Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


after we and she came back and get back

into other great questions that's what I

heard on one occasion the blessed one

was living in sawatya Jettas Grove an

attempt indeed his birth then when it

was evening the venerable maha cajita

rose from meditation he went to the

venerable sariputta and exchange

greetings with when this courteous and

amiable tarp was finished he sat down at

one side and said to the venom oh sorry

picked up one who is unwise one who is

unwise with subprime with reference to

what was this set one who is unwise

one does not wisely understand one does

not wisely understand friend that is why

it is set one who is unwise and what

doesn't one why as we understand one

doesn't wisely understand this is

suffering one doesn't wisely understand

this is the origin of suffering one

doesn't wisely understand this is the

cessation of suffering one does not

wisely understand this is the way

leading to the cessation of suffering

we're talking about wisdom or being wise

what are we talking

Kurtz and it always occurs with portable


so there's that kind of a hidden

one does not wisely understand what is

not wisely understand friend that's why

it was said one who is unwise saying

good friend my venerable maja Cody to

delighted and regressed venerable sorry

put his words then he asked him a

further question one who is wise one who

is wise with reference to what was this

said one who is wise one wisely

understands when wisely understands

friend that is why it is said one who is

wise what does one wise they understand

one wisely understands this is suffered

pink blink of dependent origination


wisely understands this is the origin of

suffering because of wonderful links to


feeling our rises craving comes to be

what is the cause of craving feeling is

the cars of creamy rice

the links and that's the origin of this


one wisely understands this instant

cessation of suffering when feeling

doesn't arise then craving

doesn't come to be


one wisely understands this is the way

leading to the cessation of suffering

one wisely understand one wisely

understands friend that is why it is

said one of his wives consciousness

consciousness is said friend with

reference to what his consciousness said

it cog nyse's it comprises friend that

is why consciousness is said what does

it cog nuys it cognize it cognizes this

is pleasant it cognizes this is painful

it cognizance this is leaner painful

gone pleasant now why didn't we say


after seeing the horrific

because of it being in the present

moment you don't three cognates in

confidence you're not pulling it up out

of your past from your past experience

poor from the perception that has that

memory you're seeing it as it truly is

when it arises that's why you Cosmo

it combines his friend it cognizes that

is why consciousness has said wisdom and

consciousness friend are these digs

conjoined or destroyed and is it

possible to separate each of these

states from the other to describe the

difference between the interest in

question wisdom and consciousness friend

these states are conjoined and it is

impossible to separate each of these

states from the other in order to

describe the difference between them

wisdom and consciousness friend these

states are conjoined not disjoint and it

is impossible to separate each of these

dates from the or other in order to

describe the difference between

for what one wisely understands that one

cognizance and what one cognizes that

one wisely understands

you see what's happening in exactly the

present moment you're cognizant it

without the color of future or past

events you're seeing it wisely you

seeing the links

that is why these states are conjoined

not disjoint and is impossible to

separate each of the states from the

other in order to describe the

difference between them now what is the

difference friend between wisdom and

consciousness these states that are

conjoined not district the difference

friend between wisdom and consciousness

these states that are conjoined not

destroyed this is a wisdom is to be

developed and consciousness is to be

fully understand

got it

easy develop realistic

by watching the links

and you cognize that

can't do one without the other got it

ah feeling feeling is said friend with

reference to what his feeling said it

feels it feels friend that is why

feeling is that what does it feel it

feels pleasure it feels pain it feels

neither pain or pleasure it feels it

feels friends that's why feeling was

said perception perception is said

friend with reference to what his

perception said it precedes it perceives

right that is why perception that is why

perception is said what does it perceive

it perceived blue and perceived yellow a

perceived read it perceives white and

what are those things that it perceives



perception is the part of the night we

are apart of the nine that puts name on

and mine all these things and concepts

it can observe without comes

if it stays exactly

but anytime you get to a state where

mine is perceiving color or form or

ideas for stories we are thinking in

terms of concepts

and you say what's a concept you say

this is the chair where is the chair is

it harm is it the lake visit the back

is it the cushion

where is chair share is a lot of little

things put together to make up this

concept when you say blue blue is made

up of light and different colors

and there's there generally is form

along with it but not always but it is a

concept and when you go down finding

enough there is no such a thing as this

you start looking at Adams that's sort

of but there's a lot of little atoms

