from which you can clearly see

mental and personal processes

from here you begin to see deeply

the 12 links of the dependent origin and

in due time by releasing all the

conditions you will reach a state

unconditional in summary twin

understanding meditation

quiet wisdom is not a practice

of concentration meditation is a

recollection meditation practice

chapter 4 types of practice

concentration the great variety of

concentration practice methods

I want to summarize the main

types of meditation techniques

concentration or absorption that exist in

Buddhist practices today

especially in the Theravada tradition

This does not include all of them but the

Prevalent generic types include

the following concentration of

total absorption using objects of

meditation like breathing

visualizations candle flames or discs

of colors to get absorbed

completely in the object comprehension

arid or understanding dry in sight

where the meditator is not absorbed in the

object but uses observation

to develop understanding with

dry media without the use of a

deep absorption concentration in

single point insight meditation

with concentration a mixture of the two

above using the concentration

of total absorption to develop the

8 desire to absorb and then emerge and

observe the mind and develop the

deep understanding insight vipassana

we have already discussed the meditation of

complete absorption created by the

concentration so let's see the second

point type

arid or dry understanding drink state

Today in the Theravada tradition there is

a few different kinds of practices

there is one called directly

vipassana or direct vipassana also

called dry or dry understanding or

understanding meditation that was

developed by the venerable ma thus

stamped from burma a similar system

is the practice of scanning and awareness

body developed by uva kings of

burma now taught all over the world

by sn goenka from india try

avoid concentration gene uptake

as discussed above to

students are told they must

healthy ones should be avoided as they can

stick to them as a distraction

for your real work focused on the

comprehension awareness exercise

arid you are told there is a shortcut to

avoid what is perceived as a

long and arduous development with the desire

this shortcut consists of the development of

a technique to scan the body

consciously by looking at the

bodily sensations and see your

true nature you are told that

you will achieve awakening in the tradition

more and of arid understanding

follow your breath and write down

mentally each experience that arises

They call it writing down or taking notes.

