Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


so welcome to Calcutta would you like to

just take a little a little tour first

of all before we say so this is the

dining room kitchen I want to show Nani

some things in the kitchen

another swell collection and if there's


this is a microwave

this looks very very quickly with like

standards this cooks

American food surprise because you come

to America we want to be a Hispanic what

we're going to eat Indian Way

that's what comes with enlightenment

you know if you like better penis



like when I could be Calcutta she never

like this

so much

she's then she says that he is not in a

power distance place from you he is

among me she is among with Yogi's when

they feel any difficulty if they

remembers her they will get their


we got this revoked people who are born

and you can our business they have done

much Mary didn't disappear previous life

so that we born here in this country

where deputies plenty we have everything

is available by the touching of 19 so

when he is born in a country where

there's no much no poverty no particles

hard nature of life if you devote your

time in the moon that will be good for

you your country and you freeze your

life you will prosper and respond and

prosper so she says tell that to be in

the path of them so that everything

bounnam well now