Context: Throughout this transcript, Bhante Vimalaramsi is the speaker unless otherwise indicated.


okay so we are here today on June 27th

2016 with bought a demo gravity the a

pedometer Meditation Center and we will

hold footage from Malaysia

originally from Sri Lanka and tonight

have a dominant discussion

now I wanted to talk a little bit with

you about the 40 different kinds of

meditation that is made up by Buddha

cosa there are more the Buddha actually

only talked one kind of meditation there

are 40 different objects of meditation

but when you see that the six ours and

that relaxed step is used with any other

meditation it's still the same kind of

meditation it's just a different object

if you want to stare at a candle and you

use the six ARS like that you're

practicing twin it doesn't matter

whether it's a breath or a Cocina

or whatever if you're using twin that's

what the Buddha taught is just one kind

of meditation but many different objects

one of the meditations that's not

mentioned in the 40 different kinds is

called the voidness meditation and

that's seeing that every thought every

feeling every sensation is not me it's

not mine


if we can attain Gabbana through proper

winter practice so can we you can if

you're using twin but if you turn it

into one pointed concentration not going

to happen you have to have the ring back

six hours and you have the six artists

in every genre in every Aruba Jonathan

six hours are there that's why I said

when you first started if you practice

the six artists and you really

understand them they will take you to

navona and our aha chip it doesn't

matter but the brown will be hard your

practice your progress is very fast

that's why I'm choose to teach this way

if you come with mindfulness of

breathing at least 6 weeks or you come

with brahmana viharas and 8 you will be

successful it has the potential it

depends on the person doing it just like

doing the brahma vihara you have the

potential to become a solar panel or

sakagami or on egami but we have to do

it to see if you're ready for it if your

mind is ready for it

I had one student that said you are

pushing me too fast she went through all

of the route pajamas she started getting

into a group pajamas you're pushing me

too fast I said I'm not pushing you

anywhere I'm explaining what your

experiences your mind is going that fast

she had been a nun for ten years all she

needed was to have that tool of

recognized release relax free smile

return everything and when she put that

to her practice of she had good

concentration now she's having insights

into this she was very quickly depends

on the person

and I really often tell people that I'm

not a fortune-teller I don't know when

these things will happen

but I certainly get excited when I see

that they become more and more clear

more and more observant I mean seeing

individual consciousnesses arising

passing away very quickly is amazing and

that's what infinite consciousness is

and you can see it when your mind calms

down enough when you've spent a period

of time of 15 20 25 minutes where

there's no disturbance in mind and then

you start seeing individual

consciousness of popping up and going

away you always have one more question

and I have to tell you I love it

practices at the time a suit up for 20

years and did not attain me but okay

when you add that why that's the

question why didn't I

they said I attained me one but I didn't

because your mind is on your object of

meditation on the breath rise and fall

of the bellying whatever and there's

distraction there instructions are note

the distraction until it goes away now

here's the key then immediately come

back to your primary object of

meditation without the relight step so

what are you doing you're bringing any

crazy back to your object to meditation

so that turns it into one pointed

concentration which is not the path that

the Buddha taught

so you have to be able I had for twenty

years I had headaches that were

unbelievable because of the one pointed

concentration as soon as I saw the

relaxed step I haven't had any headache

sense so that's the major difference you

have to follow the directions that it

says nobody does nobody tranquilizes a

bodily formation on the in-breath or the

out breath and if you don't do that that

means you're not letting go of gravy and

if you don't let go of crazy how can you

get to a pure mind of NEPA

same-same instructions in Saki putana

Sutra is an honor consulting same exact

instructions but it's not being followed

because they take the the singly manga

as the main book if you don't believe

that the suti manga you don't follow and

take it the same as the Buddha's

teaching then you are not considered

terrible but I think I take the suitors

as the Buddha's teaching and you see

every yourself by listening to me read

the simpler to you it's not my teaching

it's the Buddha's teaching and when you

follow that teaching you are successful

one of the problems with the Vasudha

manga is dividing sometta and Vipassana

making them a different meditation the

Buddha didn't teach that way he taught

that it was the same entity

and they were equally useful at the same