verbal mental such as listening

hear or hot hot whenever you

attention away from your breath or

walking meditation practice

they say that this will take you to ni will to very

quickly much faster than use

of the desire for absorption that can

take many months or years to achieve

more and sealed says you can reach

nor are they going to in just a withdrawal of 30

days with the arid comprehension method

that is why many people

are attracted to this system because

to these benefits that it promises seems

be fast and well designed with

clear instructions and steps of

progress i remember reading this

statement in an admiral's book

saturn on the course of vipasa na in

Burma 40 years ago and I was moved

a lot when reading it I already imagined myself

himself as a holy and enlightened person

who was on the bus on the trip from

return from my first 30 day withdrawal

then i could take things with

calm down in fact I started making withdrawals

in a denver basement

divided into sections with curtains

taught by an American man

trained itself and white it was

extremely serious and demanded that we

we will stay awake until

midnight and then we'll get up at

4 in the morning and that was my first

30 day retreat in the end I felt more

like i got jailed i was 19

years ago now 43 years i tried that

I walk for many years

experiencing the most

understanding knowledge or lullabies that

are said to indicate progress in that

method later I lived and worked in a

vipassana center in san jose

california but the experiences that

I had with this method did not produce the

personality change than routes

indicate what one should expect from the

meditation those experiences of

understanding were very intense and

they happened just as he wrote more and

sealed but still had the same

old and neurotic ego after retirement

maybe he was a little nicer or

I was just fooling myself into thinking it was

holier for having seen these

knowledge will see you malara msi of 28


he was not yet a monk and had a name

layman at that time appeared in the

center being an expert carpenter and

building houses in san francisco se

volunteered to build

our meditation room made a

very beautiful work with carpets

white and stained glass I saw it again years

then in 2006 after a lapse of

25 years he had become a monk and

he had gone to burma and had passed

many years in the famous center of

meditation more and in yangon he trained

with the venerable sealed bandage and then

with the venerable wuhan here practicing

vipassana style more and i came to know

thanks ahead that even in burma

myanmar progress for meditators

it was very difficult to achieve observed

many students while practicing

there he made many three-month retreats and

finally a two-year retreat had

made all those retreats and experiences

before his teacher told him that

had achieved the end result that is

a little more than 30 days

late I question this achievement because its

experience did not match their

you are even after having

completed all those withdrawals did not feel

that will undergo a fundamental change

of personality when I put myself in

contact with him told me about his

experiences in burma in post

detailed electronics my confidence in

their detailed descriptions of what

had achieved in practice

vipassana understanding reached such a point

that I realized that maybe the

vipassana itself was the problem

was producing the change that one

I hoped I had pushed it to the limit and

had experienced the 16 knowledge

and now he had decided to move on to something else

when i looked at your website i found it very

stranger talked about smiling and relaxing

there was no pep talk with

attitudes of the type you have to work hard

even more he usually says if you can't


laugh this is not serious and this is a

serious practice truth point point point

Or maybe this is precisely the problem

the practice of dry comprehension or the

other vipassana method and it seems to me to be


of concentration a practice of

focused meditation on one point

is achieved is achieved by rejecting the

obstacles and holding tightly the

object of meditation instead of

simply knowing the object as

the quotes say the object of

powerful and focused way without the step of

relax they say go into your pain and get in

right in the middle of it look at his nature

of appearing and disappearing keep looking at it

and writing it down until it disappears but

that implies controlling your consciousness

which creates tension goenka teaches something

similar with a sweep exercise

body but with the same type of

mindfulness that focuses on

sensations that arise from the method of

sweep recognizes distractions and

let go and move on but forget

the whole relaxing step of removing the

tension and rigidity from distraction

this technique is still a type of

concentration practice focusing on

the sensations more than the

breathing with twins meditation

you observe a painful sensation and

knowing that it is there you release your

attention from her

any tension and stiffness that is

leading your conscience to pain

stay with the pain that is to say no

that doesn't work that doesn't relieve the stiffness

and the tension of concentrating on that

painful sensation with a state of mind

already tense and when trying to observe it more

up close you will not get more information

to free you from suffering alone

there will be more suffering they will describe you

have done the process of more and

finally move beyond the pain but

it was just a temporary suppression of the

pain said he had subjected it for

his meditation and finally had

forced to actually disappear

this type of meditation provides a

progress in the plain vipassana which are

the stages of arid comprehension that

they explain in the beat sub ddi maga they are very

real and for this reason provide

much credibility to this practice there are 9

12 or 16 knowledge depends on the text

that you read that arise when you follow the

instructions as recommended

make the books of massey and the viso

understanding they are not on dates when

we practice the relaxation step these

stadiums do not appear they explain that

he did experience these comprehensions and

knowledge to the point of

road review knowledge

is the highest of knowledge

of deep understanding and that arises

just after the achievement of the cni vana without

however was saddened by the fact that

he had not experienced the change of

personality and the awake state that

I expected I think people are

impressed by this system

arid understanding because it gives the

results it promises and these

results are very interesting but

It is also true that it is an acid trip

which can also lead one to see the

impermanence suffering and

impersonality if it has some foundations

and a Buddhist intellectual context without

however you will not see the dependent origin the

budah describes the vision of the links

of the dependent origin as the door still

iguana he says who sees the links

you will definitely see the three signs of

impermanence suffer

and not me but the one who only sees the three

signs will not automatically see the origin

dependent see and understand

profoundly dependent origin is

what causes personality change

that's why when you leave the state

meditative absorption in

as opposed to the conscious state of

hannah your personality with all its

neurosis is still intact continues

being the same you only see things

surface level because still

there's craving there the only thing you've ever done

reveal the most mental processes

subtle many vipassana meditators

find their practice falls after

from a certain point and many will think that it is

their own fault they are not moving forward

they think they just need to do more

withdrawals need to push even harder

finally many give up and

they think the problem was them and not

practice think maybe next

life is have more strength I will have more


I myself had these experiences and not

I had no real change and quit

practice follow buddhist studies

but I lost interest in practice and

I always wondered if I was lost

something everyone else had

discovered concentration comprehension

versus understanding arid dri inscribed is

true that the desire for absorption is

very intense and you could get attached to them

remove obstacles completely

a short period and you leave the state

janico experiencing great bliss and

happiness but it doesn't last also no

you learn nothing with it it's like a drug

what do you take and then simply

the effect wears off and it's all over

can be some kind of addiction

escape to a kingdom of happiness and

get away from life for a short period

of time in another twist of the practice of

concentration absorption you learn the

hannah absorption practice but then

you are told that when you get out of that

concentrated state after leaving the

absorption you must observe the states that

are arising and disappearing in that

same moment using what you know

think it is

powerful mindfulness you shine

this powerful light on your states

emergent mindsets you are told to notice

the fundamentals of mindfulness

observe the three signs inherent in

they of impermanence suffering in

personality the masters of this method

They claim that when you see these signs with

the powerful awareness of experience

of absorption wins you get powerful

understandings and finally experience

not even iguanas use the ones you are for

endorse this method of practice but

they are misinterpreting the routes

routes explain the factors that make up

the desire speaks about its nature

impermanent and impersonal and as

observe these mental factors

you will get understanding but not

suppressing desire and obstacles

with the absorption concentration is at

allow obstacles to arise and

release them gently or control the

that naturally fade these

concentration practices are based on

the appearance of a magician once again there it is said

that once you reach hannah you walk out of

that hannah and you begin to observe with the

power of concentration obtained

full attention to observe the

mental processes in this way when seeing

how it works understand its nature

impermanence suffering in


anika duca anata elvis udima ga emphasizes

that this understanding is so deep that

you reach or go to some claim that

this is what they mean

sutace when they talk about the meditator who

look at the factors and characteristics

of the healthy ones use the routes to

support this technique when in

reality is not about that in the animated


it is said that the meditator observes many

factors as you go through the

you want but you are already in the mood watching

these factors and you do not need to go outside to

observe this in fact as soon as

the jana disappears so do the

Hannah factors do not exist outside of the

Jana you can't watch the later the

powerful and happy hannah state of

concentration from which the

mind has suppressed in the first instance

all the longing that was causing the

suffering what was the longing that

was being suppressed were the


the goal of meditation to eliminate

obstacles and purify the mind in

its practice if we put aside the

obstacles with strong concentration

how can we hope to understand its cause

root the concentration meditator with

understanding using the desire to

absorption will see the aggregates arising and

disappearing indeed can see certain

impermanence suffering in

personality but will not see deeply

the links of the dependent origin

most people who read the

sutras only know the practice of

absorption concentration are not

aware of a calm hannah and

Conscious when I came out [ __ ] says in the

basement for which one is aware of

the factors of the first win as

that occur is because it is in the first

win by describing them as they are

happening at that time so far not

I have read no person who proclaims

who has achieved awakening by practicing

this method of entering into the desire to

absorption and then go out and review the

mental factors many have described

this practice but none of the ones I've

read declares that there are meditators who

have had xxi

with her in the end you may get

some understanding by observing the mind

but you just can't go deep

enough to be able to see the

dependent origin links and

you certainly can't get

understanding by analyzing or thinking about what

that you are observing understanding

deep is beyond thought

Can't leave something longing to be

able to obscure your vision and this is

something that still happens with the

concentration meditation to be able to

see directly inside

mind when there is no such desire in it

as it happens during conscious jana

will lead an ivan to care with the

absorption concentration last few

words about meditation

concentration the concentration in a

point can be dangerous that can be

too strong a word but if it is


rutten and are a famous professor of

meditation in california did a retreat

zen as a first step in investigating the

meditation as a path to

enlightenment by doing the meditation of the

breathing in a concentrated way

experienced a mental breakdown and ended

in one

hospital after this I reject this

method and developed a style herself

of attention more balanced than

was integrated with the dance and the

movement there have been many problems

caused by concentration you can

search the web for the danger of

concentration meditation and you will find

certain number of items is a given

little known that after his own

negative experience

Ruth worked at your center in Joshua.