that are together to make up this

concept of blue because that's the way I

perceived feeling perception and

consciousness friends are these states

can join or digital and it is it

possible to separate each of these

states from the others in order to

describe the difference between

interesting question dealing perception


these dates are conjoined not this joint

and it is impossible to separate each of

these days from the other in order to

describe the difference between the

video and perception and consciousness

the car should have said I feel

therefore I am yeah but who is and there

is no I with what feels

for what one feels that one perceives

and what one perceives that one

Continentals that is why the estate's

are enjoying not destroyed and it is

impossible to separate each of the

estate from the others in order to

describe the difference between

consciousness is colored by perception

consciousness is realized your

perception not colored by perception how

could you say consciousness was colored

by perception the feeling is colored by

perception but consciousness was okay

cog nuys e is colored this color no

I don't know it's a bummer at all word

game what do you mean by color but again

here is that these are concepts and

actually customize something it's not

because / exactly

and the whole thing is when you get to

the sensation of perception and feeling

there is

you're not conscious no feeling no

perception there's no deal there's no

consciousness is a three are conjoined

that's right it's called this cessation

process called this is a general

perception and Bailey oh i thought you

not use reception there is no

consciousness body is still a location

there's still eight in the body but you

better not do it for more than seven

days cuz you will not come back six I've

heard this before but don't to him for

seven days

no older side my friend what can be

known by purified mind consciousness

released from the five faculties read by

purified mind consciousness released

from the five faculties the base of

infinite space I love my family

so I

that's right

so when you get into infinite space

everything new starts expanding

there no senator feeling the expansion


when you're practicing running

into this I told you gotcha the feeling

of money buying this changes to the

feeling of compassion okay sense space

is infinite the base of infinite

consciousness can be known that's

consciousness is infinite and the base

of nothing and nothingness can be known

best there is nothing when you get to

the feeling of infinite consciousness

this is when you see individual

consciousness is a raisin pass away the

movie here is talking about

going too slow and flicker

and the feeling of compassion taint

changes to a feeling of joy

this is here

look to it

and when you go deeper mind stops

looking outside of itself

you get into a state fiscal of nothing

feeling of joy changes two very strong


friend with what does one understand the

state with what does one understand a

state that can be known friend one

understands the state that can be known

with the eye of wisdom is the eye it is

the part of the mind that comprises

without any craving

now what what's so important about that

why do I keep stressing that you have to

have the relaxed why are you practicing

the six ours and recognize and buildings

and relax

because every time you relax that is the



it's the cessation of cream

right after that clear right

so you bring that mind back to your


so the whole point of this being to be

able to experience wisdoms I have to let

go of free

and you will do it many times if you

don't let go of the craving then your

mind tends towards one-pointed

absorption concentration which

suppresses stop

this meditation doesn't suppress

it allows everything to be but you don't

be pretension up

and you let go of that tightness caused

by your mind will move to this river so

every time you relax and let go of that

tension any tightness you are developing

wisdom you're seeing clearly without the

colored lens of craving and clinging and

habitual tendency in birth and sorrow

and lamentation and all the rest

this is why this

it's so incredibly

it's not just regular important

don't use that stuff Humphrey facts

then the suffering is mapping

you won't experience enjoy yourself


as a cessation of suffering is actually

the cessation of cream

this is why when I started going back to

the suitcase and started realizing we

got a lot of relaxed steps in

not every practiced that's how I came to

realize that I spent 20 years of doing a

practice that didn't ever relax that and

it didn't lead to the Kneebone on that

the Buddha was talking about

so the relaxed stuff is very very


and that's why the six bars borisova

and did you say that the relics the

relaxation step is nothingness it onto

the tonality so if I didn't it leads to

the state of nothing that's eventually

but when they first start out it's it's

teaching you how to develop wisdoms I so

that you start seeing how the links


how a process works instead of taking

things personal this is my this is my

idea this is my my

this is my story when you let go

screaming that doesn't

it feeling arises at one of the sad

stories with feeling as condition

creating horizons Raven always manifest

this tension in tight

but always and that craving mind is the

start of the false idea that this is me

this is mine this is who I am it is the

I like it I don't like a bunny and right

after that that's when the conceptual

ideas start really building up and

that's where the story is why I like

this feeling why I don't like this one

and that's where a lot of the pain