time you can practice both together

yes do you know the hunger bother suitor

do you know the opposite what our

nincada wanna but one by one as they

occur see that has the five aggregates

in what suits re-put does experience Oh

No each drama what it has the five

aggregates well the five aggregates and

the four foundations of mindfulness are

the same that's what it says in the same

unique idea and that means you're

practicing insight and Samet at exactly

the same time while you're in the job

hmm and next way I started talking about

insight and even in the first jhana

that's there it's not very strong but

there is I don't call jhana a level are

a kind of

Trish I called Jonna a level of your

understanding you understand more deeply

how mind works every time you go from

one drama to the next so your mind

becomes more clear than you start seeing

things more easily and that's part of

the insight yes it certainly is helpful

I mean that's what being mindful is all

about it doesn't matter whether you're

sitting or not if you practice the six

hours and in your daily activities when

you see your mind is running all over

the place and u6r and let it go and

relax you're letting go of crazy so your

mind becomes more clear so you practice

the six hours while you're doing your

daily activity because there's no time

during the day that's not meditation

when you use the six hours then when you

go to sit your quiet time so you watch

more closely it's much easier to get

into the deep States because you've

practiced letting go of craving during

your daily activities

and these are my eyes

but it seems to agree with what the

Buddha was talking about

Thank You those are heavy stole heavy

yeah okay my biggest problem with

bhikkhu Bodhi ah this was three books

with a mommy Tech Society yeah I went to

one this was five books he put it all

into one now I have to carry books when

I travel that's all three books are

hearing this morning in this one no this

one by Bollywood yeah oh come on yeah

yeah yeah you put it all into one yeah

yeah I call it a sadist causing pain

just because you have to carry something

that heavy around


maryada satipatthana was satipatthana

what does it mean no that's what I said

sati Oh Bertram sati his attention

kupatana means to focus it inside to

focus the attention inside which is to

focus within and that is to focus on the

body how the body feels and focus on the

mind in two forms the emotional part and

the thinking part the emotional part is

the what he calls the mood now the

modern cognitive psychology is aware of

this that emotional part is called the

effective and the thinking part is

called the cognitive even Sigmund Freud

was aware of that that the emotional

part he called the eid ID in and the

thinking party called the ego so that

distinction is there

satay padang the means that focusing the

mind in words that is what I call

introspection the word introspection is

that so the real word for sati is not

mindfulness but introspection and

attention there

and that's how you start understanding

the links of dependent origination and

how they work that's that's the main

question for Buddhism how does it happen

not quite that psychologists stuff how

and that's why the definition I give for

mindfulness remembering to observe how

Minds attention moves you have a

tendency to go deeper into your practice

when you see how it works

if you get caught up in wine or your

curiosity you have a memory of your not

being mindful why does this work 6r yeah

no you know that it's impersonal that's

that's the definition I give for I don't

like I say in person because there's so

much mixed up well you have to build up

the ego before you can see there is no

ego thinking a lot of people this is not

good idea right but when you use the

word impersonal mmm that means you're

seeing without any creep that's a pretty

major that's why I translate a lot as in



and forever beholding to you for getting

me away from the city manga it was a

major change in my life

major because I was always going back to

the vicinity market if I didn't

understand something and that didn't

always agree with what it says in the

suit death but I was taught this way

always go to the Vasudha market that's

the encyclopedia of meditation but

that's what it is and he was the one

that showed me he told me when I was

telling him how I was teaching

meditation I was teaching

loving-kindness and I was using the

language of the Vasudha market to teach

it and he stopped and he said why don't

you let go of the language of the visit

imago and start using the language of

visit and I did and I had many light

bulbs going off in my head oh that's

what that means when I had the Vasudha

manga so close I didn't understand what

the sifter said when it wasn't there

it was easy to understand


well dosa really I have been trying to

find out whether I can find something in

the sutras to fit into that ultimately

they speak about what is called namaha

with arthur maƱana that means nine

Nana's did I discovered my Nana's in the

satipatthana sutra but those neon Azhar

not what is described in the cinema it

is very different but they are simply