Tree' California Navy Lady Center

to heal with people who had

lost touch with reality

due to the practice of absorption or

arid understanding the connection of their

mind with your body at various levels

had been interrupted she worked with

them to put their hands in the ground

or have them build monuments of

stone so that they could recover the

connection with their bodies these were

people who came from traditions

who used meditation

concentration as a practice I was in

various twin meditation retreats

understanding of calm wisdom in

its center and while I was there I heard

to ruth talk about this topic

At a retreat I was introduced to a

person who had been sent there she

she looked quite unhappy she was withdrawn

I had little energy and didn't even have

the ability to sit there was a

kind of hopelessness in her voice when

said hello ruth was very good at

get these back into balance

people and I certainly hope that

I was successful with this girl in

vipassana particularly nowadays

many people talk about the stage of

the dark night of the soul

meditation this is quite a term

new to me but it's just

of the upper stages of the

meditation where knowledge arises

of fear among other states

these are standard levels of

knowledge and I myself went through them and

I was told that it will just weather them

they were never called that way but I know

what they are is the fear of dying because

you see there is no me there however no

you are balanced and anxious mind

arises and presents itself in the form of a great

fear due to the fact that you are

taking all this personally nothing

of these nasty things happen in

twingo meditation and yeah

practice the six R's or the lo

free if you relax considering it as

yet another twin hurdle involves letting go

the yearning mind and thus gain more and more

balance and happy states

Mental breakdowns don't happen with

frequently but can occur when the

meditator pushes too hard

striving to crush your obstacles

with brain power instead of relaxing

in them and leave them the teachers of

meditation that use desire

concentration point out the routes for

verify that what they are doing is

correct but again they forget that the

Buddha rejected those methods of

concentration on a popular practice of

desire to concentrate the author of a

book about the desire to concentrate and

how to develop them states that three of

every thousand students will experience the

joy or piti that lights up and then

can't be turned off this is when the

pity gets stuck and never seems to

it goes away this can last for weeks

months even up to a year

luckily this is pretty rare already

that there are no solutions really

more effective than waiting for it to end

which seems to be helpful

is to be connected to the earth exercise

manual labor and eating heavy food

as meat he describes that when he whistled

stays active and doesn't stop it's like a

high energy feeling like a

somewhat unpleasant hum that continues

whether you are sitting in meditation or

no sometimes the only thing that creates is insomnia

another problem that is also reported in

the book is that sometimes students

they want to skip the first hannah

intentionally because the intense piti

brings back painful memories too

related issues that

recommended to beat in the states

associated with the second and third

hannah or something must be done in order to

avoid a certain problem the ultras are not

compatible with the desire to

concentration absorption nor with the method

of dry vision do not support the emergence

of painful states in a practice that

gradually eliminate the craving step by step

step its defenders say it is more

fast then we are saying that the

buddha gave us the slow path

supreme knowledge of the buddha there must be

seen the best and fastest way

I think we can assume

the su's support twin when

relaxation step is used

negative states arise if you are

They say that you continue with your meditation at

through the healthy and after the base

of my perception and non-perception you follow

meditating on what some call a

ninth jana

this is the complete cessation of movement

of the mind gradually the movement

mental slower and slower

starting from the first hannah until arriving

based on my perception and not

perception there are eight steps or levels and

there is a point where the mind finally

it stops if you think about it

meaning of this is not so much that

climb higher and higher in the

meditation rather it happens that you go every

lower and slower until everything

stops none occurs

interruption in the meditative process

goes naturally through the process and

understandings will emerge until

the mind stops and enters the

sensation the basis and object of

meditation for meditation

understanding of quiet wisdom is

meta and the four brama you travel following

directly the are you

some additional methods used

in twin as the one to break the barriers and

send goal to a spiritual friend who

They are very useful in the initial stages

of meditation when your meditation

twin has developed to a certain

level after you go to follow the routes

accurately and uses the irradiate

in all six directions as

teaches in the brama method saw a thing

which is not used in this practice meta and

twin which is used by most

The bars of more master bars is

repeat the same four statements

again and again this is a way

traditional to develop meditation

meta with the twin method you bring the

sincere feeling of the desire for goodness

loving and you put that feeling in your

heart you surround your spiritual friend you

object of meditation with that feeling

and he is flooded with this feeling the way

in which most people teach

goal is an intellectual exercise instead

of a meditation on feelings

turns a practice into a mantra

single point concentration

to repeat the desire to be happy over and over again

again in twin you use this desire

to remind yourself to have the

feeling of loving-kindness later

as your practice becomes more

profunda will drop the phrases completely

the result of doing this is not a

dry intellectual experience but more

well an exercise of feelings that

elevates the mind and helps you to be happy

continually repeat the same

statements leaves no room for

the feeling should develop

develop a sincere feeling and

wish your spiritual friend to be happy

so that goal or loving kindness can

take hold instead of repeating

wishes over and over again

mante advises to show a smile to

remember the feeling a smile on

your heart in your mind and also in your

secular buddhism lips a new

variant of Buddhism has gone

establishing itself is the so-called Buddhism

secular teaches only the parts of the

buddhism we can see for ourselves

ourselves and in which we do not need to believe

buddha in secular buddhism

we tend to see these lives and

remember them for ourselves here and

now however in fact there are some

students who remember past lives

and a whole industry of hypnotherapist

of past life regression has arisen

to address past lives and issues

psychological aspects of those lives that have been

infiltrated in the present it seems that the

purest secular Buddhist practice

try to get the buddha out of buddhism offers

a distorted view of mindfulness

as just a tool with which

therapeutically target the reduction

of stress and healing of the individual

what happened to cni ivan what happened to the

deep insight into the

impermanence and impersonality where

there is the longing secular buddhism

remove Buddhist concepts because

are seen as strangers and as

religious verbiage and unnecessary for

solve one's problems even

there is a magazine about mindfulness with

that same title that does not contain a

single reference to the buddha all

Pali terms have been left out

I took a walk in the bookstore the other day

and now the section on Buddhism only

for a shelf the care books

plenary have passed to the section of

self help leaving the dalai lama' alone

together with you they travel that keeps you company

in the religions section of the

Orientals do not speak of a

higher understanding or enlightenment

mindfulness is just another tool

which has been added to the set of

psychotherapeutic tools this

supposes the weakening of Buddhism

msr or the reduction program

mindfulness-based stress is a

program in which mindfulness is

uses ideas for therapeutic purposes

impersonality buddhists

impermanence don't really play a

important role the dependent origin

surely missing basically is about

to observe the breath and do

slow walking meditation

calm the mind the goal that is

pursues is to reduce stress and

anxiety is considered not possible

reach enlightenment and eliminate

permanently the longing

now there are even apps for that

your phone facilitates a meditation

cuts 5 to 10 minutes on the

breathing or body awareness

you can do every day to

de-stress the intense practice of

mindfulness meditation has been

diluted from the beginning of the

introduction of styles

buddhist practice meditation

vipassana and goenka in the early

years 70 today there are more people meditating

however now fewer people are

deepening your practice another

combination of Buddhism is a style of

meditation called advanta and is based on

ancient vedanta practices is a

non-dual practice of Hindu root or the

practice of a philosophy of unity

some famous examples are the hard o

law aka anti practice focuses on

observe what arises in the moment

present and not try to control or

analyze some call this attention

no choice just allowed

that is there and the mind is allowed to

calm down and deepen until you reach a

level of unity the Tibetan practice of

shock is similar since you observe this

open field of consciousness 5

experience this practice can be

quite useful up to a point and is

pretty close to what the buddha taught

about what it means to be

truly aware certainly

makes your practice become a

observation process instead of

trying too hard to achieve

a certain state or experience simply

allows everything there is even up to the

about to investigate who is meditating

and you are trying to achieve this is the

first step to release the controller

Ania Santi explains that instead of

control meditation you must let go of the

meditative as one goes deeper and