starts to really manifest itself it is

my suffering so it's only a feeling it's

a painful feeling it's a pleasant view

so even so Frank should not be

personalized no the suffering only

occurs when there's creep

in other words you're not seeing with

your wisdoms I at that time the craving

isn't I it's sort of an overlaying

mechanism it's the start of the eye it's

the I like it I don't like it my win a

painful feeling her eyes

if you can relax as soon as a feeling

arises co-creating arises then you don't

have any of the conceptual ideas you

don't have any

opinions have the story you don't have

the habitual tendency you don't have the

birth of action you don't have this our

own lamentation okay so you're not

having cognition if you're not having

feelings and you're also not having

consciousness and ultimately are seeing

you are cognizing you are proceed with

alignment has no fee the third that's

what my wisdoms eyes

it's not clouded by the craving or the

idea that i am that what you begin to

see over a period of time is that this

is a process and it works exactly the

same way for everyone because we release

all thoughts whether they're related to

crave it or not pregnant course and how

do you release it by not keeping your

attention by allowing the thoughts to be

there but not trying to force them away

just not keeping your attention you

allow us to be and you relax because

those thoughts cause that craving to



so the more you can relax


and stay with

the more pure my

and that's why you go deeper into your


that's how you do

and it's very important to realize that

when entrances arise they are showing

you where your attachment is what is

your attachment your belief that these

concepts and ideas and opinions and

stories are all mine personal now you

get caught up in thinking in concepts

instead of seeing the reality of the

individual steps of the defendant of




this doesn't happen overnight

it's not an easy thing to see it's more

easy to get caught up in our own drama

and our own opinion and our own ideas

but you were talking one time about

having a restless leg syndrome what is

that now let's take a look at what this

is I feel is the medication for them Shh

I saw the TV commercial there is a

feeling arises and there is a I don't


and right after that there's all of

these concepts and opinions and trying

to control if you did personally getting

into your old habit of when this feeling

arises I always act that way now that's

a birth of action to push against it I

don't like that feeling I don't want it

to be there and that makes that feeling

and grow and get bigger and then the

action comes in the leg starts moving

around but when you can see clearly how

this process works

that will go away by itself won't even

arise and man has a question related to

this okay let's say let's talk about

disrespect someone disrespects me I take

it personally I don't wipe it I feel

like I've been disrespected okay and

further i feel i can i can i can decide

well okay it's just it's just disrespect

so what release it let it go relax but

then the next thought the emergence is

if you let him get away with it he'll do

it again and again and again so I feel

this urge to stand up getting somebody's

face and say hey how about a little

respect let's stop this you know just

here in the water roll right over you

anymore you are yes when I'm teaching a

peaceful coexistence trying to learn it

yes I understand and I am catching what

you're saying but when you see that

there is no need to disrespect

your mind stays balanced

and that person will start to respect

you because you're not grabbing on to

his dislike and dissatisfaction and make

yours and then throwing it back then

what happens is you start allowing the

space to change in yourself and when you

change in yourself people around you

change when you hold on to the concept

or idea everybody around you is going to

challenge well I think it I think it

gives the appearance that you're just

spineless and you're letting somebody

walk all over you doesn't nap that's the

way people interpreted

when you allow the space for other

people to be the way they will be

without resistance in your mind you're

allowing them the space to true when you

pigeonhole someone every time I see this

person they always give me a rough time

so every time I see that person they

always give me a rough time when I start

seeing with through the eyes of

compassion that this person is suffering

and I start sending love and kindness to

that person I am allowing them the space

to not be disrespectful

I can give you a for instance

I was in Hawaii Messalina and I went to

the beach and there were these young

guys that they were tops they were punks

they were 18 19 years old and I

generally didn't pay much attention to

I'm laying down on them on the ground

reading a book minding my own business

one of them runs over the top of me

kicks me I got up and I looked around I

said don't do that

and as I watched them there was 12 of a

baby they're all getting in a circle

around me and they're starting to build

themselves up I can see them and I

started to see how much they were

suffering and I started radiating loving

diamonds didn't because I saw that they

were really pretty and what happened was

they looked at me and they just kinda

shook their heads and walked away now if

I would have taken exception to them and

stood up to them they would have hurt me

but you said don't do that again that

was my the sense of just adding up to

them no it's not standing up to them

it's letting them know what the

boundaries are they that's different


they never they're being bothered me

again why our boundary is necessary if