nine steps in sat in the Vipassana these

are nine steps that is now if it is

repeated in the kayano personal it is

repeated in the way the non kasama

cheetah and watson and diamond versamark

ET adjutant mark icon possibility by

javac icon possibility Agatha Mahadeva

Kaiba possibility that is three there

then he says someday dominocus Eva

Kashmir why the monopod Siva clasping

guarantee someday why the monopod Civic


there there six layer then optic Rio TV

upon us a tea party party Touhou tea

yeah our they anonymous I partisan

tamata that is one there then uneasy

totally healthy

that is uneasy totally healthy and then

Natick until ok you pod yet those are

the three then nine altogether so but

those nine steps are not found in the

visa debunker they I don't know from

where they picked it up but most most

because they have been a lot of false

our hands during a soccer Stein because

during a soccer Stein there were eight

eight eighteen schools of Buddhism and

eighteen ways of interpreting the

teachings of the Buddha so that shows

that and each each school of Buddhism

the leader is called an era so how can

there be so many rods talking different

things if you are an arahant you have to

be talking about the same thing


what much

you can't believe all of them some of

them were influenced by the Brahmins

what more influenced by the question

yeah no it is only by reading it you can

see that there is nothing one sutra

going against the other so there is no

such thing like that in if you read the

sutra pitaka all the sutras you begin to

see that they are all united for

instance suitor number 20 huh it's

called removal of distracting okay

yeah but it says



if while giving attention to stealing

the thought formation of thoughts there

still arise in him evil and wholesome

thoughts connected with desire hate and

delusion then with his teeth clutched

and his tongue pressed against the roof

of his mouth he should beat down

constrain and crush mind with mine okay

now that's in the symptom then you go to

system number 36 number 20 and he says

the Buddha says I thought suppose if i

with my teeth clutched my tongue pressed

against the roof of the mouth I beat

down constrain and crushed mine with


so with teeth clenched and Tom pressed

against the roof of the mouth I meet

down constrained and craft mine with

while I did so sweat ran from my armpits

just as a strong man might seize a

weaker man by they had their shoulders

and beat him down constrain him and

crushed him so - I did that with these

thoughts and sweat ran down my armpits

although tireless energy was aroused in

me unremitting mindfulness was

established my body was overwrought and

uncommon because I was exhausted by

painful strategy that says don't do that

but here it says to do it what what I

don't understand that what are the


yeah and and ungraded this course to

Sarika huh the greater discourse to

sidekick that maja psychic azuz death

number 36 you may have it look at that

money well I I say that it's added upon

because people were practice and

briefing and they just took it from the

other suta saying okay let's do it this

way because that's the only way one

point concentration we took the son

Thomas ultra yeah and the other one is

number twenty section number 20


so what I think of all of those just the

first one

that gives good instruction all the rest

is suppressing pushing away not liking

treating a hindrance like rotting meat

or an inequity

that's all good and well but the

Buddha's teaching is this this but it's

not pointing out correct booty that's

the whole point it's pointing out

correctly if you practice one pointed

concentration only if you don't have the

relaxed step where you are actually

purifying mine then it's just like every

other meditation that's being done it's

one point it concentration force of a

concentration suppresses pushes down and

rinses you can never attain nirvana

by suppressing anything know what this

problem you're talking about that the

they dis vittatus and vana is talking

about the that couple forcing thing not

I I went into the original the Pali and

found that that is a wrong translation

it's not that you see what the Buddha is

trying to say you see when the say when

you are meditating you begin to relax

the body but sometimes you begin to

observe that your tongue is tied tight

onto the palate

and the take teeth are clenched and when

that when you aware of that what you

have to do is to relax not to tighten it

but here the translation here is to

tighten it which is a wrong translation

that's what I am saying no no no no no

no it's not something in the Pali it is

something in the translation the error

is in the translation not in the Pali oh

yeah yeah yeah also spoken to all these

people they try to say that is the one

it might be in Pali but it was added

later with round understanding no but I

am saying is that the Pali has a

different meaning I understand what

you're saying yeah yeah

yeah entrance

it's a piece of rotting meat hmm now is

that a good way to let go of a hindrance

yeah it's a little go that is important

yes right but that's not what they're

telling you to suppress yeah yeah you