the activity of the mind slows down

its defenders explain that little by little

get to know the essence or spirit

underlying everything that you call it

the sacred towards sant and calls it to arrive

to a state of unchanging unity and

blissful this is a variation of the

belief in a soul or higher being

immutable means a permanent state

at the end of the practice brahm abyara

twin described here the feeling

of equanimity disappears now you will be

tell the doctor

that take this calm mind as the

object of his meditation observes

any movement and releases and relaxes

those movements at the moment

arise come back to calm mind this

sounds like what practice achieves

vedanta or choiceless awareness and

these meditation practices can be

useful however cannot go further

Of a calm mind and getting to see

that there is below this since the

step relax the base of tui is not used

here you will not understand how to relax the

mental strain to go even deeper

with that step tool relax

you pass a level where one could

come to think that there is a type

permanent spirit until reaching a

even deeper level and ultimately

instance you reach the deepest

of all the very beginning of everything

mental when your mind hardly moves and

you are able to observe carefully

full power you will not be able to find something

as well as being only moments of

consciousness that arise and disappear in

an endless stream of this

understanding arises disenchantment and then


waking up now let's see how the

meditation practice twin meditation

of comprehension of calm wisdom

can take us through all four

conscious calm desire included

the four formless bases contained in

the 4th hannah culminating in the achievement of the

cni vain if you follow what the utah say

without any additional interpretation

this is what will happen this is the

quiet progress where in sight

meditation o twin meditation

calm wisdom understanding

the frogs described hereafter

they are the calm and conscious desire

in this kind of hannah you are aware

both mind and body

the buddha said we can never

understand ourselves bars a

unless we look at the totality of

who we are and let's see nature

impersonal of all that arises not

we can control nothing by rejecting or

trying to stop what arises only to

through the acceptance of what is

in the present without avoiding it

control it but by seeing it clearly without

mental noise or longing we can achieve the

release a note here about

morality the buddha's system is based on

a moral vision of the world if you realize

harmful actions to these will follow

painful results and mental states

that things create obstacles

healthy and what will be deducted from it

is something healthy meditation is

completely healthy if you want to have

success in your meditation you must at least

follow the five precepts

will lead to the most optimal progress what are

these five precepts do not kill do not steal

don't lie or swear don't get involved in

inappropriate sexual conduct such as

adultery and not take intoxicants or

alcohol is not difficult and it is said that

follow these simple guidelines

provides a prosperous existence and

happy in this life and the next

follow these five prescribed precepts

by the buddha as his point of reference

morality will help your meditation to be

very deep by not committing more acts


you will be free of guilt and remorse

and your mind will be at peace and quiet

during retreats there are three precepts

extras to help you tune in


going not eating after noon no

participate in entertainment and not use

perfumes or makeup summary of the

meditation instructions the meditator

beginner will spend a few days or weeks

cultivating loving-kindness towards oneself

yourself and a spiritual friend using

Phrases that help the

feeling of loving kindness that is

happy that he can be at peace like me

I'm happy I want you to be happy this

process will take you to the 4th hannah a

As I progress you will continue

radiating meta in the six directions

and progress us from the 4th hannah to

the base of nothing and beyond stance

initial before meditating is useful

find a place relatively

quiet and sit comfortably and in

upright position not required

sit cross-legged and

going into full lotus really isn't

necessary a seated posture that is

familiar to your body will cause less

distractions and will be more useful than one in

the one that the body feels uncomfortable or

have pain in the west to many

meditators find it difficult to sit

in the psoe

in that case use a chair and don't cause yourself

unnecessary pain or discomfort

in the soil does not produce any kind of

special magic prevents lying down

heavily on the back of the

chair sit with your vertebrae

stacked one on top of the other

posture should be comfortable the objectives

are to reduce any real physical cause

tension and pain and improve the state

alert we will meet

enough mental obstacles that we

will keep instructions busy

initials of loving kindness when

practice mindfulness meditation

Full to loving-kindness begins by

radiate yourself or feelings

loving and kind remember a moment

that you have been happy when that arises

happy feeling is a feeling

warm and bright some complain about it

we hear a lot that they can't

remember no good memories then

feeling of love when that baby

smile you smile too

Another idea is to imagine that you are holding a

cute puppy when you look at the puppy

naturally you want to smile and play with

he the sensation that you are creating is a

bright and sincere warm feeling that

radiate from your eyes your mind and your

heart once you have established

this feeling use this feeling

to wish happiness to yourself like this

as he was happy then let him be happy

now continue with phrases like que esta

in peace that he is happy that he can be


Do you know what it feels like to be

calm and at peace then put that

feeling and yourself in the center of

your heart and turn to yourself with

that feeling of happiness when that

feeling fades mentions another

phrase to remember the feeling that

be calm that be happy that

be full of joy now give yourself a big

hug from the heart and

sincerely wishes you to be happy love yourself

yourself and mean it this

feeling is your object of meditation

every time the feeling fades


verbally wish sometimes in your

mind just repeat enough times

as for the feeling to appear

you turn it into a mantra that is to say a

phrase over and over again will not bring the

feeling we want phrase only

reminds us to bring the feeling

again when this arises we release the

phrase there are other teachers who focus

in saying the phrases over and over again and that

doesn't work that will just turn it into

a practice of concentration based on

that phrase some people visualize

easily others no it is not important that

see clearly your object of meditation

you just have to know that it is there keep the

feeling of yourself at the center of your

chest wrapped in this feeling of

happiness and to be happy and if

we really want you to feel good

feel at peace or calm or loving or

gentle or kind generous or cheerful or

clear or calm or with acceptance

feel good sitting down and

feeling all this is good to feel

well allow yourself to be present feeling

this satisfaction

now there's nowhere to go

you're on a little vacation from the

life now there is nothing to do but

be happy and radiate that feeling

you can do that don't try to be happy

be happy feel happy feel in

peace here and now you have our permission

to be happy at least during the

next 30 minutes

This is a meditation on the

feelings but don't focus on

excess in the center of your chest trying

to provoke a feeling of goodness

loving do not force a feeling where

your whole body as you say the

phrases evoke this feeling and so

will resonate in your heart area by itself

only with sincerity of seat is happiness

believe what you really do and be aware that

if you want happiness for yourself or

just stay with this

feeling recognizes that it is there smiles

with it it is possible that some

blocks like saying no to yourself

I don't deserve to be this happy

aversion to your own happiness is a

distraction we will talk about the

distractions will be shortly

we will explain the method to deal with

them so you can afford and

train yourself to feel true kindness

loving for a longer period of time

long later when you start to

feel this feeling towards others

You have to know that blockages can arise

similar and that these are also

distractions there is no reason why

others may not be happy too

goal is first to accept and allow yourself

be happy and at peace yourself

So when you feel this happiness

in your own mind you'll be happy to

share that feeling with others

beings when you sit do not move no

wiggle your toes don't give

shake or be irritated do not rub

sit as still as the monk of

down when you feel still mind

it calms down if there is any movement

mind will be distracted the same as when

prepare the gelatin

cool down and you don't have to shake the for

so that you can solidify your smile

this is a smiling meditation

reason why you should smile is because

it has been discovered that when

corners of the mouth rise as well

your state of mind does when

corners of your mouth go down too

does your state of mind put a small

smile on your lips but you don't

stop there put a smile on your

eyes even though your eyes are closed

you will notice that there can be a lot of tension in

the eyes

put a smile on your mind and

especially with a smile on your

heart can be a mechanical smile

at first with time it will become

in a sincere feeling of happiness

should be a smile that conveys

loving kindness it is important to create hair

smile with your lips smile from your

mind and smile from your heart if you

mind drifts away 25 times in one session and

Meditation definitely may

not be a quiet meditation and

calm but it is an active meditation and

that can be a good meditation every

time your mind wanders away and comes back and

you relax and smile you are developing your

ability to see a distraction and

letting it go you are improving your attention

fill your power of observation as

that you practice will improve and your powers

of observation will be strengthened