if I'm not taking it personally because

I don't want to get p i'm not taking to

disrespect personally then i have no

need to draw boundaries go ahead do

whatever you want no I didn't say that

that's what we do what do we do did you

listen to what I said no you were

thinking about what I was saying instead

of listening I let them know that

hurting someone else is not a good thing

to do and not to do that again I saw

their pain and I started loving them

because that's what they needed at that

moment and they didn't cause any more

pain they walked away

loving kindness doesn't make you stupid

it doesn't make you a pushover for

somebody else you're not a doormat for

somebody else that you are a

compassionate person seeing another

person's pain allowing them the space to

have their own pain but loving them

unconditionally is what compassion is

look if it's somebody somebody hurts me

then I'm experiencing it as my pain and

it's see doesn't of wisdom I we

dismissed that no it's not my pain is

just think it is been that's all it is

it's just a painful feeling what you do

what arises and in the present moment

dictates what happens in the future if

you resist the present moment if you

fight with the present moment if you try

to make the present moment be the way

you want it to be you can look forward

to suffering in the future that's Karma

that's the way it works

or you can see what's happening in the

present moment and consciously allow the

space for to be there relax into it and

you will do the appropriate action at

that time and the appropriate action at

that time was loving them because they

were causing himself so much pain that

gave them the space to chain standing up

and getting in somebody else's face

doesn't leave in his face for change it

leaves spaceport and your

dissatisfaction just like all kinds of

unwholesome states so what I did was I

took an unwholesome situation and I

turned it into a wholesome situation and

that wholesome situation meant that I

didn't have any more pain with them or

from them and they never bothered me

again they never even I saw him around

and they were still in their same groups

and they could have come over and

hassled me that they didn't want to

because I would have done the same thing

again sentimental kind

I gave them the space to change

friend what is the purpose of wisdom the

purpose of wisdom friend is direct

knowledge its purpose is full

understanding its purpose is abandoned

that's what listening to

full understanding of how the process


right seeing it direct

that's that's the direct direct

knowledge and then the full

understanding of how it works yeah I've

seen this half a million times I guess I

understand that is that works the same

way every time and as you see dependent

origination more and more clearly start

to get in go quickly the amount of

suffering that arises becomes diminished


friend how many conditions are there for

the arising of right view friends there

are two conditions for the arising of

right view the voice of another person

and wise attention

these are the two conditions for the

arising of writing you we have to be

heard from somebody else that's why the

Buddha was so good he didn't have to be

figured out by himself

and then he started telling other people

about this is how this process works pay

attention and see it for yourself and

then prove direct knowledge of seeing

for yourself you start understanding


and you start abandoning your old ways

of thinking be

friend by how many factors is right view

assisted when it has deliverance of mind

for its fruit deliverance of mine forage

fruit and benefit when it has

deliverance by wisdom for his group and

deliverance by wisdom for its fruit and

benefit with fruit then he's talking

about here is actually path the benefit

is the fruit

that's as manga power

friend right view is assisted by five

factors when it has deliverance of mind

for its fruit deliverance of mind for

its fruit and benefit when it has

deliverance by wisdom for its fruit

deliverance by wisdom for his fruit and

benefit dear friend right view is

assisted by virtue learning discussion


you remember yesterday when i was

talking about remembering memorizing

facts the kind of

that's your learning every time you let


six are you learning a very valuable s

then folding these concepts

and they are in fact of process

learning by your correct

friend how many kinds of being are there

there are three these three kinds of

being friend sense fear being fine

material being and in material being

Fred how is renewal of being in the

future generated

removal of being in the future is

generated through the delighting in this

and that on the part of beings who are

hindered by ignorance and fettered by

right to the point here who's a hindered

fetter by big ignorance or its hindered

by your ignorance and fettered craving

is always the cause of your suffering oh

and always manifest this tension in time

and you use the six ours and you do that

right back step you might not let go of

all of the craving that's there there

still might be some tension and titles

but you let it go one thing and then

smile back to your object of meditation

and stay with your object of meditation

now because that craving was bigger and

it was staying there your mind will go

back to that again but every time you

treated in the same way and as you keep

relaxing that craving eventually the

craving becomes weaker and the hindrance

becomes weaker and weaker

and then it will fade away and that's

where the sensation of something

according to kind of get to that but


okay friend what is the first job dear