know read it that's something that

smells bad no you're not going to accept

anything you're not going to allow it to

be there

and relax into it you're going to

mentally yeah I also went to Baku moody

and I laughingly said try to suppress

and crush mine yeah yeah and he said

well I've done meditation and I had

that and I basically said you don't know

how to meditate because you don't need

to do that the too many monks right

about you have to stop you have to push

down in Princes

no that is because they are trying to

concentrate guys right yeah and what I

tell people is the hindrance is your

teacher is showing you where you have an


what is the attachment I am that that

means there is great so when you let go

of that attachment when you let go of

that craving

that's how you get into the junk because

you're purifying mind that's why I don't

agree with people that are practicing

concentration because it's not the same

kind of meditation that the Buddha

and then doesn't agree with any of the

mudlick it doesn't agree with what it

says in any of the other systems

that's my no no one to raise about but

the Buddha did when he was trying to

stop the breath no no not stop the

breath it was fighting he was trying to

push it that is that is in man Sutra but

that's a mistake yeah and the Burmese

they very much like to try to cross my

mind because of their one pointed

concentration oh yeah yeah

but the first one that says let go of

the unwholesome the first part of it let

go to the end also develop the wholesome

I agree with that and completely but

what what does it mean unwholesome

taking it personally I am that feeling I

am that memory I am that [ __ ] that is

unwholesome when you use the six artists

then there's no I in there there's just

the impersonal observing so I agree with

the first part of that but then the rest

of it is trying to suppress trying to

make you push away stop the embrace I

see too many people that have practice

Vipassana for years and years and they

hit a wall they just get to a place they

don't progress anymore they still have

their anger they still have their prize

yeah yeah but they're not

go and that's one of the things that is

most helpful about using that relax step

as you start identifying with these


there's a major teacher here in this

country he said when he was in India

when he first started practicing he had

a lot of fear he gets in front of an

audience to this day you can hear the

fear in his mind he's very strong at

practicing straight-up asana

but he's still so there's something

missing in his practice and of course

I've written to him the thing is there

isn't another problem there that word a

target are in the word a cognate are the

translators one pointed this is the


ya know iike a Cummings one abdomens end

abdomens end one end what I point out is

that the buying divides into two like

this going in two different directions

the the emotional part going in one

direction and the thinking part going in

the other direction

now when say people come to the temples

and they recite the five precepts so

when they have to recite the five

precepts they believe that it is right

to to observe the 5 precepts but when

they go home they get angry and then the

husband and wife begins to fight or one

man wants to drink and then go on drinks

and all kinds of things happen how is

that because there are two minds one

mind the thinking mind accepted the 5

precepts but the emotional mind want to

break it

that's how it happens so the mind yet

this is recognized by the modern

psychologists they call it cognitive

dissonance cognitive dissonance means

that by separating into two and what is

necessary is cognitive consonance

concerns means the two has to come in

one and that is the meaning of a cantata

the mind has to unite that uniting the

mind is the

a khabees one one end it has to go into

one end and that is the Samadhi Samadhi

is where the mind unites into one end

Lizza meaning of it but they try to

think that that is concentration to

mistake there's you can say

and then there is this emotional man

who's with Preity

and he's the bad well there's one

personal appearances yeah I'll follow

but later per gift and he breaks it so

that's the purse so in the end that

person doesn't believe in democracy and

he is suffering greatly during all my

life I was so unfair

that's why I highly recommend that you

take the precepts every day with the

determination to keep them and if you

happen to break one of the precepts top

rate then take them again with the

strong determination I'm not going to do

that then when you get ready to sit in

meditation your mind it doesn't have any

built-in feeling so your meditation is

very good your mind is already call



mm-hmm so why don't we share the merit

and call this - okay any suffering ones

be suffering free the fear struck fear

this being made the grieving shed all

grief and may all beings factory may all

being shared his merit that we've just

acquired for the acquisition of all

kinds of happiness may even happen in

space that their neighbors and not as a

mighty power share this merit of ours

maintain at all protect the Buddha's