distractions while practicing

meditation target your mind this way

it will pay you what we mean by ramble

you are with your object of meditation with

that warm and glowing feeling in the

center of your chest you are experiencing

this feeling and suddenly you get distracted

with some thought or sensation can

be an itching sensation a desire

cough a burning sensation or a

painful sensation in the leg can

be a memory of a conversation with

a friend from a trip to a lake or could

be a thought about something

you need to buy in the store

suddenly you are with that distraction in

place of with your object of

in other words your attention is on

somewhere else you're not sure how

did you get there or what are you supposed to

be doing then you remember that

you are meditating and what is supposed to

you must be with your object of meditation

remember that is the first part of the

mindfulness definition yes

you abandon your thought about the

distraction and you relax a bit you can

observe that there is a clenched mental fist

enveloping that feeling or thought

you can also observe that you don't like

you want it to go away but the more

you want it to disappear bigger and

distraction becomes intense

so your mind is distracted on this

itching this pain this thought like

process that happens and you start to see

how your mind moves from one thing to

another do not think about it but observe

carefully how the process happens

we are talking here about analyzing by

what happens something just watch it

what's happening look at the way

that the mind moves and reacts in the


that's the second part of attention

full truth is that when there is a

feeling there it is

it's good that it's there you're going to have

thoughts and feelings that

distract and that's fine

thoughts are not your enemies they are

opportunities every thought every

feeling every sensation that arises and

distracts your mind also causes tension

the first noble truth is that there is

suffering the second noble truth is

that suffering is caused by

I wish the third noble truth is that

there is the cessation of suffering the fourth

noble truth is that there is a way

towards the cessation of this suffering

path is the eightfold path this tension

is the way by which you can

recognize the very beginning of desire and

as you already know the second noble truth

says that desire is the cause of

suffering life is not suffering

desire is what produces it

distractions tell you what you crave

the things you are attached to see and

understand what you like and what you don't

you like is the first step to leave

those attachments

your brain has two contained lobes

in three membranes called meninges is

like a bag wrapped around you

brain and spine every time

there is a distraction there is a movement

perceptible in the brain a tension or

oppression and brain seems some

will disagree with this but

fact you can feel something at first

person who begins to expand against

this membrane thought makes

arises this tension or rigidity that in

we can actually observe for ourselves

yourself every time you notice this tension and

stiffness try to relax and gently

loosen you with intention to this

experience when relaxing you are

releasing the longing we will talk more about

This when we get to six R's

when longing is released there is a

slight sensation of expansion in your

head right after you relax

you will notice that your mind is very calm

and calm your mind is alert and there is no

thoughts right now you have a

pure mind brings that pure mind of

return to your object of meditation

feeling of loving kindness and the


warm radiant and happy feeling

now make another wish for your happiness

with that feeling in your heart and

radiate that happy feeling to you

same no matter how many times

distract your attention from thoughts and

the sensations do not go away

first time you notice them and that's how it is

well as these distractions

come back again and again you will get acquainted

more and more with how they arise with

practice your intensity and frequency

obstacles will decrease the buddha spoke

about five obstacles to

meditation the obstacles are

distractions that will take you away from your

meditation object 5 troublemakers who

they will surely come to visit you every

distraction is based on at least one of

the five obstacles often come two

or three at the same time and the five ally

obstacles are

sensual desire i like that too

known as lustful mind or

greedy you cling to things that are

nice and you will want more this will cause

attachment to pleasant states of mind

that have arisen in the past and the desire

that pleasant states arise in the

future 2 anger dislike fear dislike

that you will want to move away mental states that

you don't like them or maybe

you experience fear or anger

unpleasant or painful feelings

that have already arisen you will try to push away and

control whatever causes you

pain you will even try to force your

mind to experience things in a

certain way you think it is

correct when it really should

just observe what is

present all this is excessively

controller 3 sloth and torpor ennui and


this will cause lack of effort and

determination since you have lost interest

in your meditation object

you will experience brain fog when

you look closely you really see that there is

stiffness and tension even in the

drowsiness is present

4 restlessness with restlessness the

nervousness restlessness you want

move and change constantly do

something different from what you're doing

be somewhere other than here

Restlessness can manifest as

very strong and unpleasant feelings

in body and mind


you are not sure you are following the

instructions correctly or even if

this is the correct practice

makes you feel insecure about yourself

It can even manifest as a

lack of confidence in teaching

buddha or your teacher or both when

obstacles arise your work is not

neither that you like nor fight with

them your job is to accept them

invite them in and sign

open exclamation offer them a cup

of tea do not feed them with your attention

force and not want them to be there alone

gives them the attention they crave and

it makes them stronger that's what happens

with concentration meditation on a

single point you move away the obstacles

practicing intense concentration

however as soon as you stop

meditate come back sometimes even more

strong if you just let the obstacles

be there turning your attention to something

let the energy inherent in it be healthy

they will gradually fade away

they will disappear like a fire that stays

out of fuel this is how to overcome the

obstacles forever fire

it just turns off

in pali nirvana translates as neon or

ivana or fire no fire no craving without

obstacles the six R's now

we will give specific instructions on

how to work with obstacles in the

the way the buddha taught imagine by

a moment to the bodhisattva resting

under the rose apple tree when I was

a child was not serious or tense

I was having fun watching the festival

his father at that time he came to a

been nice hannah just like

indicates in those you are with a mind

lightly could reach a very

calm and conscious later in the

eve of his enlightenment after

have tried all methods

meditation and body exercises

they knew each other in india at that time

remembered that state and realized

that this simple state this state

calm conscious and happy was the

key to achieve awakening but how

pass this on when i was teaching

the buddha worked largely with

uneducated farmers and tradesmen

I had to have a practice without

and effective that it was easy and it will work

quickly had to have a method

by which everyone could

experience the path and the benefits

by themselves easily and

you want to see clearly it's easy

lighten up have fun exploring

relax and smile relax and smile at you

leads to a happier practice

interesting that sounds like a great

advice but how do you do it when you

you have lost in the distraction and

lose your smile just follow these

steps 1

recognize recognize that the attention of

the mind has drifted and that

you are lost in your thoughts

forgotten what you were doing no longer

you are in your meditation object 2

release your attachment to thought

or the feeling leaving the

distraction by not paying more attention

just stop feeding him

take distance about it 3 relax

relax any tension or oppression

remaining caused by that distraction 4

smile again

smile with that smile on your lips and in

your heart feels that happy feeling

loving kindness again

and return or redirect ritter

gently redirect attention

mind and bring it back to the object of

meditation is to say meta goodness

loving continues with a light mind and

pick up and stay with your object of

meditation 6 repeat repeat all this

practice cycle repeat this practice

whenever your attention wanders from

its object of meditation we call everything

this the six erres is deduced

directly from the text of the routes that

part of the right effort

first four r's are the four

correct efforts and the last two

erres remind you that you must return and

repeat if necessary note

that you never reject anything you never try

control nothing try to control is

use longing to kill longing

but please don't do the six R's and

you feel a slight background noise or a

lower bodily sensation while

keep up your good feeling

loving stay with that feeling and

let me dig in ignore those little

background distractions as a beginner

the six R's only if your attention has been

completely gone from the object in the

explanation of the eightfold path in the su

you are one of the components is the

right effort right effort and

all six R's are exactly the same

thing that is the right effort one

you notice that a noxious state has arisen

you two stop paying attention to that one

harmful sensation allowing it to be

there by herself without forcing her to

go nor clinging to her three

times a healthy feeling

you stay in that feeling

healthy 6 r's simply

they add the return

ritter and on repeat repeat for

complete the cycle by repeating the cycle

of the 6 r's over and over again

we practice the right effort we see and

we experience for ourselves

What is suffering and how to alleviate it?