friend quite secluded from central

pleasures secluded from unwholesome

states among entered upon and abides in

the first round which is a company by

thinking in a gravity gun with joy and

happiness born of Cebu happy this is

called the first job friend how many

factors does the first jhana help the

first jhana has five factories here when

a monk has entered upon the first

journal there occurred thinking thought

examining thought joy happiness and

unification of mine that is how the

first jhana has five factors

friend how many factors are abandoned in

the first jhana and how many factors are

possessed friend in the first jhana five

factors are abandoned and five factors

are possessed here when a monk is

entering upon the first jhana sensual

desire is a band

illwill is a band sloth and torpor our

event restlessness and anxiety are

abandoned doubt is Amanda and their

occur thinking examining joy happiness

and unification of mine that is how the

first jhana how in the first run of five

factors are abandoned and five factors

are possessed isn't that interesting

when you get into a drama you don't have

a difference arise

when your mindfulness weakens then the


and that happen

would be in the Jonah for a period of

time and then something happens and all

of a sudden it weakens and now you have

another hand needs to work with as you

begin to see that the hindrances are not

a problem to fight me

but they are helping you to show you

marry your attachment and they're

showing you how attached you really are

as you six are that hindrance you start


more balance of mind and you start

gaining more wisdom as to how the

imprint actually works

we don't care why we want to know how

why doesn't matter it all that's for the

psychologist don't care about we want to

see what goes beyond those concepts

and we want to see how he

actually does work you won't it first

you won't until you go deep into the

drums but as you take the interest in

how it works instead of why is it there

you start seeing that when you let go of

this and relax and smile and come back

to your object of meditation and you

bounce back and forth you become more

and more familiar with how this process

actually does work and then you start

seeing the little things that happen

before your mind that carried away so

the next time your mind gets caught by

that hindrance relax right then instead

of letting your mind and coddle been

thrown and thrown into chaos

as you become more familiar with this

process you become more alert to how the

process works so you're not up for it

sweeter time you're not

caught so intensely

and you start staying

I'll tell you a story I had a friend in

Malaysia first time I met her she was so

angry and so she was really difficult

she walked in the room I wanted to get

up and me that's how much anger is


came to see me what am I supposed to do

so I said well what's happening why are

you like this and she said well I've

been married to the same man for 15

years and

and he's getting very tired of the way

that I try to make them happen and he

told me that he's not going to talk to

me again and he doesn't and it really

makes me

what am I supposed to do

how can I have

I'm not going to divorce it because the

kids one of them was five or six years


and I'm gonna I'm gonna stay in the

fendi and take care of my children so

what can I do

can do is loving us it is very cool


well there was about a month later she's

going down to close to Singapore

auto place called your home barn to

visit some family and that sort of thing

and she

he went down husband talks to everybody

else doesn't talk to her the husband

decides well I think I want to go into

Singapore and has his passport with him

but she had allowed her passport to

expire so he went into Singapore without

it and she really she came back and she

started talking about how depressed she

was oh really didn't like the whole

situation what am I supposed to do

that she could only practice about 25

minutes a day she had to get up a half

an hour early to do that so she could

sit without the children making

husband she went from having something

that her husband did or said and getting

angry and staying angry and depressed

for two weeks after a period of time she

kept doing the loving-kindness a lot of

confidence in what I was telling kept

doing it over again then he would do

something that would get her angry but

she only stayed angry for 10 days and

she kept doing the practice

and over a period of coming it was about

five years

she went from always getting angry

because of the things that her husband

was doing to watching how her mind Worth

and he would do something like they

would be in the car together and she had

to stop at the store and she said I will

be out in five minutes a week and as

soon as she walked in the door he left

now she comes out and she had a brief

moment of anger and then she looked up

in this behind so good nice day for a

walk so she walk home no biggie so she

went from being super angry and super

depressed and because she never had more

than 25 minutes a day it took a long

time for this personality development to

change but as it changed she became much

nicer to be around and she that always

had a beautiful thing to say to other

people who's really pretty and people

that would have a problem would come to

her and say you know I've got this

problem and she always been

solve the problem she turned out to be a

brilliant person absolutely brilliant

her husband didn't change it was still

doing the same nasty things he'd been

doing for the four years before but her

perspective change as she started seeing

how much pain she caused herself she

