Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.

today is March 31st 2018 we are at the

st. Francis retreat center and San Juan

Bautista California tonight bhante Ebola

Ramsey is going to read magellanic I 18

the honey ball

the honey ball suit is very interesting

because there's been a book written

about it

that was a PhD doctrine book thesis

that's the word and what happened was

the men that wrote this thesis he was

just ready to give it to his teacher and

they were gonna and his teacher died and

there was two other people that were

writing the same kind of thesis not as

well as what this is but he had to go

back and rewrite for another another

thesis so he could do his PhD about 15

years after he became a teacher at a

university he went to visit a friend

Jana ponic there

Jana Panico was a German monk very

intelligent and he showed him his thesis

and the Anup annika was very much

impressed with it and said why don't we

white why don't we make it into a book

and venerable in yon ananda said that's

fine and that happens to be the first

book that was printed at the buddhist

publication society

now Jana Panico was really an amazing

monk on our website if you want to

listen to some of his talks you can

listen to them very very nice he had a

Sri Lankan accent so it takes a little

while to get used to it

I've been in Asia so long those kind of

accents that I can go right through them

no problem he does use a lot of Pali

words but he explains how some of these

words are translated and it's a better

translation to use another word for

instance Sankara is always translated as

formations he said it's better to use

the word preparations the sankar eyes is

the first thing after after ignorance

that arises it's body speech and mind

it's a potential of these things arising

so to say that their preparations is

really more accurate than formations and

that that's just a small example of some

of the stuff that he does so

unfortunately I've met him a couple of

times and he was very sick that was a

few years ago and he has just died and

he makes it real brings it home to me

that all of all of my teachers are dying

dukka dukka anyway the the book that he

wrote you can if you want a copy of it

just ask us you can also get it online

but I'd like the actual book better than

reading on a screen let's just be it's

called concept and reality there's

another little story about that when he

wrote it he wanted it to be given away

free and a lot of people got copies and

then before long they were selling it

for $15 a copy so I'm so impressed with

this book that I had David write to him

and asked if we could have 250 copies of

his book and we didn't hear anything

from him so I went to go see him and one

of the first things I asked him was can

I make 5