you realize what makes you

get tense and rigid and then as it comes

to Caesar by releasing the

relaxation and evoking an object

healthy you discover how to exercise the

direct path to the feeling of


this happens every time you recognize

recognize and release

a feeling that arises you relax

relax and smile again

three emails note the relief when

you observe the benefits exposed in the

his is talking about the lady there is a

phrase that says that the lady is

immediately effective when you practice

the six erres meet this

affirmation when you release tension or

stiffness caused by distraction

you immediately experience the third

noble truth the cessation of suffering

in other words you are purifying the

mind relaxing you and letting go of the


you can see this for yourself later

arouses is a beneficial feeling

smiling and carrying mental attention

back to goal that is a feeling

healthy you don't need to practice

for long periods months or years

in order to feel relief you can see what

right after the step relax relax of

the six erres you can notice that instant

of pure mind free from craving by repeating

the six R's over and over again when removing

the obstacles to care that are your

fuel at the end replace us all

unhealthy mental habits

others healthy this way only

arouse the healthy states and finally

you will achieve the cessation of suffering for

to succeed in meditation you must

develop your ability to

mindfulness and power of observation

It is also important to keep the sense

of fun and exploration this helps

to improve your mindfulness

six R's training

develop these skills that are so

c-sections sometimes people say that this

practice is simpler than

thought some have complained to

teacher why do you want this

meditation more complicated now

Let's see each of the steps with more

depth recognize recognize the

mindfulness remember to observe and

recognize the movements of attention

of the mind from one thing to another that is to say

from the object of meditation to the

distraction this observation realizes

of any movement of attention

of the mind to move away from the object of

meditation one may notice a slight

tension or rigidity when the attention of

the mind begins to move towards

emergent phenomenon can occur

pleasant or painful feelings in

any of the six gates of the

senses any form visual sound

smell taste touch or thought can

cause a distraction with careful

observation without judgments you will notice a

slight feeling of tension that arises

both in the mind and in the brain

self recognize mental movement

at the beginning is vital for a meditation

successful then continue asia

and release release when a problem arises.