started letting it go by little

now if she would have had time to come

and take a couple we retreat with me if

you would have had time to sit for an

hour hour and a half it wouldn't have

taken so long but she went from being

angry and staying angry for a couple of

weeks and sometimes as long as a month

to having just a flash of anger arise

and taking a look at that and saying I'm

causing myself pain again and let it go

she developed a very uplifted mind and

she affected her children in a very

positive way because of that when she

first started kids didn't much like

being around her but she was always

grumpy it was always angry about

something she was always complaining

about something but she changed her

habitual attendance

she changed her perspective of the world

and she became a blessing for other

people so the whole thing with the

hindrances is the bigger the hindrance

is the better it is although you don't

think so while you got it you think oh

man this thing is going to kill me I

can't stand it I don't want it I want to

stop I want to run away from but as you

practice the six ours with it as you

start learning how the process works

then you'll get caught for less period

of time whatever that period of kind is

I mean for some people it can be a month

for some people it can be two weeks for

some people it's a week it doesn't

really matter but as you become more

familiar with how the process works and

you start seeing the little things that

that are the little flag post

and you start letting go when that flag

post pops up you don't stay as angry as

depressed as frightened as sad as

whatever the capture that a is as you

did before now this is a gradual process

it's not an instant going to work right

now because how long have we developed

the habit of always doing that and

causing ourself pain and suffering and

to be quite honest okay

although hell anybody else

but because it's so familiar it's easy

to keep it going well if I don't get

into it then that means I'm going to

change what am I going to change too oh

I don't change because I know what

happens when I act this way but we're

going to act that way what's going to

happen that's where the fear comes in

and as you practice more the fear

becomes less than month because we start

having more fun with you practice you

start smiling more into things you start

smiling more with things and that's how


and ensure choice

you can do that or not

to me it's more abundant change than

anything now when I first started out Oh

came up

but as you start to learn how to look at

things as part of a process instead of

the concept of I am that little by


cause ur self becomes us

really works that way the hindrances are

the best thing that ever happened

they're also the most people that's okay

because every time a hindrance arises

it's trying to say hey I'm attached

right here right here this is it this is

where it hurts and eventually you start

going well I don't want to do that

anymore why don't we try a different way

and when we try it a different way that

means we're going to have to have more

uplifted glass and it's hard we have all

of these years of practice and having

these bozos thoughts coming up and

knocking us over well I know those and

I'm comfortable with that every time I

see that clown I always have bad

thoughts about

you guys fans who's causing those bad

thoughts to arise who's taking those

thoughts and feelings personally who is

fighting with the prison I am why am i

doing that cuz that's why I've always

done it and it works for me well yeah

it's one suffering work for you all the

time your choice as you start to see how

the process works you start letting all

of their attachment to the hindrances

and as you let go of the attachment to

the hinges you see the possibility of

having enough

mine and its life becomes a lot

that's really the way it works so your

hindrance that's why I told that one day

his ignorance has come up and you really

fight them told him hey you're not

causing your nuts off enough pain go

take your shoes off and kick a tree make

yourself really suffer let's not mint

Mandy Bambi around let's really do it if

you're gonna do it go kick it a dozen

times see how it how it how it makes you

feel of course when I told him to do

that that may be left and when he left

that changed his perspective and when he

changed his perspective that hindrance

wasn't this huge mountain of

dissatisfaction anymore it's just a

little bump in the road oh look at that

it's our choice

we can fight with what arises just like

we always did or not we could make the



I've been fighting my whole life I don't

need to do that

let's see how imposing myself pain and

let's start examining that and see where

my attachment is starting to go

user /

you share your wisdom

let go let cream

not those feelings be here but they're

painful so they're painful remember a

while back I was talking about a lady

that her her child got eaten by the

shark she had to go in and see that

child and identify it she had a lot of

pain she allowed the angel grip world

she saw that was what was happening

right then there's a lot of Tears

there's a lot of sadness yes and it's

okay for that size would be there it has

to be okay because it was there and it

was there in states

and she allowed the space for that pain

to be there without resisting without

fighting without trying to make it

different is

and pretty soon the concept of the pain

disappeared with pain

concept it

it's a lot of stuff mixed together to

make up this idea of pain but when we

think in concepts we're always

identifying with it this is me this is

mine this is who I instead of seeing oh

this is a process isn't that interesting

how this works

that is the road

allowing this page

relaxing into


if you want to suffer alone for a few

weeks a few months two more yrs you

can't your choice or not



thank you

the whole point of learning letting


it's not yours it's only yours when you

take those concepts and make them

personally you there Matthew their only

thoughts their only feelings


as we stop getting involved with the

thoughts and feelings and try and

control the feelings with the Fox the

pain through the satisfaction the

suffering becomes less

I promise that's the way it works and

please don't believe a word that I just

said I don't want you to believe any of

this all right see


Oh what

but I asked about habitual tendency once

earlier when I have a feeling when

somebody says something that I don't

mind I always act with dissatisfied

garba to attempt that has the craving

and claiming and the same kind of

behavior and then definitely leads to


and so how do you stop when



now that be

they're just like her mother that her

husband or daughter was killed she had

to allow that feeling even though it was

intense to be there without trying to

think the feeling away we got five

aggregates you got physical body feeling

perception and thoughts consciousness

feeling arises our habit where we got

this habit bad nose is always to try to

think the feeling away we're always

trying to control the feeling with the

thoughts but when you read the

instructions and the meditation they

started talking about physical feeling

it doesn't matter whether it's physical

or emotional the more you try to think a

feeling away the bigger and more intense

the feeling becomes so the first thing

we have to do is recognize the box and

let them be great night now you see that

tight mental fist around that feeling

and that's a version we don't like

having painful feelings arise that's the

truth pain by its nature as a version

the truth is when a pain arises it's

there and as we allow the space for that

pain to be there even though it really

hurts and we relax into that and come

back to our loving kindness then that

pain turns into just a sensation


has to be okay because that's the truth

and stub your toe and then tell your toe

you you can't be painful now right the

pain is going to be there whether you

wanted there or not you can put your

anger in that pain make that pain really

hurt or not people good loving kindness

into that and see what happens our


every time

the physical sensation arises vegetables

you bang yourself here you've all been

there if you start putting or you burn

yourself that's another good one if you

put your loving kindness into that

feeling you'll see how fast it really

does heal or don't put any loving

kindness in it and dislike it and watch

how long it takes to heal I've had burns

that they started the blistered messing

around with burning stoves that happens


and I started putting loving kindness in

and by the next day it's just a little

red spot that doesn't even hurt anymore

or when I don't do that and I put my

anger in it how it really does fester up

and it has a chance of getting infected

and it will last for at least a week

sometimes two and what's the difference

the burn is still the burn it's the

perspective that should give yourself

you put love into the painful things and

those painful things who's there

who's there pain

so the more you can love whatever arises

in your mind and your body and relax

into them

the easier that comes

who's your truck

I can't make up your mind for you I can

tell you how things work that's about

the best my show that's it

that you got to do it yourself we have

to make up your mind yes I'm gonna do

this I'm really going to try and see if

what the Buddhist head is writer

he has my vote of confidence

I don't run across things that he said

that that aren't true

is nearly perfect


assistant consistent consistent behind

these once you figure out though the

dude quality code so did that help okay

consciousness perception of feeling are

these aggregates in the suits leather

geez what happens later in the suit is

they start talking about the cessation

or something even after that I've had

one nation feature she's been teaching

education since the mid sixties

and I was giving you da man talk on the

cessation of perceptual feeling and what

happens and she always contended I

always said there is a consciousness

there and I kept saying no it's not fair

these things join together they're not

separate and when you have the cessation

of perception and feeling there is no

consciousness there it's like somebody

turned out the lights that's it for a

period of time

and this is a very necessary thing to

happen so that you can see for yourself


for some people it doesn't mastery

sometimes they it could be a flash

that's what happened to sorry quita

that's what happened to Ananda there's a

time disappears like yeah when you go

get out of the dough to wash it off 45

minutes went by where to go play we play

that down you don't know you're in that

state till you get out start reflecting

what happened be in this

but generally speaking

but it's such a profound experience that

when you come out and see the Hall of

the dependent origination and how it


and that's why I knew Bannen occurs

so good

more questions

nothing more


I think

Oh bring me


the suffering free and there's gonna be

in this game shutout and neon being

strangled me and I'll being share this

Mary have you acquired through

requisition all kinds of happiness

things happening center

spirit of dollars you there long

protecting this dispensation