thought about something liberal let him

that is there without paying more attention

the content of the distraction is not

important at all but the mechanics

how it came about if it's important don't

analyze or try to find out why

it's here let it be there don't

pay attention without your attention

mind distraction loses energy and

it disappears when you don't keep your

attention on it ceases distraction and

the mental talk about it then the

mindfulness reminds the meditator

who should relax relax after

release thought and allow what

either without trying to observe it or

getting involved in it remains a tension or

subtle and barely perceptible stiffness in the

mind and body to eliminate this

remaining tension

the buddha introduced the relaxation step

results call the relaxation step

reassure body formation this

it happens especially in the head which is

part of your body means to relax your

attention in thought and around


It's more than just letting this go

actively relax loosens and loosens

allowing the distraction to be there

which weakens its power

little by little it disappears completely

yes alone please this step is not for me

is the most important part of this

Meditation is the missing step of the one who

we talked about in the introduction is the key

of progress without performing this step

relaxation every time you get distracted from

your object of meditation

you will experience firsthand the cessation

from the rigidity caused by longing

you will feel the relief while the tension

is relaxing remembers that the longing

always manifests first as a

tension or rigidity both in your mind and

in your body the relax step gives you a

kind of mundane nirvana you have a

momentary opportunity to see and

experience true nature

relief of stress and suffering

when you perform the steps of release and

relax mindfulness continues

reminding you to smile again

smile if you have listened to the talks of the

lady on our website you may


heard about how smiling is

an important aspect of meditation

learn to smile and lift slightly

the corners of the mouth helps the

mind to be observant alert agile and

bright get serious tense up or

frowning makes the mind wander

become heavy and your attention becomes

dull and slow the comprehensions

become more difficult to see what

curbs your understanding of the dam to return

ritter redirects your mind back to your

meditation object gently redirects

the mind and do not force it to return

before it's ready you have this one

harmonious movement a movement

timely and not forced repeat repeat

repeat this entire cycle of practice

As many times as needed

Stay with your item until you

misdirections and then go through the

six you are the spiritual friend during

the first ten minutes of your session

radiate loving kindness to you

wrap yourself in that happy feeling and

quiet using the instructions


the rest of the session radiates

loving and kind thoughts towards a

spiritual friend who is a friend


now we will select our next

meditation object spiritual friend

it is very important that they are people

live of the same sex and are not

members of your family when the friend

spiritual is of a different sex can

provoke feelings of lust and this

complicate your experience this is the way

traditional way of teaching me is kindness

loving if this instruction does not suit you

well just make sure the person

that you select does not generate you

feelings of lust when radiating

it's loving kindness remember you will pass

a lot of time with this person your friend

spiritual should be someone to whom

you deeply respect and want your

well honestly it is someone who makes you

smile when you think of him or her

can be a teacher or counselor

favorite who knows your highest goals

can be a friend who always

back and support in everything you do

please do not use a member of your

family as a spiritual friend because

family members are over

close to you family members

will be incorporated into your practice more

go ahead but for now you can raise

hidden problems that interfere with the

practice initially we want to keep

this easy and without complications

you irradiate a person who is dead

the feeling will not arise correctly

Since you can't set a

personal connection

you can formulate your friend's wish

spiritual in this way while

I feel this happiness in myself that

be happy and be at peace wrap the

in the feeling of loving kindness

place them in the center of your heart and

are rails while you are doing this

the feeling will continue

wishing them the best and seeing them in your

insight but don't put too much

emphasis on the actual mental image of

they some people are very good

to visualize and others simply not

you have to know who they are and what they

you wish the best the phrases are a way

to activate the feeling evoke the


and that desire directs your attention to

feeling itself remember that your object

of meditation is the feeling stay

with that feeling and let it grow no

you force it simply stimulates it a

little sooner or later the feeling

will fade when this happens repeat

the phrases again it is not useful to repeat

sentences quickly that makes it

feel very mechanical and the phrases

sincerely and rest a few moments

the feeling some people

they ask are we sending this

outward feeling towards friend

the friend does not send anything only

we are seeing our friend in the

center of our hearts and we wish that

be happy we are not shipping

telegraphing or mailing

express these feelings when a

candle radiates heat and light is radiating

deliberately outwards does not radiate

outward 'cause that's nature

of heat and light

In the same way we surround and submerge

our friend in this feeling

wishing him the same and seeing him smiling

and happy this process is a combination

of three things that arise the feeling

radiant in your heart

the mental phrase and image of yourself

or your spiritual friend around the

75% of your attention should be on the

irradiation of sentiment 20% in

feel the desire and just a little let's say

5% to visualize your friend


some people think they should

make visualization the part

most important part of his practice then he

complain of feeling stiff in the head

this is because they are forcing

too much the idea of ​​seeing his friend

spiritual the teacher will tell them to stop

of trying so hard to visualize your

friend because the most important part of

goal is the sensation of radiating the

feeling having a sincere desire to

happiness for your spiritual friend and

then feel that happiness if it hurts you

head or feel pressure

you're trying too hard smile again

and relax a bit when you imagine your

spiritual friend try to see it

smiling and happy remember to keep a

little smile on your lips during

the entire meditation session if you see that

you don't smile that will be a reminder to

smile again make another wish and

send a kind sentiment to your friend

your face is not used to smiling

so be patient you may even

your cheeks hurt a little but you

you will get used to it and that discomfort will pass

please do not criticize yourself for forgetting you

laugh critical thoughts about

anything are unhealthy and

lead to more suffering if you see that you

you're feeling sorry for you

yourself for having forgotten to smile

then laugh at yourself for having one

such a crazy mind understands that everyone

we have a crazy mind and that's alright

have this madness laugh with yourself at

this meditation is supposed to

it's funny remember smile and laugh

when you get stuck again later

start again with your object

meditation life is a game for

play so make everything light and

have fun as long as it takes

practice but that's why you're

doing this practice plays with the

things and don't take them too seriously

seriously this is a serious meditation but

we don't want you to be serious your mind no

it must be too serious rather it must

be light and exalted smile and if that

it doesn't work then laugh a little

should help you get back to that state

happier and more attentive mind you will use the

same spiritual friend all the time

until the teacher

that you can change this can be some

days or weeks if you practice for your


contact us through the website and

let us help you be part of

our yahoo discussion group

the longer you can stay in the

present happy and content feeling

happiness with your spiritual friend more

soon you will be able to move on to the next step of

meditation you can always

contact us through our site

website for guidance once you

you have established yourself as a good friend

spiritual stay with that person yes

you change from one person to another

practice will not mature

deepen sometimes meditators

want to send meta to other people or to

all beings this is just a form

subtle of your mind being distracted by

start you have to stay with the same

friend so you can build your

collection or collection we replace

the word concentration by the word

recollection to help clarify that no

we are forcing our minds to

stay on a single object

meditation in a forced and fixed way

we want our mind to rest

slightly on the object if your mind

rambles uses the six r's when not

no distractions no need

make no effort to maintain

mind in its meditation object

it just stands there by itself

this is really an amazing process

to see again there may be occasions

in which some thoughts arise and

random sensations while you are with

your object of meditation but they are not what

strong enough that

completely divert your attention from

this when this happens ignores the and

keep your meditation object

these thoughts and distractions

they will disappear on their own there is no need to

Apply the six R's so let's review

sit for a minimum of 30 minutes on

why will be explained later

begins radiating thoughts and

kind and happy wishes to yourself

for about 10 minutes now move to your

chosen spiritual friend for the rest

of your session at least 20 minutes and

radiate kind and happy thoughts

for the rest of the session stay

with the same friend and do not change to another

thing or person even if you think

deserve your attention such wishes are

only distractions the mind can be

very cunning uses the six beings to

overcome distractions when

feeling of goal begins to be made

stronger realize and immerse yourself in the

smile and let it unfold on its own

only if you realize that verbalizes

subtly phrases and verbalization

starts to cause some loose tension

the verbalization and just feel your

I wish this will allow the feeling

get even stronger stay with him

feeling and just stays in

the present without pressing it lean

to him

it will take time to master this practice

In a sense this is a kind of

don't do you are not controlling or forcing

the feeling you just are

steering smoothly if there is tension in

your body for trying to radiate what

so you're doing too much

effort simply must exist the

wish for happiness in the same way

that you wish someone good luck in

a trip you stand up and greet him

when he's leaving you don't stand up

and you try to release the feeling to

to reach him or her in a way

similar with meta meditation

just smile and wish this

feeling of loving kindness after

do the six R's and get the hang of it

an obstacle will arise

finally you reapply the six

you make mistakes and take away the little attention that

remained and completely disappeared

longing is removed for the first time has been

gone a small amount of longing for

never rise again as

result of the disappearance of

obstacle arises joy and for the first

time you are experiencing the first gray hair

calm conscious

more to go as you progress in

this path as you go

practice you will realize that joy

is there it can be in the form of

get goosebumps like a

shuddering or just feeling

the emotion that arises a feeling

nice and quiet will follow you to

as your confidence deepens

strengthen and understand that what you are

doing is right

you will also notice that there is a state of

much deeper mental silence than

that I have never experienced before is

as if someone had turned off the

refrigerator that you had not even given

account before it was on

you may realize that you don't

you feel parts of your body unless

put your attention on them this is a

normal development as your body

begins to lose tension and stiffness and

it indicates progress eventually as

that deepens the feeling of goodness

love can arise in your head never

try to control the feeling if

he wants to move there let him move now

you have become a meditator

advanced when this happens you will be

ready for the next step

meditation practice contact us at

through our website

we'll talk about that here since that's a

advanced practice and requires more

instructions you are now on the way to

through conscious desire

quiet until you get to the experience

of awakening forgiveness meditation

there may be some of you

have difficulties in arousing and

keep the good feeling

loving even after following all

instructions and guidance here

we give you may be formulating a sentence

to be happy to be happy and this

causes hatred or aversion towards one to arise

I don't deserve it myself I'm not a good

person can arise in your mind even

tests with the six is ​​received is that

it doesn't really work there is no goodness

loving there your heart just not

can feel and is dry and maybe hard

perhaps the practice of meditation of the

Sorry I helped you with this we have given ourselves

account that a not so small percentage

of students benefit greatly

to change to forgiveness in which

Radiate forgiveness towards yourself and

forgive all that arises and as

some people

they appear in your mind you forgive them

until they forgive you you can

find more information about this

practice on sugar lady website

and in a book called Meditation of the

sorry the bank I saw you malara mbps and

to forgive is to let go of the past and

soften our minds all can

benefit from practicing forgiveness

made the guide book for meditation

of forgiveness is now included at the end

of this book walking meditation a

important part of goal practice

is walking meditation please no

after sessions that are more and more


you can use walking meditation to

develop energy or set tone in your

mind before sitting down if you are sleepy

or low energy at times when your mind

is distracted walking will make it more

easy to calm a restless mind so that

you can go back to sitting meditation

walking the other way can add

energy to your session by having your

blood flow walking meditation is

a powerful meditation on its own

but along with meta meditation you

helps to incorporate goal in your life and in

your daily activities remember that

This is a practice to do all the time.

time find a place to walk

that has at least 30 steps and is straight

and level walks at a normal pace as

if you were taking a walk by

park on a sunday afternoon

slowly like a turtle but at a

speed that is not even too fast

nor too slow your eyes should be

directed downwards in front of you from 6 to

10 feet ahead don't pay attention

at your feet

instead stay with your friend

spiritual please don't look at your

around as that will distract you from your

meditation this is not a walk down

nature but part of practice

in which you radiate kind thoughts and

happy to your spiritual friend in the

as much as possible keep that practice

all the time you are walking is

Like when you're sitting with the only one

difference that you're walking in

instead of sitting you can do it

inside or outside weather permitting

better to do it outdoors but try

to avoid the heat of sunlight

direct you can also walk inside in

a circular path in a room or

down a corridor some meditators

progress a lot while walking can

be pretty deep don't take this

instruction lightly as it is a

important part of practice too

helps us learn how to practice meta

in our daily life where we are

busiest in the world walks during

about 15 to 30 minutes and

never more than an hour since walking

it will tire your body so much

however walk at a good pace so that

in the end you feel your heart beat with

strength and you may even lack a

little breath then you can sit

to meditate and be fully alert

walking can bring calm clarity or

energy depending on what you need

at that time continues 30 minutes of

meditation a day is the minimum for

start according to our experience leads

15 to 20 minutes for the mind to calm down

so he's giving you another ten

productive minutes where you really

you can look and observe 45 minutes is

better just the fact of being seated and

not moving allows the mind

calm down the longer you sit

the more your mind will calm itself without

that you have to do anything else for it

both sit longer and not move

is vital to move towards states more

deep during a retreat at the beginning

you will sit at least 30 minutes

you will walk 15 minutes and then you will sit down

again alternating like this all day

your sessions will become more and more

long during the retreat and finally

They can last up to two or three hours in

your daily life sit twice a day

it is very useful once you feel comfortable

try to be completely calm

during the entire period that you are

sitting if the mind insists on moving

apply the six you are to the desire to move

the six R's are very useful for

dissolve the tension and find a greater

well-being if pain arises observe how

arises you can know if the pain is from

realizing what's going on

when you get up from the session

the pain goes away very quickly

a meditative pain that is indeed

a mental pain and it is not caused by anything

harmful is just a distraction yeah

come back when you feel

stand still and apply the six

you're wrong when you get up the pain

persist and stay with you is better

that you don't feel like this in the future

because then it really is a pain

physical that is manifesting if

we try to get rid of them

painful or unpleasant feelings

forcefully whether mental or physical

we just add more greed and

aversion to the mind it feeds the

vicious circle of samsara however

if we approach a feeling

unpleasant openly and without taking it

as something personal we see these

harmful qualities with attention

healthy this pure and clear conscience

Gradually dilute that feeling

disturbing also you may notice that

the feeling persists but your attitude

towards this has changed if you are sleepy

sitting meditating inside a space

closed try to sit outside but no

straight into the sun

open air tends to wake you even

you can try to practice

walk backwards after walking

30 steps forward instead of

turn around

just walk back to the

starting point meditation and its

benefits increase if you can continue

cultivating awareness throughout the


smile and send goal whenever you

remember when you notice that they arise

difficult feelings apply the

Six R's I accept with a sense of

fun and humor about how crazy

can become the mind if you put

serious and you try to control the mind that

still longing may wear you out

if you get frustrated then do this with

lightness but with the greatest continuity

possible apply goal in everything you can put

loving kindness in all you do in

radiate well-being and happiness to all

beings when you are away from home yes

Are you going to go for a walk or go shopping?

you need to keep in mind

to your spiritual friend

with the general feeling of goal

smile more be aware and apply the

six erres to any sadness

emotional that arises when they arise

unhealthy mood treats

seeing them as opportunities allows

and brings out the moods

healthy this is the meaning of

right effort in the noble eightfold

buddha path progress and hannah a

as you progress is with meditation

you will see all kinds of new phenomena

joy and other experiences will arise

nice some of them will do well

the effort and time you invested in

practice the first time for real

and completely put aside a

obstacle really and completely

you will have your first experience of

janic state and you'll be on the way

into an even deeper depth

you will start to make friends with things

fun like joy contentment

equanimity and other good times

they are on their way

bram abyara without ivana the wood spoke of

four divine qualities of mind

that are particularly healthy

they are called avian bram so they consist of

loving kindness goal compassion car a

empathetic joy changes into reality

we prefer to call it just joy and

uteca equanimity

this is the practice you are starting

now you will gradually go through all

these states in a very natural way

as meta gets quieter

and become compassion and so

successively in equanimity passing to

through joy you don't need

change the practice as you go

states will develop and emerge

by themselves once you become

in an advanced meditator you just have to

hold meditation the brahm abyara

they develop naturally one by one

without you having to bring up each

of these states as their own object

of differentiated meditation when it arises

the next state then you take that

been either the feeling of

compassion or joy like

object of meditation and then

you continue to radiate that state this is

another important difference from how other

practices make you develop goal

taught that when meditation is

correctly practice all four

divine states arise one after another

you will learn to radiate any of

these four states around six

directions and then in all

directions at the same time when you see

deeply this process you will understand

on a deep personal level that everyone

the aggregates that make up you or the

I are actually impersonal and without

no enduring kind of soul yo

this experience is so deep that

he will make lebanon rise and you will understand the

true nature of all

existence you will have achieved awakening

in this very life you will experience a lot

relief experiencing nirvana awakening

it happens to many people who follow

these simple instructions do not lead

years or decades the buddha said that this

practice is immediately effective in

the sat and patanas utah of my magnet and

calla says that this experience can

take place in just seven years or

even seven days can really

happen that fast we've seen it

happen in a single eight day retreat

now and you can also experience the

initial stages of awakening alone

follow instructions exactly

benefits of loving kindness

kindness meditation practice

loving has many benefits in the

utah it is said that when the

meta meditation falls asleep easy and

deeply do not have nightmares

when you wake up you wake up easy

and quickly people like you

the animals love your face

come back radiant and beautiful you have good

hello these are just some of the

benefits when you practice kindness

loving your mind also becomes clear

and quiet and your progress in the

meditation is very fast goal in life

daily continues to sit and practice

listen to talks read our books and

study more related concepts

with this practice there are many resources in

our website

when starting any new practice

it's usually better to dive into that

practice leaving aside other practices

that you have done in the past until

understand the new practice

and completely otherwise you can

become confused with the various

opinions and practices that exist

remember that we do not base our

teaching in points of view or opinions

but rather in the study of the

sutras themselves and direct experience

from the practice of meditation

We invite you to follow this path too

the best way to experience

deep dive into meditation

understanding of quiet wisdom is

come to a retreat or if you can't do

a getaway make a retreat online with

us visit our website for

more information once you have

mastery in staying with the friend

spiritual there are more instructions for

break the barriers and radiate the

feeling of goal in all


the teacher will give you those instructions

timely advice when

you're ready this is where you practice

The brama you will see really begins to

take off more phenomena will arise and a

teacher will guide you according to your progress there is

more steps in this practice but they are

advanced and would give for another book

dominates the ability to stay

perfectly with your spiritual friend and

then contact us or simply come to

make a withdrawal with us again

when you are outside in your day to day

remember to smile and radiate goal towards

all beings use the right effort

to recondition your mind take out

bring out the healthy quality of the

loving kindness instead of allowing

mental states of

apathy caught rod in a long tail

to pay we suggest you irradiate goal is

a difficult job being a cashier in a

store so smile at the cashier and leave

friendly stuck in traffic without

to be able to move instead of bothering you

radiate meta to other drivers

apply the six r's to your mind

altered and replaces it with a mind

healthy and elevated places a CD in the

car player and listen to a

chat about the lady to learn more

on the eightfold path of the buddha in

instead of wasting your time carrying a

apathetic life share what you have

learned with other people and let

benefit from your practice

generously this practice once you

words like help you be happier

be the buddha instead of a buddhist no

you can find a group to meditate

yours begins in the area where you live

own as soon as you find another

interested person you will already have a group

meditate for at least 30 minutes

listen to a talk have some tea and

discuss what you have just learned

at that moment you just created your own

little by little group meditation like

drops of water that fill a cup

you will reach the supreme awakening it is possible

do this right now the buddha tells us

do this right now the buddha tells us